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The Journey and the Poem

They called me King in Piland Babaji in a cave A Doc or Prof at work But my mama just Ashok For that simply was my name
One’s journey through the jungle On one’s own one must make If the path is marked by love and beauty
Just the love of duty The Journey and destination Surely shall be lovely and a cutie Just LOL with your Laughter Jump on board the roller coaster

You Can Make a Difference, Yes You Can

It does not take much to make a difference in lives of others for the better, just a heart rooted in humanity and willing to do so. You can make a difference. Yes you can.

The Lord has been extremely gracious in first giving me birth in an educated and enlightened family, education to the highest possible levels in some of the finest universities of our planet, later an opportunity to travel, live and work across the world. Around seven years ago, at the age of sixty, as I stepped out from my academic profession, the thought occurred that my rich experience would be a waste if it could not benefit the world in various ways. It would be ungrateful to the Lord that provided this experience. Next time around, in a new life, he may not bless me similarly. A human is full of good and bad qualities. Much activity in the world, as my earlier years witnessed, involves doing not just good but some wrong and shameless acts that I too have not escaped and regret. All things have consequences, kar…