Enjoy the Magic of New Beginnings

Blooming in the garden today
From time to time, the mind of humans is drawn to past. While happy memories of joyous and peaceful times gladden them, they are also saddened by mistakes they made and the suffering or loss that ensued in its wake. It is so with all humans but if you are one of those that thinks they did not make errors in their journey through life, then slow down, you are fooling yourself, it will come crashing down on your head soon. To err is human and that is why life exists, to learn from these mistakes. If you have managed to become wiser and conquered the evil desires that led you to those errors then be glad, you have evolved to a better state and that is what matters most. The rest - wealth, fame, name, friends and relations are temporary companions for this lap of the journey of life that shall change soon, when you catch the next train for your journey into infinity, or at least that is how it has been with me, for there are numerous times I have changed trains before in my journey, as indeed all have, but few realize it consciously.

At the same time, it is not a good idea to be overwhelmed by sad thoughts of past and let them compromise the journey ahead because then errors of the past will serve the wrong purpose, the opposite of what they are supposed to do. What if the loss from those errors still continues? That too shall pass soon. It shall be sooner if you make best use of your present. Leave the reflection on past and learning from it for evening and night, never in the morning, unless it is a special day reserved for reflection. The morning is new day, a new life every day. Get up and enjoy the magic of new beginnings every day. Greet the early morning sun, thanking it and the Universe for all it has given, for while there are things to feel sorry for, there is also much to be thankful for and it is only the grateful who are given more.

Get up and go out in the garden or other green spaces. What? there is no green space to go out to where you live? Time you changed where you live then. Best to move out of insect like lives into those more fit for human ones. Mother Earth waits to welcome you with open arms and a loving bosom. Get up and plant a new flower or tree as an ornament to adorn her dress or enjoy a new one that has come to bloom today even as you enjoy the song of birds. Look at the flower that came to bloom in my garden today. It sends good wishes of love and joy your way along with mine.
Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm, and to nurture one's soul... - Anthony Douglas Williams 


Ashok said…
When I wrote this note, my mind went to a friend who had a great life but a few years ago he suffered a very sad episode, he even had to spend more than one year in a prison. He is free now and I hope he reads this note. We all go through good and bad times in life at different times and the braver you are the bigger is the wheel we are made to ride that goes up and down and for this friend in question the wheel was one of the largest ones found on the planet. His name is Rajat Gupta and you shall find about him a lot if you wished to on the net.

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