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First and Second Cause of Happiness or Misery

While some humans, for some of their lives, lead peaceful and happy lives, there are also huge numbers who suffer from varying levels of unhappiness. The unhappiness may vary from severe distress and trauma as for those bombed in their homes and forced to flee as in Syria or Yemen presently, to just those suffering form daily stress and grind of life. It has been so with me too in my journey through life dear friend.
It is worth reflecting on the cause of all this and do something to make our lives peaceful and happy for how can there be happiness without peace? Once one discovers root causes of misery and the path to overcome them, one can gain huge amounts peace, happiness and exhilarating joy. While the worldly teach us ways to make money or become more successful, the experience of many is that such paths lead to misery more often than happiness.
In the end two things decide course of our lives. First are our own thoughts and actions that create our world and second are circumst…

When Truth is More Evil than Lies

While all recognize that being truthful is evolved human behavior leading to progress and lies are bad behavior that produce misery after perhaps some temporary gain, there appear to be exceptions to this rule, at least at first glance. This happens when information is presented selectively albeit truthfully to create an incorrect impression. It is a technique often used by many in some of the major world media to promote an opinion desired by their masters. In this manner the media cannot be held to account for fake reporting and not reporting something can be attributed merely to carelessness.
Consider the following fictional account of a democratic election to take place for a President of a fictional country and the two main contenders in the fray are A and B.
Mr. A is a crooked, evil and corrupt person but has one good habit. Even the worst of humans may have a good habit or two for he is only human and not yet Satan. Mr. A has a soft corner for old persons and on weekends he vi…