A Question Atheists Frequently Ask

While on a spiritual topic a question that is often asked, 
If there is God why is there pain, suffering and troubles in the world?
My most recent answer to this question is a brief one,
What made you assume God is sitting around to relieve yours or anyone's  suffering?
Personally I do believe firmly in God and regard the entire universe as just one of His manifestations. He is the creator of everything in this universe including all life within it. Therefore He is the eventual and eternal Father and Mother of all life. Our biological parents are for this single life only.

As a parent of all life, God is around to oversee everything in the universe, including the education of all souls to better and more evolved states. In this process, He gives life much freedom as also opportunity to learn from their mistakes, even as our biological parents did often when we were young. The suffering that humans undergo is a result of the freedom they exercise and not a doing of God. However God has not thrust this freedom of choice down our throats. We can surrender it to back to Him, something that different mystics and spiritual persons do to different extents, in the process finding bliss.

The promise that God gives to those who believe in Him is that life is eternal, the soul shall continue and this body is merely a dress for this life time, a growing changing one that grows as we age but some day it shall need a complete change. The Lord ever wishes that we shall qualify for a more beautiful and lovely one even as every human too wishes for a child they love. If the child does not muck around his dress too much in play, they shall get new more expensive ones for them.

Yet the Lord loves and cannot hold back his love at all times as no loving parent can. One significant way in which the Lord interacts with us is through the hidden mysterious hand that comes to our aid in times of our deepest distress and need in our lives, so well hidden that we are left wondering if it is merely an uncanny coincidence. It is as if a loving and concerned mother is keeping a secret watch on her infant child as he frees himself from her bosom and ventures into the garden to play all by himself, yet soon as trouble strikes, she runs out to him even as he call out to mama.

Whereas all perceive the physical visible aspects of the Universe, some ascertain a bit more such as the force of  gravity and few guess at things they call dark matter and energy; and a few even the special angels that dwell within it and serve the Lord, few can perceive the personal and conscious side of it. Yet, just as a human through his or her service, love or devotion can succeed in establishing a relationship with the most important and generally inaccessible human personality on earth, seeing them constantly in their doings and having the possibility of communicating with them at any time through internet, phone or person, there are beings of the universe who have succeeded in doing the same with the most important Personality of the universe and see Him constantly in His Signs. This is depicted beautifully in the well known story called ‘Foot Prints in the Sand’ where one such person, one of many, inquired from the Lord,

“Lord, as I journey through these slippery sands of life, I see beside me a second set of foot prints at all times, Yours; but there have been times of joy when I was lost in play and failed to notice them; and times of deep distress when I looked for them in desperation but could not find them; I was so alone yet there was nothing but a single set of foot prints, why is that my Lord?”

And the Lord spoke to him in his heart,

“Those were times my dear son when I carried you.”


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