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Evil at its Peak

I had written a post here but then as an after thought it turned out to be one that does not quite fit in  with the rest of the blog and have deleted the content. The post had talked of evils present in the world today beginning with the internal war that is on in Syria and the suffering it is causing to even sweet innocent children to the greed driven massive and widespread financial corruption in India and madness driven brutal rapes and gang rapes of minors and children in India. The post had expressed the fear that the Lord would somehow intervene to restore order or even give a warning.

Prophetic Upadate: June 19 2013: It has been mentioned in more then one place in this blog that for some reason prophecy appears to accompany spiritual involvement; and; because some of this blog has spiritual content it has not been spared. Barely a week after the above post was written record rains have taken place in the Himalayas with much destruction. More about that was posted by me at  http…

Stick and Rise

A few days ago when I received news that another college mate of mine ( a year junior to me) Avinash Chander had risen to the highest position in a most prestigious government organization of India ( the Defence Research and Development Organization), my mind went back to the professional career of some of my friends as well as mine. From amongst my friends those who joined an organization, national or international, corporate or governmental it was those who had stuck to a single organization who rose eventually to either very senior positions in these organizations or to their very top becoming famous not just in the countries they worked in but also around the world. We were all graduates of one of the prestigious schools of India, the IIT at Delhi.I too have headed some organizations towards the end of my professional career but these are not very large ones. The main reason is that I have not stuck to any one organization, preferring instead to explore the world working in more …


Got back from my trip that included many assorted things including, most recently, spending three weeks with my grandson Golu. He is 4yrs and 4 months now and loves flowers and gardening like me. He planted a few new flowers in my garden and has now gone to his village with his mother, with instructions for me to water his plants everyday.  It was portulaca he planted that is good for the summer heat that is still on here in Jaipur but we expect cooling monsoons soon. This brief update has a recent pic of Golu. His pics when he was much younger are elsewhere in this blog. I have had the pleasure to share some in his upbringing ever since he was three months old. The little rock collection behind him and plants were arranged by Shyamu, Golu's father. I filled the empty space in front of the rockery with clover like oxalis because it grows so easily and never fails to delight with its tiny blooms and happy green leaves. In winters there is spinach too between the oxalis. We use bab…