Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Three Golden Rules to Make Life Lovely

Early morning photo from author's garden
With winter having passed away, it is now not too cold to come out in the garden in mornings. As I did that today the thought occurred that I should share with all, three simple golden rules of life and living that helps improve life hugely

1. Experience the Magic of new Beginnings daily

Do try and remember that every day is a new day, like a new life. When you get up daily, make your bed, visit the toilet, brew a nice cup of tea, listen to the song of birds, and thank the Sun and Universe for this life; for 
The grateful are given more and much is taken away from those who are not.
If it is not too cold, step out in green for green spaces nurture the soul; walk on the grass bare feet and it shall soothe mind, body and soul and if it is a holiday plan for a picnic to a forest nearby.

2. One thing at a time and a few daily

While there seems to be so much to do, remember it is only possible to do one thing at a time well and only a few daily. Sit down in a quiet corner with a note pad and pencil and choose what you have to do for the day. You could make a list if there happens to be too much to do today. As you choose the things to do daily, do not forget to include one or two that shall improve your apparatus, your own self, even a bit for one can not get too far in a rickety or unserviced car. Do also include to a good deed or two for someone else - man, animal or the world for if you would not do anything good for the universe around you, it too may not, and one cannot get very far without that.

Forget any reflection on past until evenings when you are done with the day. Evenings are for that and to relax. Do not plan for the next day in evenings leaving that for mornings when mind and body are refreshed from a night’s sleep.

3. Remember you are on a journey

If something seems too worrisome or fearful in your life, do remember it is just temporary, something that will pass away like a nightmare when you get up into a new life sooner or later for life is a journey where trains are changed after the passing of a few years and all on the previous journey is left behind for fresh beginnings. The idea is that it is not worth it to take temporary things as seriously as permanent ones.
Your permanent asset is your soul and it is especially protected by the Father who gave it. Neither a tiny cancer causing virus nor the biggest nuclear bomb in the world can put a scratch on it.

From the author of: "Mystic Pathways to Love Peace and Happiness"

(This link is to book in India, others may google for one closer to where they are)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ayn Rand said helping others in need is a bad thing

During my walk to a nearby diary today, I found a poor old poor man sitting by the roadside. He requested me for a small carton of milk. I did that and a large roll of fruit bread besides. He must not have been a beggar because beggars ask for money but others facing hard times may ask for a little food instead. I usually shoo away beggars who might be the kind that can find work but that is not possible for the disabled and the very old.

It seems like a good idea to extend a helping hand to fellow humans whenever one can. In the present day world, there are conservatives in western governments who have read books of Ayn Rand and say it is not a good idea to help other humans in need. Just in case they already are getting some help, that should be taken away. Recently it seems the Tory government of UK cut the grants for disabled British implying that those who need a new wheel chair or walking stick should crawl instead to uphold the glory of the once great British Empire. On the other hand they extended tax cuts and benefits for the very rich. These latter need it badly because their greed is endless driving many to homelessness and children to hunger, oblivious of harm it causes and utterly shameless in its selfishness.

One can prove in one minute that all of these conservatives who speak against welfare are speaking nonsense by taking away their wealth and throwing them on the street. They shall change their stance in seconds and say that welfare is a good idea proving that they were disgusting liars from the start, a shame on humanity. Ayn rand too, it seems, realized this in her old age when she needed help and said what a saint had long ago – One should do to another as one wants done to oneself. One never knows when one would need help. Times can change in a hurry.

"Nude besides the Lake" is a novel that completely demolishes the message one gets from books by Ayn Rand
The book is also available at Amazon and most other online retailers along with reviews.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feel The Bern: Bernie Sanders

Feel The Bern

"Billionaires can't have it all" Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the Mythical 666 and the Sparrow

The world watches the Election process in USA with much interest. After all, as the largest economic and military power on the planet in recent times, what happens in USA effects the lives of all, as the world discovered during the financial crisis of 2008; the fact that a banker in US decides it is easier to loot a bank with a bonus rather than a gun while a politician that could control him pats him on the back in return for financial favors; or as the crisis distressed millions of Libya, Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are finding out to their dismay as they flee from their homes and cities that lie on the central axis of the world; even toddlers, infants, the aged and the maimed. Destruction often begins in the core before it spreads to the periphery.

Of all the candidates in the race, this blogger became an ardent fan of Bernie Sanders much before most others did (see here). His message of love, truth and freedom from greed was just the right one. His refusal of contributions from big money powers inspired hope. In his words were directions to eternal paths that lead to peace and happiness for humans. But finally after having supported him for months, most sadly, this author is concerned. The reason is a very simple one,
It is impossible to bake a cake out of shit
If forced to give up hope in Bernie it would not imply a support for another. Those who stand by love and truth can never support another who has been into accumulation of wealth especially if it is through less than honorable means but they can walk over the hill into the forest leaving the Supreme consciousness that pervades over all to deal with matters.

Bernie Sanders is trying to take on a system that seems to have become much too rigged, full of huge greed and too corrupt to be fixed perhaps. Just look at how shameless main stream media controlled by the billionaires has become about it all. He also suffers from a genuine weakness that is huge. He is largely an outsider to the Democratic Party having been an independent most of his political life and even if there was no rigging or dishonest practice used, this by itself would be somewhat of a handicap. He cannot quite strongly complain of preexisting rules within that party such as the one on Super-delegates nor count very much on their support. I have sadly come to think that some of his opponents may be right when they say:-
Bernie is a good man but he is being much too idealistic. The world has become much too full of foul greed, lies and violence, beyond the capability of human hands to fix it. Humans unleashed greed and violence to serve their self interests but now it has taken a life of its own and rules over them.
The technology to bake a nice cake that all can enjoy at a party out of shit  just does not exist, at least not without divine help,  if one may use a crude metaphor just to make things simple. The billionaires in control and their minions should perhaps be allowed to make more millions and extract whatever joy they can to escape their utterly miserable and shameful lives, even if they have to suck 99.9% of the world into poverty or destruction for it (from sale of weapons), who knows, if they are in a good mood, they may even throw some scraps for the 99% as they throw for their dogs or let some trickle down from incontinence, before the world perchance heads for an apocalypse, as it might if the Universal Consciousness that rules over all decides on that as the only option left to fix the car that is far too broken down to take to the mechanic anymore. It must be scrapped before a new one can can be made again from scratch,  even as the saints warned of the coming last days or is described more fully in an earlier post here:

This blogger is not a prophet although he might have made a prophecy or two when charged with higher wisdom. He cannot say exactly how things will pan out. Many things can happen that will take Bernie Sanders to the White House or the world may have a change of heart with less than an apocalyptic event and reverse its present march of ever growing greed to the bottomless pit. In the end it is He who shall decide how His world and individual lives within it may be permitted to become. In the meantime perhaps the family of the one who controls the world driven by wealth has now expanded to near 666 in number and soon that target shall be reached. he is a man after all and it takes some years for this to happen.

Note: The idea of the cake in this note came from a work of fiction that described a maid who, because she was mad at her extremely greedy and constantly lying mistress,  scooped up a bit from the toilet and baked it in the middle of a nice iced cake with whipped cream and cherries on top for the afternoon tea. Seems the Mistress just loved it, complimenting the maid for her unusual new blend of exotic flavors, 

"Just love those soft centers, what is it dear?" asked Madam
"It is fresh produce for our own home Ma'am," replied the maid, while muttering under her breath, "Fresh from my a--." 

LOL,  Dear readers perhaps we too are being served that by those who rule over us in part because of our own choosing. Why else would millions of children have to go to bed on a hungry stomach despite immense wealth that Mother Earth has produced for all life; why else should tens of millions of humans even infants be driven out of their homes even unaccompanied across dangerous journeys of thousands of miles in search of a safe haven and yet be imprisoned when they arrive there rather then be picked up to hug, to wipe their tears and to quieten their screams of terror,  as humans are supposed to do with sweet little children fleeing distress, in the best of countries on our planet - Australia, America and Europe; and why else would the planet face climatic crisis despite technology and science that is powerful enough to rip the world apart many times over.

Perhaps the Lord shall send a message of hope yet, a message that says all is not lost yet, in the shape of an angel of peace - a little bird, the sparrow 

Sparrow by  Laitche   

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On Planting Trees

There are numerous notes in this blog on usefulness of planting trees and about some well known varieties. Aside from improving climate and the planet, trees benefit all life in numerous ways. An interested reader could check out some of the significant notes on trees in this blog at the following link;

To plant a tree is a wonderful thing to do. One can begin with planting around one’s home, streets and parks nearby as well as other public spaces where such plantation is not prohibited, office and then the countryside. The activity can be done individually, as a family or a group of friends. It is a part of the Sun Inspired Yoga described elsewhere in this blog and some persons have started small groups called the Sunshine Group of Ten. One activity the group undertakes is planting trees in the countryside during picnics. A tree once planted may require some care for the first two or three years of its life before it grows up enough to look after itself.

A view of some trees in the author's home

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Enjoy the Magic of New Beginnings

Blooming in the garden today
From time to time, the mind of humans is drawn to past. While happy memories of joyous and peaceful times gladden them, they are also saddened by mistakes they made and the suffering or loss that ensued in its wake. It is so with all humans but if you are one of those that thinks they did not make errors in their journey through life, then slow down, you are fooling yourself, it will come crashing down on your head soon. To err is human and that is why life exists, to learn from these mistakes. If you have managed to become wiser and conquered the evil desires that led you to those errors then be glad, you have evolved to a better state and that is what matters most. The rest - wealth, fame, name, friends and relations are temporary companions for this lap of the journey of life that shall change soon, when you catch the next train for your journey into infinity, or at least that is how it has been with me, for there are numerous times I have changed trains before in my journey, as indeed all have, but few realize it consciously.

At the same time, it is not a good idea to be overwhelmed by sad thoughts of past and let them compromise the journey ahead because then errors of the past will serve the wrong purpose, the opposite of what they are supposed to do. What if the loss from those errors still continues? That too shall pass soon. It shall be sooner if you make best use of your present. Leave the reflection on past and learning from it for evening and night, never in the morning, unless it is a special day reserved for reflection. The morning is new day, a new life every day. Get up and enjoy the magic of new beginnings every day. Greet the early morning sun, thanking it and the Universe for all it has given, for while there are things to feel sorry for, there is also much to be thankful for and it is only the grateful who are given more.

Get up and go out in the garden or other green spaces. What? there is no green space to go out to where you live? Time you changed where you live then. Best to move out of insect like lives into those more fit for human ones. Mother Earth waits to welcome you with open arms and a loving bosom. Get up and plant a new flower or tree as an ornament to adorn her dress or enjoy a new one that has come to bloom today even as you enjoy the song of birds. Look at the flower that came to bloom in my garden today. It sends good wishes of love and joy your way along with mine.
Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one's soul... - Anthony Douglas Williams 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Question Atheists Frequently Ask

While on a spiritual topic a question that is often asked, 
If there is God why is there pain, suffering and troubles in the world?
My most recent answer to this question is a brief one,
What made you assume God is sitting around to relieve yours or anyone's  suffering?
Personally I do believe firmly in God and regard the entire universe as just one of His manifestations. He is the creator of everything in this universe including all life within it. Therefore He is the eventual and eternal Father and Mother of all life. Our biological parents are for this single life only.

As a parent of all life, God is around to oversee everything in the universe, including the education of all souls to better and more evolved states. In this process, He gives life much freedom as also opportunity to learn from their mistakes, even as our biological parents did often when we were young. The suffering that humans undergo is a result of the freedom they exercise and not a doing of God. However God has not thrust this freedom of choice down our throats. We can surrender it to back to Him, something that different mystics and spiritual persons do to different extents, in the process finding bliss.

The promise that God gives to those who believe in Him is that life is eternal, the soul shall continue and this body is merely a dress for this life time, a growing changing one that grows as we age but some day it shall need a complete change. The Lord ever wishes that we shall qualify for a more beautiful and lovely one even as every human too wishes for a child they love. If the child does not muck around his dress too much in play, they shall get new more expensive ones for them.

Yet the Lord loves and cannot hold back his love at all times as no loving parent can. One significant way in which the Lord interacts with us is through the hidden mysterious hand that comes to our aid in times of our deepest distress and need in our lives, so well hidden that we are left wondering if it is merely an uncanny coincidence. It is as if a loving and concerned mother is keeping a secret watch on her infant child as he frees himself from her bosom and ventures into the garden to play all by himself, yet soon as trouble strikes, she runs out to him even as he call out to mama.

Whereas all perceive the physical visible aspects of the Universe, some ascertain a bit more such as the force of  gravity and few guess at things they call dark matter and energy; and a few even the special angels that dwell within it and serve the Lord, few can perceive the personal and conscious side of it. Yet, just as a human through his or her service, love or devotion can succeed in establishing a relationship with the most important and generally inaccessible human personality on earth, seeing them constantly in their doings and having the possibility of communicating with them at any time through internet, phone or person, there are beings of the universe who have succeeded in doing the same with the most important Personality of the universe and see Him constantly in His Signs. This is depicted beautifully in the well known story called ‘Foot Prints in the Sand’ where one such person, one of many, inquired from the Lord,

“Lord, as I journey through these slippery sands of life, I see beside me a second set of foot prints at all times, Yours; but there have been times of joy when I was lost in play and failed to notice them; and times of deep distress when I looked for them in desperation but could not find them; I was so alone yet there was nothing but a single set of foot prints, why is that my Lord?”

And the Lord spoke to him in his heart,

“Those were times my dear son when I carried you.”

Monday, March 14, 2016

At Home with God – A Poem

A Picture from the garden of author's home

When we were young
Life was fun
Worries were for Mama
Life was to play and run

Early morning we went to school
Later we were off to work
Mama said don’t be late
Come evening, you must relax at home

Mama and Papa to heaven have gone
So we went to another home
The home of love where lives the Lord
Our Eternal Mother and Father
So as not to be insecure and alone

It was evening then, relax He said
Come night, when you have had your rest
We shall have a new dress for you
For you to begin a game
In a new life, new day, all over again

The different stages of a life may be compared to different parts of a day; read about that here:
And through it all only a few lucky ones hear the seven truths, for it is not ears one needs to hear these truths, it is not eyes one needs to see these truths, yet there are some who hear them and see them; read about those here:

Friday, March 11, 2016

Diet ideas during pregnancy – An open letter to a daughter

My younger daughter is expecting her second baby and recently I sent her some ideas for her diet. She is mostly a vegetarian, a super-specialized medical practitioner, with education from the best medical schools in the world,  places like John Hopkins but a father always has some useful knowledge gathered through life. The letter has useful ideas for any lady expecting a baby; therefore I am sharing it here for all as an open letter keeping anything personal out of it

Dear Keya
I had written some things about diet earlier, it is repeated here with a few more details. Do try and include the following in your daily diet at this time
Green leafy vegetables are full of chlorophyll that has a structure nearly identical to human blood and promotes healthy blood. Spinach is the most widely available leafy vegetable that is rich in iron too. Baby spinach leaves can be eaten as salad but I would avoid them at such a time because some have infection and therefore it is best to cook them. There are many wonderful recipes for spinach but seeing your busy career the simplest is just to chop and stir fry them with sliced onions and chopped tomatoes using coriander and cumin as spices. Mix in Paneer or peas to sweeten the dish. Another nice recipe for spinach is here:

To get grit or any possible pesticide out, do soak for an hour or so in a large vessel, pick off the top and drain. An iron wok/kadhai , if you can find one is very useful for any stir fried cooking at this stage. About an iron wok is here:

Wonder if you can find paneer in your area, if not it is easy to prepare at home. Bring milk to boil and add enough vinegar to make it split in water and solid. Usually a tablespoon or two of vinegar is enough. Drain through clean muslin, hang for eight hours or so and then remove the solid paneer cheese. This cheese does not melt or stretch on cooking unlike processed cheese because it is separated at high boiling temperature.
Paneer can be stir fried with sliced onions and spices, used to make curries with sauce with nuts and cream added, a dish called Shahi Paneer. One can have it raw too. Just soak in salted water with added turmeric for  a few hours or so. Drain and keep in fridge uncovered. it tastes like a lovely fresh cheese, just raw. Finish within three days. This cheese does not have long shelf life.
A cup of yoghurt at or before lunch is great but you never used to like any white foods as a child. If it is still so mix in a pinch of turmeric or a bit of ground herbs like mint to change color. One can keep ground, salted herbs in fridge for a few days at a time
Five to ten almonds and a walnut or two a day are great daily. Avoid other nuts at this time because some like Brazil nuts have too much selenium that might harm a baby. Green coconut or even dry one is also very good. Coconut can be ground to chutney in a blender with a little salt and milk. Dry coconut needs presoaking before grinding. The chutney does not keep for more than a day even in the fridge. Do not exceed a quarter coconut a day. More details and recipe of the coconut chutney can be found here:
Although one might have any fruit from time to time, for regular daily consumption choose from any of the three – Banana, Apple, green grapes. Strictly avoid red grapes for any possible allergy to self or fetus as also the mango for similar reasons
Do avoid refined sugar; go for honey at this stage. The reason for this are explained here

Cooking oil/fats
Choose from – olive oil, clarified butter or sesame seed oil.  The reason for choosing these oils is here:
As you know it is best to avoid eating out or eating factory processed food (except perhaps for bread but if you can make that too yourself from whole wheat flour, that is even better) to avoid any chemicals at this stage. Any difficulty experienced in this period may be an indicator of a specific deficiency that may be developing and you should be able to discover it by consulting your doctor and increase the food required to address that, most likely it shall be found in the brief list of foods here.
With these tips you will be very well off as regards diet but as you know even more important than diet is good lovely thoughts of happiness. These increase in lovely natural surroundings, with fresh flowers in the bed room and living room, and doing good deeds for others in need such as the poor and the aged for which you might find an old age home to visit old ladies with a few lovely gifts or even a bit of medical counseling that you as a geriatric and internal medicine specialist specialist are so able to provide not just to make a living but also for free to those in need. In return the seniors will offer you and the growing fetus many blessings, useful tips and happiness

his file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bernie Sanders, a blessing for the world

An interesting Presidential race is on in America to choose a new President. The world watches with interest and concern. Of all the contenders in the fray, most recognize one of them – Bernie Sanders – as an honest, trustworthy and compassionate person.  He has a long history of public service to prove his position  not being a young leader who might be corrupted soon after winning an election as young leaders often tend to, or if that did not happen in the first term, by the second one most likely if the leader is not very young. Power corrupts most all. For older leaders, the greedy are easily discovered by checking out if they have accumulated an excess of personal wealth during their journey through life (unless it was thrown at them from a lottery, chance or inheritance etc.) Because of this, in the opinion of this author, if Bernie Sanders wins, he shall be good not just for America but also the world.

It is a grave mistake when people choose a less trustworthy leader when a good one is available due to any other consideration. That misguided choice has been the prime cause of misery in many a nation throughout human history. Nothing is required more than honesty and trustworthiness in a leader. Once that is present, other things are easily found but when honesty is missing all else deteriorates for greed and lies are like toxic poisons added to a good meal. As regards efficiency, policy and execution, a nation has hundreds of hand that rise to serve such a leader. In fact a leader is not of much use if he or she wastes time in details. What is required from him or her is the overall guiding hand based in principles not convenience while choosing the right people to work out details of different aspects of governance. It is for similar reasons that the most successful of chief executives of organizations might often be found on the golf course while a poor one shall be confined to his desk. In recent times, Uruguay, albeit a small country without a significant impact on the planet as a whole, prospered hugely when it chose such a leader – Jose Mujica – with a similar bent of mind and history and so shall America if it chooses similarly, with far wider implications. (About Jose Mujica here in this blog)

Bernie Sanders is also a compassionate leader because his primary agenda is to restore social and economic justice. Sadly as the greed monster raises its head, economic inequalities have been rising in the world for the past three decades so that middle classes are disappearing in the richest of developed countries and many are being driven to homelessness while more children are driven to poverty and hunger. At the world stage, parts of the world have converted to conditions worse than hell through unnecessary wars. Homes and cities have been destroyed and families are fleeing for their lives in countries such as Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Gaza, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. While many die and suffer these miseries in silence and tears, some of the younger men turn to anger and violence for the rightly or wrongly perceived injustice. They pose a danger to the rest of the world that still continues in peace. In the age science and technology such dangers are grave indeed. They cannot be conquered by hate and force as anger and hatred never has been conquered by hatred. Only with love has it ever been extinguished.

But the Conclusion is

The world hopes for good leaders to reverse the tide of human misery that prevails. However it is not necessary that Bernie Sanders shall win the race to the White House. That is not how our planet ticks. If truth and honesty were to win at all times then it would not be necessary to have Heaven. Earth would become one. On our planet the majority are driven by lure of greed and blinded into falling for lies. It is Mammon that rules the roost most times at least as far as daily lives of people are concerned more often than God. It is a world where saints are crucified and the evil one elevated on a high throne. In the end, people get the leaders they deserve along with the suffering and joy they bring to the world.
Yet among this tide of humanity are a few who who have remained steadfast to values of love and  truth. They have found peace and huge joy in that, at times even withdrawing from the mainstream of activities others are engaged in. It is because of these saints and mystics that the world is able to chug along despite all its shortcomings. They provide the counterweight to prevent the world from slipping into the abyss. May the Lord preserve them.

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Home that grows its own food

A view of a Jamun (black berry tree), Morinda and grape wine in author's home

To produce all of one’s own food one would have to live on a farm. However, even the smallest apartment, even a small studio apartment can produce some of its own food and it is a pity if a home does not.

Mung bean sprouts, a power house of nutrients can be grown right on a kitchen shelf. Just soak half a cupful of them for eight hours, drain and leave in a covered pot for two or three days while sprinkling with a little water every time you enter the kitchen.In three days it will fill up the pot with delicious mung bean sprouts.

Many useful herbs such as celery, cilantro, parsley and basil are lovely in flower pots by a window. There is even a small pretty tree – the curry leaf tree – that looks lovely in a flower pot and its leaves are a delight when added to vegetarian preparations. Even nicer is a long rectangular container in which they may all grow together as a collage, your indoor micro herbal garden for a delightful new ultra fresh ultra organic garnish to your dinner daily. Please use a sharp scissor to cut off a few leaves at a time and do not pluck so as not to hurt the plant. The difference is similar to a hair cut or pulling hair out from someone's scalp.

Those with a small garden can do much more. Begin with grape wines that need no more than a little place to dig in its roots and a wall to climb on. It helps to provide climate control for the building because it sheds leaves in winter letting the wall warm with sunshine and brings out leaves in spring keeping walls cool from summer heat. Depending on the size of the home, one could have just one or four on four corners of the home. Choose the white grape seedless varieties that make excellent deserts, wine or raisins. The young new leaves are edible and make lovely meat, rice or vegetable wraps called dolma.

The spinach patch in the author's home

Those with a small garden must consider leafy green vegetables too such as spinach and goosefoot weed (lamb’s quarter). The leaves can be consumed fresh in season and dried for winter use.

Freshly plucked Goosefoot leaves on the kitchen table

Then there are trees such as apples, mangoes, almonds, coconut, morinda, white mulberry, pistachio, olives and basswood that have fruit and some have edible leaves. Morinda leaves, flowers and fruits are all edible and basswood leaves it seems make a crisper, sweeter and healthier salad than lettuce. Not all grow in all climates but there is enough to choose from in most any climatic region with the grace of Mother Earth. Those who live in desert like area must especially grow some trees directing their kitchen wash water to the tree. A clever desert dweller may even have two places to bathe on alternate days, a day without soap when water is directed to a few more trees to keep a home delightfully green and cool.

Aside from food such plantations at home provide a sense of peace, security and joy while contributing in bits to improve the planet as a whole, the least one can give back to mother earth that provides food, water and air to breathe every moment of every life that dwells upon it without asking for anything in return.

A view of author's home at night through leaves of a custard apple tree