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Back to Nature and the Spirit

Many of my recent posts have focused on economic, political and social issues. The hope was of making a contribution, howsoever small to alleviating human distress and increasing human happiness. However, the fact is that focusing on such issues does not purify the soul as easily as communing with nature does, and it is the purest of souls, the yogis whose consciousness is united with the universal consciousness who are able to make significant and dramatic contributions towards improving the human situation. It is because of the contribution of innumerable such yogis that human civilization has been advancing slowly but surely over time.

Although many complain about the present day one per cent economy, an economy in which one per cent of the population controls 99 per cent of the resources, not very long ago in human society it was a one person economy, where one person controlled and owned 99 per cent of the resources of a nation. Indeed in a few countries of the world it is still…