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Song of Birds

Birds sing all day around my home, day after day, year after year in ever changing compositions. Here is a brief recording I made of them yesterday morning

The birds begin their chirping very early in the morning while it is still dark, here is another one recorded at that time yesterday

Last Days and Moments with Mother

In life one shall come across humans who habitually create stress, conflict and hate while there are others who are peacemakers and spread love and peace. I have intimate experience of both kinds. My father who retired as a Colonel from the Indian Army was of the first type while mother was of the second type. She was indeed a godly soul if ever there is one among humans. Much of her life was spent in smoothing out obstacles and conflicts father would create for himself and others in the family, until she breathed her last on April 25th 1999. They came to love each other nevertheless perhaps because life creates attraction of opposites. Moreover, she had confided in me that when she fully realized that at a young age, she had infant children on her hands and there was no question but to stick by him for the sake of children. The marriage had been an arranged one and I have described elsewhere how it came about through a lie. A relative had lied to my grandfather that my mother liked m…

My Love, My Flower

While our conscious minds contain some knowledge, far more is knowledge is contained in the depths of our being. It is from here that intuitions, sixth sense and feelings arise. We may not be able to explain or understand the source of our feelings but they drive us much through life. One of these feelings is what is known as love at first sight. This love at first sight does not take place for another human only; it can take place for other things too such as flowers. Two flowers that have grabbed me thus in life are cosmos and California poppy. I had chanced upon a bed of California poppy in childhood somewhere and it grabbed my attention much. Everything about it - ferny leaves, pointy buds like hats of some elves in story books and delightful gentle flowers were delightful as is with everything about someone we love deeply. Even their flaws add a special charm as long as we remain in love with them.
In the years since I have grown lovely cosmos flowers in my garden but as regards …