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Shelters for Homeless – HISA

All countries require shelters for homeless and destitute people. In an earlier note here this author had suggested a shelter concept known as HISA. In view of its increasing importance, its essential features are summarized again here,
1. HISA centers are shelters that provide a single bed and closet in partially enclosed beds in a dorm type of setting to a person in need of shelter. A possible configuration is shown in the figure. Sets of ten to sixteen beds in a dormitory are connected to common bathroom, clothes washing, and toilet area on one end. At the other end is the exit that has a boiling hot and cold drinking water spout in a washbasin as well as trash bin.
2. Dormitories are segregated into three types within a HISA complex qFor women, girls and male children under the age of ten qFor men older than sixteen qBoys between ten and sixteen stay in a separate dorm that is a part of a school for children
3. The HISA complex contains a common mess where free meals ( breakfast, …

Spreading Joy

Yesterday, in another post, I was saying that no one can help all the suffering people of the world but everyone can help at least some. When we spread happiness, the Universe returns happiness in our lives.
Personally, I campaign a lot for issues that touch my heart through social media. These issues have been suffering of children in war zones; those separated from parents on American borders and in general those who hunger anywhere in the world. Another issue that I campaigned a lot about is the environment, in particular the need to grow more forests and trees on the planet. Trees and forests provide food and a home to wild animals and birds, medicines and fruit for humans as well as help control adverse climate changes. Some of my campaigning has included messages to influential political leaders. Some have been critical and knowingly I take the risk that if I annoyed them, they can easily harm. With the grace of the Lord, these leaders have been gracious and even reacted with …

Two simple methods of relieving stress, fear and pain

Through much study and experience, I discovered two of the simplest ways to relieve stress, fear, anxiety, pain and a variety of other things that trouble humans are
Mindful breathingMantra Jap
Not only do either of these ancient and time tested methods relieve problems mentioned they can also be used for emotional and spiritual development when practiced in peaceful moments. Mindful breathing is a type of mindfulness when a person focuses on one’s breathing silently. The interested reader can find an excellent note on it by the author at,
Mantra Jaap (or Jap)is repetition of holy word or name of the Lord. One may use any word that one can repeat comfortably, musically or even in a monotonous manner. While mindful breathing can be practiced if one believes in God or not, Mantra Jap is for those who believe in God. Personally I feel that it is not possible to attain peace without belief and trust in the Almighty …

Drink of gods - Soma - now within human reach

Ancient Indo Aryans described a drink called Soma as a drink of immortal gods. The Rig Veda, a sacred Sanskrit text of Indo-Aryans, has recorded many hymns in praise of this drink. The Vedic Aryans regarded this plant as a divine godly plant.
Soma was available to ancient Rig Vedic humans. It prolonged life, enhanced ethical behavior, youth and vigor. It imparted huge physical strength and beauty to humans. It also granted them spiritual insights, increased intellectual ability, concentration and memory besides much capacity to love and increased happiness. It provided both wakefulness when needed and restful nights of sleep. The drink was made from the juice of Soma plant.
There have been many attempts to discover what this plant might have been ever since it was lost to humanity perhaps around a thousand years before Christ. Whenever, humans think of a magical plant, their mind somehow tends to go to intoxicating and hallucinatory plants. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of t…