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Life and Old Age

Aside from what one may choose to do for the world a human being has three major personal responsibilities in life and a fourth more esoteric one that many ignore in the modern age.
The first three responsibilities are to prepare for a career and means of earning a livelihood, to raise a family and see that children grow safely into adulthood as good humans; and to look after one’s parents in their old age if needed for often old people need as much help as little children do. These three responsibilities may vary in extent for individuals. For example, someone may not marry at all or have parents that do not need any help in old age because they manage to look after themselves quite well. There are some who receive an inheritance and need not work for a living but spend time in service or alternatively destroy themselves through indulgence. Some may also face life traumas or health issues that limit their abilities to meet these responsibilities. However, more or less, it is these …