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A Rose for your Love

As the monsoon has receded a white rose bush has suddenly come to bloom at home. My experience with plants and bushes are that they are sensitive beings and choose the time and place to thrive and bloom. Some are more sensitive than others and the rose is one such. To me all roses are symbolic of love, different colors for different kinds of love. Thus whereas the deep red rose signifies romantic love the white one is for spiritual love, the yellow for friendship and the pure pink for grace and regards. Thus if one were to gift a bunch of roses to a friend, the yellow roses would be most appropriate, whereas if one were to gift a bunch to the queen the pink would be the best. There is a peach pink too, pink with a tint of yellow and this is best for the king or your boss on his birthday. Definitely avoid gifting him a red lest he misunderstand :)  There are also other colors signifying different less common types of love. Thus there is a deep violet, blackish rose and that to me signi…

Coconut Tree – A Gift of the Ocean Goddess

Ever since humans began to cultivate land for food-grains such as wheat and rice their gaze has been towards the land for most food needs. In doing so, another source of food - trees- have not been fully utilized by mankind yet. As deforestation accelerates on the planet and a need is being felt to plant more trees to stabilize  climate e.g. this postit is worth considering trees as a food source too in order to take pressure off agricultural land. Indeed food from trees can have a magical effect in treating diseases that have become chronic in the modern age, some for which no modern treatment is available yet, such as Alzheimer’s disease or others such as undesirable cholesterol accumulation that are treated at the cost of severe side effects by medicines such as statins. Modern vegetables grown on land are not as healthy anymore as in the distant past because repeated farming has drained the land of essential nutrients. Trees on the other hand can dig deep with their roots and brin…

A Mantra par excellence

Elsewhere in this blog we have mentioned that chanting of a mantra or divine words is an excellent way to achieve meditative states and commune with the Universal Consciousness. Mantras can consist of a single word or many. However, rather than words it is best to describe a Mantra in syllables. personally I find that a very short mantra may lead to an easy distraction of mind and very long ones though helping one to keep one's focus initially also lead to distraction after some time. Chanting a mantra musically helps to keep the mind in focus. An excellent ancient mantra that is neither too long nor too short is 
Om Mani Padme HumListen to a Beautiful Musical rendition of this mantra from the depths of the Himalayas. You are sure to be enchanted, at It is essential that during recitation of mantra (jap)the breathing remain calm and regular  and not irregular. A mantra that interferes with that is not very effective. Th…

Drinks for Health, Beauty and Joy

Ahuman being may survive for many days without food but he cannot survive for long without water. Good clean drinking water that is neither too hard nor too soft is the best health drink. Yet water is often combined with ingredients of food and with health supplements in a manner so as to produce a drink for enhanced health, beauty and joy. The fact that drinks are an ideal delivery system is apparent from the fact that even Nature thinks so. The first food chosen for a new born by Nature is a drink – mother’s milk. As one ages one may add a number of other drinks to one’s daily routine in order to optimize one’s health and well being. Here is a collection of some of the best ones from around the world as discovered by this author in his travels, study and reflection.

Following is a description of drinks for different times of day some or all of which could become a person's lifestyle if not already so. The really special and unique drinks, the best on the planet, not widely known …

Tree of Life – Moringa or Drumstick

This blog has described many useful trees but it appears that a full article on one of the most useful ones, the drumstick tree, has been missed. It is time to make up this deficiency now, especially during the monsoon season when nature lovers in India are busy in tree plantations. The Moringa or the drumstick treeis a fast-growing, drought resistant tree that is native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India. But it grows easily in semi-arid areas too. It can be grown in forests, home gardens, schools, offices, farms or as street side trees in cities. It is also an ideal choice for forestation programs.Mixed with other trees such as the white mulberry, other trees from the mulberry family and a few other fruit trees common to the area, it virtually produces a food forest of fruits and leafy vegetables. It can be grown from cutting or seed. It is a lovely tree because of its lush light green fern like foliage. A forest of white mulberry (http://someitemshave.…