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God’s own Pharmacy in your Garden – Phyllanthus

For long I have held the belief that every plant except for a few that are poisonous have some medicinal or food value, at times for humans and at other times for animals or insects. Mother earth takes care of all her children, human or animal. Plants that come to grow around your home and living area on their own are likely to have a special medicinal value for you personally, especially if you love nature. Some of the plants that come up in our garden are regarded as irritating weeds and we tend to pull them out. One such comes up often in my garden and I have been pulling it out for years although at the back of my mind has been the feeling that it is most likely a very useful medicinal one but not knowing its name it was hard to find that out.
So today morning finding time on my hands, I began searching google images for common garden weeds and it was not long before I discovered that this was a weed known as Phyllanthus. There are several varieties of it quite similar to each oth…

Natural vs. Chemical is Health vs. Cancer etc.

A staggering range of commonly used chemicals from insecticides to plastic and chemical additives to some common medicines and foods used even in very low quantities are likely to cause cancer. This was conclusion reached by a massive study involving 174 scientists from 28 countries. See this report.
The paper published in the cancer journal –Carcinogenesis published by oxford University press argues that dominant global approach towards finding out what causes cancer and what does not suffers from serious limitations. Calling the WHO’s International Program for food safety is compromised because it works in collaboration with International life science Institute whose members comprised largely from corporate interests from food and beverage, agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical industries who may in fact be promoting the use of such …

Earth Today - Five Countries in Heaven and Five in Hell

There is much variation in the quality of life on our planet, from hell like conditions to heaven like conditions. At the present time if one went by the findings of IEP one might deduce that five countries are in Heaven. These five are Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, and Switzerland. This conclusion is based on research by the Institute for economics and Peace, a Sydney based global non-profit institute. The same institute has also listed the five worst countries i.e. those that are most hell like – Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan and Central African Republic. There is another part of the world - Gaza -  where the situation is perhaps even more tragic than the worst of countries mentioned here but it does not figure in these lists because it does not have full recognition as a country and this discussion is based on classification as countries. However, whenever such findings are presented there is debate on the methodologies, bias and possibility of vested interests…

Antibiotic of gods – Silver

Numerous herbs and trees on our planet provide us with food and medicine but has nature provided a wide spectrum natural antibiotic that does not have any major side effects when consumed internally by humans? That antibiotic appears to be silver - its atoms, ions and some of its compounds.
If the correct form, manner and dosage to consume this natural antibiotic can be discovered, it may be the most powerful one around with least harmful side effects. A way to measure the power and usefulness of an antibiotic is to rank it by the ratio of its positive and negative effects for while an antibiotic may kill harmful microbes in a human body, they also kill good ones and may have other harmful effects besides. In excess dosage silver can turn a person blue, a condition called Argyria, but that is better than losing an arm and a leg or bursting all over the body with a sore or allergy. One may call this ratio the power ratio of an antibiotic and it seems to be silver along with some of its…

Difference between Golden, Brown and White sugars

While modern life spans have increased due to modern medicines such as antibiotics and other medical interventions, the quality of life for many is not necessarily better. Many live compromised lives functioning at less than desirable abilities and/or dependent permanently on a drug that further complicates matters through undesirable side effects. Some difficulties of modern living are due to polluted air and water. Some more have something to do with a modern life styles and living conditions that deprive many of adequate sunshine and green spaces. While a modern human may have to make major efforts to overcome these shortcomings, there is one that may be more easily overcome with just a bit of right knowledge - food and medicines.

There is an older detailed post in this blog describing how much better off a human would be if his or her food and medicine were natural. Some of the unnatural foods and medicines are synthetic things that do not exist in nature at all. If the use of such…

Some plants for medicinal drinks in milk

Herbal Cures

Whenever a human suffers from a health problem that is not an emergency such as chronic ailments, or when modern medicine has failed to cure it, or when modern medicine requires near perpetual consumption of  a drug that has side effects, exploring a herbal cure is a worthwhile and wise alternative. In this brief article three herbal drinks shall be described that have the potential to cure many such conditions. The first is a drink of cannabis that can cure many conditions that arise from the mind and for which one may head to the shrink ranging from mild depression to other severe conditions. The second drink described is those that involve infection and fevers as well as rashes etc. of the skin that are frequently not cured by modern antibiotics. One such is Lyme disease. The third category of ailments are those that fall in neither of these categories but are nevertheless troublesome such as chronic fatigue, stress, insomnia etc. For this a third drink of sugar cane ha…