Ayn Rand said helping others in need is a bad thing

During my walk to a nearby diary today, I found a poor old poor man sitting by the roadside. He requested me for a small carton of milk. I did that and a large roll of fruit bread besides. He must not have been a beggar because beggars ask for money but others facing hard times may ask for a little food instead. I usually shoo away beggars who might be the kind that can find work but that is not possible for the disabled and the very old.

It seems like a good idea to extend a helping hand to fellow humans whenever one can. In the present day world, there are conservatives in western governments who have read books of Ayn Rand and say it is not a good idea to help other humans in need. Just in case they already are getting some help, that should be taken away. Recently it seems the Tory government of UK cut the grants for disabled British implying that those who need a new wheel chair or walking stick should crawl instead to uphold the glory of the once great British Empire. On the other hand they extended tax cuts and benefits for the very rich. These latter need it badly because their greed is endless driving many to homelessness and children to hunger, oblivious of harm it causes and utterly shameless in its selfishness.

One can prove in one minute that all of these conservatives who speak against welfare are speaking nonsense by taking away their wealth and throwing them on the street. They shall change their stance in seconds and say that welfare is a good idea proving that they were disgusting liars from the start, a shame on humanity. Ayn rand too, it seems, realized this in her old age when she needed help and said what a saint had long ago – One should do to another as one wants done to oneself. One never knows when one would need help. Times can change in a hurry.

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