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Much of World Missing the Point in 1% Versus 99% Debate

In recent times, an idea has asserted that it is only a few in the world that control most of its wealth and power. It is said that even in democratic countries the top 1% own most of the wealth and control how our world functions to the extent that Nature permits. In fact such control is by much less than the 1%. It is by few among the 1% with the rest of the 1% being their families, associates, aids, employees and principal puppets and slaves.
It has further been concluded by many thinkers that a just world requires that this domination and control of the 1% come to an end and that shall happen in part when capitalism ends and is replaced by communism or socialism. That might be even worse as past experience of mankind has shown because one important point is often missed in all this, and it is as follows,
It is not the control by 1 percent that is bad for the world, it is how that control is acquired and perpetuated. If lies, unethical and criminal means, exploitation, selfishness…

How to Organize the Past, Present and Future of our lives

Our thought processes make a huge contribution to the quality of our lives. If  thoughts are disorganized and unproductive, so shall our life become. It has been observed that humans can spend a lot of time in thinking about their past or worrying about future, thus losing precious moments of their present lives. As a counter to this, a philosophy has emerged in recent times that suggests we should live in the moment because the past is gone and the future will take care of itself provided we utilize our present moments well. However, this last philosophy is a severe approximation of reality and of what is good for our lives.
One does need to reflect on one’s past to resolve emotional dilemmas arising from it or they remain a burden on our souls. We learn much from it. One also has to plan for future. What is therefore required is not to try and ignore the past or future but to structure thoughts about them in the most beneficial and productive way so that we are freed to enjoy and m…