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The Ultimate Goal of Yoga

In some traditional Asian cities, monkey families move in and live in abandoned buildings. When they are hungry they grab some food from your hand or from someone’s kitchen if a window is left open, or that lovely fruit tree just when the fruit was ever so luscious. The Discovery channel has done an interesting series on these monkeys called the monkey thieves, for that is what these monkeys are, thieves. However, you cannot really present the poor lot to a judge for these folks did not go to school or church. No one taught them a lesson in morality and ethics. They were simply satisfying their basic need or self interest – hunger.
Humans have evolved out of creatures similar to monkeys and although humans consider themselves as way superior, in truth they are not really much removed from monkeys and Chimpanzees. The full story of human evolution is in a companion blog at . We have descended from chimp like creatures and on a planetary time scale measu…

Most Human problems are because of Greed, some from violence and wrath of God

There are many problems around the world arising from sickness, poverty, homelessness, refugees, wars etc. It does not take much analysis to deduce that uncontrolled and excessive greed is at the root of it. Take for example rising economic inequalities around the world over the last three decades. At the root of this is the greed of corporations for huge profits and their managers for huge compensations. If one considers wars, at the root of many are the greed of arms industries to sell arms or greed of some countries or individuals to maintain greedy advantage. The growth of large unmanageable cities with poor quality of life is because of greed too. Homelessness is because of the greed of the rich not to release more in taxes to create shelters and the hell that earth may soon be converted into by global warming is because of the greed to cut down  trees that God planted on Earth. 

The use of violence by humans to meet their goals compounds the suffering. While all this is man made…