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Journey of a Soul

We look at a lovely rose and say, look how beautiful it is. At other times we look at other parts of the world, individually focussing our attention on that part. All these parts of the universe,  some lovely, others ugly  are part of just one single entity, the created universe, as is our physical body, every part in it changing with time, some rapidly, others slowly.
There is something beyond the created Universe; it is the consciousness of the Universe.  As parts of it look at created parts of itself, some of those parts develop attachment or aversion to those parts and seem to develop their own individual identity in this vast infinite ocean of consciousness. Developing a desire to make changes in the observed part, shorn of their infinite power that can make changes by mere will, these parts acquire a physical body. From this is born life, an individual soul, and an aperture through which a part of the universe looks at its other parts.
But, alas! The physical part of the create…

Planet needs more food trees

While the planet needs humans to grow many more trees and forests to make up for the loss of last hundred years, food producing trees must be the choice now for the huge human population at present time.
Walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, apples, mulberry family trees, bananas, coconut, drum stick trees are excellent choices depending on location and a grape vine on home walls is a near must for the modern age.

Ram Ram Musical Greetings

Ram Ram is a common greeting in central Himalayas and elsewhere that invokes the divine. Here is one from me as a musical video with best wishes for the new year for all