Bernie Sanders, a blessing for the world

An interesting Presidential race is on in America to choose a new President. The world watches with interest and concern. Of all the contenders in the fray, most recognize one of them – Bernie Sanders – as an honest, trustworthy and compassionate person.  He has a long history of public service to prove his position  not being a young leader who might be corrupted soon after winning an election as young leaders often tend to, or if that did not happen in the first term, by the second one most likely if the leader is not very young. Power corrupts most all. For older leaders, the greedy are easily discovered by checking out if they have accumulated an excess of personal wealth during their journey through life (unless it was thrown at them from a lottery, chance or inheritance etc.) Because of this, in the opinion of this author, if Bernie Sanders wins, he shall be good not just for America but also the world.

It is a grave mistake when people choose a less trustworthy leader when a good one is available due to any other consideration. That misguided choice has been the prime cause of misery in many a nation throughout human history. Nothing is required more than honesty and trustworthiness in a leader. Once that is present, other things are easily found but when honesty is missing all else deteriorates for greed and lies are like toxic poisons added to a good meal. As regards efficiency, policy and execution, a nation has hundreds of hand that rise to serve such a leader. In fact a leader is not of much use if he or she wastes time in details. What is required from him or her is the overall guiding hand based in principles not convenience while choosing the right people to work out details of different aspects of governance. It is for similar reasons that the most successful of chief executives of organizations might often be found on the golf course while a poor one shall be confined to his desk. In recent times, Uruguay, albeit a small country without a significant impact on the planet as a whole, prospered hugely when it chose such a leader – Jose Mujica – with a similar bent of mind and history and so shall America if it chooses similarly, with far wider implications. (About Jose Mujica here in this blog)

Bernie Sanders is also a compassionate leader because his primary agenda is to restore social and economic justice. Sadly as the greed monster raises its head, economic inequalities have been rising in the world for the past three decades so that middle classes are disappearing in the richest of developed countries and many are being driven to homelessness while more children are driven to poverty and hunger. At the world stage, parts of the world have converted to conditions worse than hell through unnecessary wars. Homes and cities have been destroyed and families are fleeing for their lives in countries such as Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Gaza, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. While many die and suffer these miseries in silence and tears, some of the younger men turn to anger and violence for the rightly or wrongly perceived injustice. They pose a danger to the rest of the world that still continues in peace. In the age science and technology such dangers are grave indeed. They cannot be conquered by hate and force as anger and hatred never has been conquered by hatred. Only with love has it ever been extinguished.

But the Conclusion is

The world hopes for good leaders to reverse the tide of human misery that prevails. However it is not necessary that Bernie Sanders shall win the race to the White House. That is not how our planet ticks. If truth and honesty were to win at all times then it would not be necessary to have Heaven. Earth would become one. On our planet the majority are driven by lure of greed and blinded into falling for lies. It is Mammon that rules the roost most times at least as far as daily lives of people are concerned more often than God. It is a world where saints are crucified and the evil one elevated on a high throne. In the end, people get the leaders they deserve along with the suffering and joy they bring to the world.
Yet among this tide of humanity are a few who who have remained steadfast to values of love and  truth. They have found peace and huge joy in that, at times even withdrawing from the mainstream of activities others are engaged in. It is because of these saints and mystics that the world is able to chug along despite all its shortcomings. They provide the counterweight to prevent the world from slipping into the abyss. May the Lord preserve them.


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