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The Blessed Tree - Olive

Can you spot the single ripe olive in the photo?  Just when I thought that I had finished with describing some of the most useful trees on Earth, it was realized that nothing has been written about the Olive tree, one of the most useful trees on our planet. The olive has been providing food, medicine and wood to humans for millenniums. The tree provides an edible and cooking oil of high quality known for its health giving properties and wonderful taste.
This tree is one of the most versatile and life giving trees on earth. It also appears to be a relatively new species of trees because despite the fact that it tolerates heat and cold well it has not yet spread widely across the planet. more research is required to select and develop varities for different climates. Olives belong to the botanical family Oleaceae that includes the ash, lilac and Jasmine.
Considerable research supports the health-giving benefits of consuming olives, olive leaf and olive oil. Leaves and flowers of this bo…