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Secret of two Paths of Life, the Bright and the Dark

When one bases one’s life on greed, lies, hate and other forms of evil, then extent of punishment of such persons and when it should begin is decided by Universal Consciousness in keeping with the personality and deeds of such persons.
When one bases one’s life on love, truth and simplicity and other forms of goodness then the extent of reward of such persons and when it should begin is decided by Universal consciousness in keeping with the personality and deeds of such persons.

However, the punishment is one of love like that from a loving parent to a child, for reform and education, never for retribution as human ones at times tend to be.
There is a gullible and foolish person who looks at evil ones and thinks, “look they are enjoying great wealth and power, let me also become like them and enjoy what this world has to offer, this talk of God and goodness is stupid talk designed by clever humans to enslave and exploit the rest,” for it is from among evil ones that most of the wealthy …

A Tale of Two Trees

This blog has many notes describing different types of trees, their usefulness to the planet and on promoting the growth of more trees around the planet published over the last decade or so, as well as elsewhere and in books by the author. In this effort, this author has been inspired by the present Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, from a time much before he was the PM. It has been described in an earlier post of this blog in the twenty-twenty initiative. In turn he too may have gathered a few ideas from this blog as the buried pitcher near trees idea. Links of interest to him from the author’s various blogs are often tweeted to him.
However trees create problems on occasions when grown in home gardens and near buildings. While trees in a forest or a large park may be allowed to grow freely to their full potential, those in home gardens and streets have to be pruned from time to time, especially when they crowd into each other and interfere with the functions of the buildi…

Happy International Yoga Day

A Happy International Yoga day to all this June 21st, 2016

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An Omen, a Bird

Several birds live and visit the small garden around my home. It has many trees, dense bushes and a lawn. They just love that aside from the fact that I put water, bird seed, left over rice, bread crumbs etc. out for them quite regularly.
Most times the visits are from about half a dozen types of birds common in the area with the sparrows and the red tailed Bulbul being the friendliest. However, every now and then a special or different bird also makes a visit. Once in a while, a visit may be so special that it is a special message from Nature or as some say, an omen. I do not understand a lot of the language in which nature communicates with us but most definitely a lot more than my friends and most other humans simply because I have lived a more reclusive life in close companionship with nature over the last decade or more. So today, when a special sky blue love bird came to visit while I was watering the garden I took it as an omen. It was a love bird that some people keep as pets…