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Age and Happiness

An aging friend of mine was commenting on how much fun it was to indulge in romantic episodes, something that youth and younger persons usually enjoy. My response was that personally I do not care for that sort of thing much now, although it was a pursuit for sure when I was younger.
One finds that from childhood to old age, what fascinates one most in life changes and that is how it should be. It is rather silly to see old men like Rupert Murdoch romancing. It is business persons quite often who go in for that sort of thing even in old age perhaps because they feel that now that they have the money they should do something of value with it or perhaps because they were so busy in the pursuit of wealth in their younger days that they did not get time to enjoy lunch, when it was lunch time and are now having to partake of some very late in the night, metaphorically speaking. ( there is a story about that in this blog at…

A Baby Basket

My younger daughter, Keya was born in 1982 and in the first few months she slept in a little cane basket. She is a practicing medical doctor in USA now and is also expecting her first child in a few months. I still had her baby basket in storage and she wanted to see a picture of it. So today I took it out. it was very dusty. It was taken to the back garden and given a good wash. The attached picture is one of it drying in the sun in the back yard of my home here in Jaipur. Now I am in the process of getting some new linen made for the new baby.

Update: August 2013: In the meantime the old linen  that occupied this basket has long been discarded. Therefore new linen is being prepared for the new arrival from the finest and purest cotton fabrics and fluffed cotton ( for the pillow and mattress) available in the market. The second picture shows some that is ready.

Listen Hear Ye Angels Sing, A New Prince Born Today

Listen Hear ye Angels Sing A new Prince born today Blessed by the Himalayan peaks Nanda and Sunanda The Baby shall be of bonny weight Changa hoga Munda Of our dearest William and Kate
Births between July 20 and 25th, have a special significance to Himalayan districts blessed by the Himalayan peaks of Nanda and Sunanda as well as other regions far away that have been spiriitually connected to these districts
UPDATE JULY 23: 2013  Just caught on the news that the prince with a bonny weight ( eight and a half pounds) arrived to the world yesterday at 4.24  p. m.. Some may wonder why this blog announced the arrival of a Prince before the fact was known. It could have been a princess too but then an element of prophecy and revelation has always followed spirituality  like a shadow follows a man, and although some of this blog's content is not spiritual some is. May the New Prince be blessed.

UPDATE October 2014:  Prince George shall have a sister early next year on this Prophecy and the Prince…

Biscuits for Relief – the OFR Biscuit

This Blogger appeals to every major biscuit, cracker or cookie maker in the world who is moved by compassion aside from a need for profits, to research and produce at least a couple of varieties of the OFR biscuits described here as a part of their Corporate social responsibility program and supply these to a relief agency or distressed area near them. A biscuit is a compact baked food product with a long shelf life due to the fact that it has low moisture content. An ordinary biscuit may consist primarily of refined wheat flour. It can serve as a snack food that helps alleviate hunger due to its carbohydrate content. Addition of flavoring substances can even make it delicious. However, an ordinary biscuit is no substitute for food because it does not contain all the nutrients and proteins that are essential for good health. Yet there are special biscuits of various kinds that are fortified with proteins and nutrients that may be used to both ward of hunger and maintain reasonable hea…

Why President Obama is the Most Representative American Personality type

Although many persons around the world recognize President Obama as the first black President of America, it is a completely false recognition. Recently when the American President visited Africa and stood besides African personalities, the visuals told another story. The president was much-much lighter in complexion than his African hosts who were truly Black. The truth is that the President is of mixed ancestry and not black. He has kinky hair from his black ancestors and this contributes to an impression sometimes that he might be black, but take a closer look at his skin tone and it is different. If he had straight hair he would have passed of as belonging to another part of the world.
A very large part of America is made up of white persons, many of European origin such as Anglo Saxon, Irish, Germans, Latin etc. A fairly significant percentage of the indigenous population is also black. Besides, there are immigrants into America from every other part of the world in different pr…

Love and Peace Greetings

Roses of all shades grow in profusion in the lower Himalayas but in the harsher climate of Jaipur where I live presently, they do not grow quite well and last year especially there were hardly any. Therefore, today I was delighted to find two lovely white roses in full bloom in my front garden. I immediately snapped a picture and and added some words to it for friends.The white roses symbolises peace and roses of all hues symbolize love, different shades for different kinds e.g. the red for romantic love, yellow for friendship etc.