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Does Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II read this blog?

Although sometimes we do not realize this, every action of ours, howsoever insignificant causes some change in the world around us. It is a different matter if this change is one like a ripple that rises in the vast ocean and subsides after a brief lapse of time, leaving no visible change on the surface. There are other times when a ripple may grow into a storm that leaves a significant change to the landscape in its wake. Even the smallest ripple can lead to vast changes due to the quintessential butterfly effect. An example of such an event in recent history was a relatively insignificant slap given by an official to a humble street vendor in a remote corner of Tunisia some years ago. It grew into the Arab Spring, protest and occupy movements in many countries and wars that are still shaking the world as in Syria.
A well intentioned person must hope at all times that his or her actions add joy to the world or cause a change so as to make the world a better place. That has been the p…

A daily prayer in verse

Dear Lord, please we ask of You
Every breath is thanks to You
You give without having to ask
Trees so green, sweet sun to bask
Song of birds, sweet water to drink
A sleep so sweet, that comes in a blink
Please forgive faults and wrongs we do
Grant right thinking, the right things to do

Fools say, tis selfish, this faith to cling
Ha,  sans belief  there is no peace
Peace and  happiness two sides of a thing
Love, truth and Simplicity
Sans that life full of lies and sleaze
Check this out with anyone you please.
Happiness not just greatest of health
Tis also the greatest of wealth
Material wealth with undue increase
Misery accompanied by sigh of breath
Check this out from birth to death

Forever remains the everlasting soul
What has gone must again be born
What is born must one day go
Dear Lord today I ask of You
A pillow to rest, a roof for the head 
Even as for animals You do
Please grant a piece of bread
Accompanied with tasty bits too 

This I pray deep from the heart
When it comes, time to depart
Whatever left b…

How the Internet is making the World more Beautiful

While there is a good and bad side to just about everything in the universe with the exceptions of God and the Devil, there are things that add more evil than good and others that contribute more good than evil and ugliness to the world. Internet is one human invention that is already helping to eradicate evil from the world and would continue to do so over the next several decades and centuries.

Why is that? The simple answer to that is – evil prospers in the dark, when information is suppressed and lies and false argument such as those put out by private banks with profiteering managements can be maintained whereas truth is bright and prevails as information flows freely. The several million dollar salary of rich bankers is to prevent loss of talent and the politicians can do nothing about it except make polite noises about the stench which does not vanish even with a forty thousand dollar commode on wall street?( read about that commode here) However, one must accept one's own …

A Selfie in a New Shirt Color

Some posts ago there was a post on dress colors and how a book described a method to select a lucky personal color based on astrology and numerology. Personally I do not have much belief in these sciences but do believe that some of its basis is based in time tested heuristics.  I found my shirt color from the book. Having worn a white shirt most of my working life it was a change to get into another color as shown in a picture of me in the mirror this morning. I have posted the photo on Facebook too and friends there have liked it. However the book recommends this color for weekends only or as a tie color on other days on a white shirt.


This author is delighted that Justin Trudeau has become the new Prime Minister of Canada. He is a good human being and the world needs more good human beings as leaders of influential countries to save the world from many wars and refugees as happening now. The author looked up the CAANS color for Justin Trudeau, a fortunate color …

Focus on Beauty

While it becomes necessary to focus on some of the wrong that may be taking place in our world in areas crucial to human life with humble suggestions on how the wrong and the ensuing suffering it causes may be mitigated, as this blog has done from time to time, necessary because unless that is done a similar suffering may one day engulf us too, it is even more necessary to focus on whatever is beautiful and lovely on our planet because it is only from here that we can draw our strength. Focusing on the ugly side of human doings can only dissipate us. If not in human doings, one would find the beautiful side of our planet easily in nature, in open countryside, forests, mountains, mountain streams and lakes. Having focused my attention on the not so pretty side of human doings in this blog lately, I feel somewhat dissipated, for it is difficult for a human to remain detached and fully dispassionate in whatever one focuses on. The time has come to return a gaze to nature, its beauty and …

Some Dangers of Modern Medicine

"The person who has not suffered illness has yet to be born. Only after death does illness cease. We must suffer both mental and physical pain and illness in this life." Buddha said that we should see a doctor for physical illness, but mental illness should be treated with  dharma or right living.

In the considered and educated life long experience and study of this author, an experience that some other impartial medical authorities agree with, modern medicine has a number of excellent medicines both for internal use and external applications for a variety of ailments of the human body ranging from medicines for eyes, ear, nose, skin to antibiotics and some common pain killers such as aspirin, but when it comes to ailments to do with the human mind and emotions, the available medicines seem not just to be less than desirable but more than horrible with some being extremely dangerous and gruesome such as those tha…

The Good and the Wicked

Just as the variety of trees and wild flowers on our planet is immense, so is the variety of life and types of humans that live on it. While most trees and wild flowers of the forest are pretty, there are also some that are ugly. While most humans are inherently good, there are also some who are wicked.

When one talks of good and wicked humans, one does not mean those who are superficially or visibly good or wicked but here the mention is of those who are really, truly and deeply so.
Thus, whereas one rapidly thinks of a thief or a robber as wicked, more often that is a case of a desperate or stupid person, one who has adopted illegal means and when one talks of a good person, it is not those who are recognized as philanthropists, who more likely are just persons who are too clever by half, employing a ruse to win respect in society with pretense, hypocrisy and show; or worse have found a clever way to make a living by exploiting the goodness of others. It is for this reason that sai…

The Good and Bad of Alcohol and Cannabis

As life goes through ups and downs, a human may suffer severe trauma or stress at some point in his or her life. There was a traditional way, that one took a drink of alcohol or some sleepy stuff and got over it in time. Some as a result became alcoholic but when they were weaned away from it, they did not suffer seizures. Some of the chemical medicines that humans have invented appear to be far more dangerous than natural herbal ones that the Lord made. Alcohol simply emerges as a result of natural fermentation from natural sugars and cannabis grows in the fields.

While misuse of any intoxicants such as cannabis and alcohol is dangerous, the experience of mankind over the last century has shown that making it illegal is even more so. Then it becomes a profitable crime industry and criminals promote its use even by criminal methods. There is a need to review the associated laws with urgency and treat any problems that arise at a social and educational level as mankind did for centurie…