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Off on a trip again

It has just turned warm here in Jaipur and the cool mountains of Himalayas are calling once again. There is a direct and comfortable train from here to the foothills and over there in Kathgodam there are kind and enthusiastic associates and friends waiting to pick me up and ferry me deeper into the hills. Internet access would be sporadic and intermittent while I am up there although I would try and check the emails every now and then. It is good to get away. In case you are a regular visitor to this blog and miss my presence, I shall be back. In the meantime you will find a lot of older posts to read in this blog.

Natural versus Allopathic Medicine - From My Life

With so much to talk about and share form the world around us, it is kind of stupid to talk about oneself. But then some have wondered about my diverse interests that range from esoteric spiritualism to potty jokes, a strange mix indeed for many but it is not at at all strange because where God is Love, Truth and Simplicity he is also humor.

Nevertheless, to talk much of oneself is to be egocentric, however because this post includes personal case studies of the more useful topic – Natural versus Allopathic Medicine – it has some justification and it would also address the curiosity of some readers as to the strange combination of spirituality and potty jokes; with science thrown in for good measure. I try to keep science and technology out of my blogs not specifically devoted to science and technology for a wider readership but because that is my profession it tends to creep in too, every once in a while. Another post in this blog discusses the difference between natural and artific…

How to sleep like a Baby

Sometimes, some persons, especially aging persons, have difficulty in getting a good night's sleep. Here is what this author has learned about improving the situation. Some of this is widely known and some is not,
Ensure that your daily activities include physical exercise. If not, introduce regular morning or evening walks in your routineEat as early as possible in the evening, preferably not much after dusk. Have a home cooked meal prepared from basics to avoid the crap that is being dished out in the market today and described in the earlier posts of this blog. Follow it up with a glass of milk or milk and water, half and half just before, or just after you move to bed, especially if you are a vegetarian. You can add spoon of coco powder to the drink and a spoon of sugar if you are not obese. A pinch of saffron, a pinch of ground green cardamom,a table spoon of ground almonds may also be added, all of these or just one as a great hea…