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A Permanent Solution to Refugee Problem of Europe and USA

Presently the immigration issues are back in central focus with a ship carrying some six hundred refugees being turned away from Italian shores and finding refuge in Spain, while on American borders the world is horrified in seeing children being torn away fromparents, some babies, while their parents are sent to private prisons. While solutions to these issues will be debated and discussed endlessly just as they have been for the past several years, some temporary solutions found, as presently for the ship in Spain, the problem shall continue until its root cause is dealt with. The present note is about these root causes and the solution.
First, the refugee influx into Europe, it arises from instabilities and violence in Middle East and Africa. It will stop effectively when this turmoil stops to conditions as prevailed before WWII in these countries when relative peace prevailed. At the center of the Middle Eastern Crisis is the Israel-Palestinian problem. Around it are problems cre…