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Learning about Food from the Oldest Human on Earth

One can learn much about foods for good health by observing the diet of the healthiest and longest lived humans on earth. However a broad knowledge of food is necessary in order to draw correct inferences. Recently a 117 year old lady has come to the attention of media. Emma Morano celebrated her 117th birthday this Tuesday; she was born in the 1800s. She is fully alert in mind, cheerful and disease free despite her age. Therefore the attention of the world was drawn to her regular daily diet. It turned out to be two raw eggs a day and cookies.
Much of the media and world has perhaps erroneously concluded that the magic lies in raw eggs. However, this may lead to harm because in many parts of the world there is danger from salmonella bacteria in raw eggs. This dear old lady has been fortunate enough to live in an area where this infection does not prevail.
On reading further the secret lies in the lady not consuming meat and getting her protein requirements from eggs. Two eggs a day …

Middle Humans, Middle Earth

When modern humans read or hear about sayings and descriptions of mystics through the ages, many consider it as nonsense of an imagination gone wild. While some of it might be so, there is also much that is based on intuitive knowledge of the universe we live in. It was expressed in the metaphors of the time. The fault lies with us in not being able to interpret it properly.
If a modern human with scientific knowledge is able to read through metaphors of mystics, he may attain profound wisdom. Just as an example, when someone reads in a scripture that in the beginning darkness was separated from light, many just laugh at that as wild sayings of a mystic gone poetic. However, within that is a deep scientific truth. A scientific model of creation describes that the first step to creation is the separation of nothingness into an equivalent amount of photons and anti photons – a separation of darkness from light. Many other mystic metaphors have been interpreted in some earlier notes of t…

Loveganism - Food Sans Violence

The Yoga of Food

Around 2500 years ago Gautam Buddha advocated compassion and non-violence to all life including animals. This led to a large number of persons adopting a vegetarian life style in South Asia. In recent times the concept has spread further, across the globe.
A traditional vegetarian diet consists of not consuming any meat or fish. However milk and its products are consumed freely. In a traditional vegetarian diet eggs are not consumed since these too are regarded as a flesh food. Vegans on the other hand go further and consume no animal product at all including milk.
Some years ago, this author proposed the concept of Loveganism that included eliminating or at least minimizing violence to all life, not just animal life but also plant life. Lovegan foods are foods that conform to this principle. Since the introduction of the concept online a few years ago, it seems that some have taken up loveganism in different parts of the world. A fresh note summarizing the older ones…

Blue Pea flower

Days, weeks and years roll by, some beautiful sunny days, neither cold nor hot, some bitterly cold or burning hot and a few even with fearful storms and hurricanes. That is the story of life too. Some of the posts are on heavy matters while others are light and joyful. A few recent posts have been heavy and it is time to return to lighter matters. I found the subject of today’s note in a lovely blue creeping flowering plant in my garden and snapped some pictures of it to go with the note. It is called blue butterfly pea or just blue peas. Its botanical name is Clitoria Ternatea. The flower, originally a native of tropical Asia now grows all around the world
The flowers of the plant are edible and have health giving properties. They have found use in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine. According to Wikipedia it is ascribed various qualities including memory enhancing, antistress, anxiolytic, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, tranquilizing, and sedative properties. Following are a few ni…

About God and the Devil

Some say there is a God And there is a Devil
Some say there is no God There is no devil Merely creations of imagination Creations of a human mind At times to exploit Theirs is the power of lies
At times to understand The Infinite that is beyond comprehension Who made the stars? And all life within So magical
From whence comes
This infinite love
That ever flows? These are seekers of truth
All know There is life There is death There is the power for good And a power for evil
A power with lies A power with truth
Lies are for moments
Forever is truth
Around these thoughts of humans Were born religions And cults of Satan The cults of God called themselves godly Some of the cults of Satan in secret and dark Also called themselves godly When they came out to solicit For theirs is the power of lies
How is man to know? Who is for God? And who for the devil? It is simple dear friend Just check Who is for truth And who for lies
If their fruit is good
or with evil has ties

Image source: ht…

Elections 2016 in America – A Perspective from the Himalayas

Every four years, Americans gather to choose a new President. The choice they may make not only affects the lives of Americans but of all - humans, animals, plants and trees- on our lovely blue planet, Mother Earth, for at the present time America is the largest economy and also the strongest military force on the planet. It has an influence that stretches far across its borders as did that of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland before World War II.
Since its inception, about ten years ago, the focus of this blog has been on sharing thoughts with the world in a way so that our cherished planet becomes a better place for all and lives of individuals within it improve, most of all children and next the poor, vulnerable and old, for it is they who need most comfort and peace.
For the most part, this blog has stayed away from politics and when it has expressed thoughts on it, they have been in a non-partisan way for this author is independent with no specific allegiance to an…