Monday, March 14, 2016

At Home with God – A Poem

A Picture from the garden of author's home

When we were young
Life was fun
Worries were for Mama
Life was to play and run

Early morning we went to school
Later we were off to work
Mama said don’t be late
Come evening, you must relax at home

Mama and Papa to heaven have gone
So we went to another home
The home of love where lives the Lord
Our Eternal Mother and Father
So as not to be insecure and alone

It was evening then, relax He said
Come night, when you have had your rest
We shall have a new dress for you
For you to begin a game
In a new life, new day, all over again

The different stages of a life may be compared to different parts of a day; read about that here:
And through it all only a few lucky ones hear the seven truths, for it is not ears one needs to hear these truths, it is not eyes one needs to see these truths, yet there are some who hear them and see them; read about those here:

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