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The Magic of Medicinal herbs and flowers, Lost Soma

Today I was reminded of older articles in this blog on an ancient magical plant called Soma. A drink from this plant gave ancient Aryans magical powers of mind, body and soul. The interested reader will easily find articles on it through using the search tool in the left side bar. Details there are not repeated here.
The ancient Soma plant is now lost or extinct. Several scholars have made many attempts to identify it in modern times, from ephedra to magic mushrooms,each one supporting his own proposals enthusiastically but in the opinion of this author none seem to fit the bill.
In the last decade or so, availability of internet and google search makes the task of a world wide search of plants much easier. This blogger did precisely that some time ago leading to articles just mentioned. As a result of the search, the author narrowed down two plants that came closest to ancient descriptions. These are the Cornus Sericea as found in North America presently and the Sugar Cane found in …

A Protein snack for humans, from the gods

Scroll down for dinner recipe Recent reports on harmful effects of meat are encouraging many persons around the world to look for protein rich and delicious alternatives to meat. An older note lists ten categories of delightful alternatives full of good health. The present one is confined to just one of them, a healthy snack.
Nuts like coconuts, almonds and walnuts are great snack full of protein and good health but while the former grows near oceans the latter grow in colder parts of out planet. In other parts they are less available or more expensive. However on inland plains with a moderate climate, Mother Earth has provided humans with two other plants that are an excellent replacement with good nutritional and protein value and are like nuts when roasted. These are Peanuts and Bengal Gram. Both can be had alone, mixed, salted or plain. Both have a skin that can be rubbed off or eaten. They have been a common snack in South Asia known as Chana and Mungfali. They have met the nutrit…

The New OFR Biscuits, Crackers and Cookies

An earlier note  (see here) had described biscuits, crackers and cookies called OFR biscuits and cookies (Organic Food relief) that are an ideal emergency food for situations such as disaster or refugee relief when fresh food cannot be delivered or prepared in a hurry, for example, when persons are trapped in a flood.
There are many different types of biscuits available in the market. However most contain primarily carbohydrates that can relieve hunger on an odd occasion but are not replacement for food because a human requires besides carbohydrates, proteins and a variety of micro-nutrients present in a variety of fruits and vegetables. There are fortified biscuits available that make up for some of these through addition of chemical minerals and vitamins. However, being of chemical origin they are not the best choice for long term use. The OFR biscuits on the other hand use only natural ingredients such as dehydrated vegetables mixed with flour so that they are more suitable as a fo…

When bad is good

Once, a man suffered a severe accident. He was moved to a hospital. After a few days he found himself confined to a hospital room in heavy plaster casts and stretching devices. He was told, he would be confined to a bed for the next few months but nurses would visit regularly and look after his needs. There was a TV in the room and they would bring magazines so that he might while away his time. But John, that was his name, had been an active man who loved the outdoors and felt depressed in this sorry state.
Some weeks later a companion by the name of Harry joined him on the only other bed in the room and it became a little better because there was someone to talk to now. Harry was more mobile and could move around, even sit up and look through the window near his bed. John asked him about the view from the window. Harry described how the snow was melting in the fields and new grass had begun to sprout up. How children came to play now and that there was a beautiful lake across the fi…

The Human Journey

One may find in this world most beautiful and good looking personsyet find hidden within the depths of their being an evil and cruel soul. On the other hand, one may also find some fierce looking and ugly humans yet discover that they harbor a kindly and gentle soul within.
External looks of a human are largely a matter of genetics that is inherited at birth. Eastern mystics believe that a soul acquires a body at birth that is in keeping with its character. Compassionate beings inherit a beautiful body while cruel souls inherit beastly ones. What we acquire at birth is a direct consequence of our past in other lives in our near endless journey through the universe. As a human, one acquires considerable ability and choice to mould character and determine one’s destiny. It is entirely within human capability to change from a kind compassionate being to a foul and cruel one within the course of a life time or vice versa. This explains how a beastly looking person can turn out to be kind …

Journey of a Soul – A Poem

Beasts of the forest Lowly creatures that crawl Just to survive Violence is their creed Poor souls they know not That is why they steal
Stepping in as a human Mind begins to think Lips begin to move Out pour lies Or lovely truths
A soul evolves Giving up on violence No longer a need Lies and stealing Not necessary to feed Free of Jealousy That burns one as fire While flowers must bloom
Clean and contented With delight and humor Avoiding the call Of three lovely maidens Those stand at the gate Of a bottomless fall Lust, greed and anger The journey proceeds
As humans evolve Pride threatens It precedes a fall Tying to a bosom Humor and humility Love truth and simplicity A soul may reach Company of the gods
Light surrounds A god like soul Joy and beauty Lie in its fold

A simple method for estimating extent of evil influence in governments

It was mentioned in the previous note how some countries in the world have become so chaotic that they have become failed states. When a state fails, it does not necessarily mean that its government has become bad or evil. There can be other historical reasons that lead to such a sad situation. Conversely, when a country is extremely stable, it does not necessarily imply that there is no evil within that government, but how does one assess or estimate evil if any?
Things like evil, good, happiness are all abstract things that can be felt but not measured. Nevertheless they produce symptoms and effects that can be measured that may be used to assess such things. In an earlier note, this principle was used to assess happiness levels of various countries on the planet using measurable data such as infant mortality and homicide rates etc. The results that emerged were highly realistic and in line with general assessments. A similar methodology may be used to assess extent of evil in gover…

Not a World Government but governance by world in parts is a necessity

Science fiction writers and some utopian philosophers have at times mentioned the idea of a world ruled by a single world government rather than governments of different countries. It is a horrible idea if not a very stupid one. At times governments become bad, dictatorial or even brutal and while there is an escape for humans presently with several countries in the world, in the case of a world government there would be none.
However, while a single world government is a horrible idea, the world does need badly, governance over parts by a world body, for limited periods, in order to rescue those parts from a terrible mess and ensuing suffering that is taking place in some countries. These are the failed states of the world where people have just not been able to get their act together on their own for various reasons. Present examples of such countries are Iraq, Syria, Libya and South Sudan to name some. At times the chaos leads to an exodus of refugees as families flee for their liv…