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The Emerging New World

Over the last century, planet Earth and condition of all life that dwells upon it has entered a completely new phase, vastly different from any that existed in the past.
The first striking difference is the burgeoning population of humans on the planet. They have crossed seven billion and are heading towards ten billion strong in the coming decades. The invention of antibiotics and vaccines has contributed to this increase. The increasing population of humans and their needs has displaced not just much animal life on the planet but also the green side of it so that many species have become extinct or are on the verge of becoming so.
The second huge difference is emergence of technologies that were once visualized only in fairy tales. Computers, television, mobile devices and nuclear devices are all inventions over the last century. They have changed human lives and behavior in drastic ways.
Thinkers and philosophers wonder where humans and the planet they occupy are headed. There a…

On Separated Children

Subsequent to retiring from active professional work in 2010, this author has spent time in campaigning on various issues to improve the planet and the life that dwells upon it. The issues have ranged from environment to spirituality, life style to child welfare. It is true that no one human can make a difference to the many challenges our world faces but all can make a little difference even by just a small act of kindness or just planting a tree anywhere they find ground for it. If one keeps at it, some of these efforts can make a huge difference in lives of many as a few of the posts of this blog have done including one encouraging a biscuit maker in India to replace trans-fats in their biscuits with a healthier oil. It is a biscuit that is consumed daily by millions of children across India because of its low cost and easy availability.
On the issue of children, this author has personally campaigned much on social media, for several years (for example see). The most recent matter …

A Doll House for a Grandson

A five-year-old god grandson of mine visits every month and has a new request every time. Usually it is colored pencils, sharpeners and eraser or little motorcars, a jeep or a tractor. He had also wanted a small plastic bat and a ball and all of these things I have been able to get for him. However last time he wanted a little dollhouse. Therefore I found a cardboard box, stuck some wooden color wrapping paper on it that had been lying around, cut a door and a window out from it. With a few stickers on it the house was ready as shown in the picture. We put in a few tree leaves in an empty medicine bottle to put in front because a home is scarcely pretty without one. The result is shown in the picture.
The roof is a sloping one and removable. That makes placing furniture inside easier. So far we have only placed two beds and a curtain inside and are looking for more furniture. Another godson, Golu, described in some older posts of this blog is now ten years old. he lives in another c…

Beautiful Lives

Our world has beautiful people and ugly people, beautiful places and ugly places, people with lovely characters and people with foul characters and the various mixes of it all. The beautiful people are not always those with lovely characters and there are ugly people with lovely characters. There are ugly people living lovely lives and lovely people living ugly ones. Once in a while, through it all, one finds a beautiful person with a lovely character living a beautiful life, but only rarely.
One need not travel far and wide to see it all nowadays because of electronic media but when one does travel, one gets a better feel of it.My younger life was full of travel around the country and around the world but after the age of fifty travels came down rapidly. The urge to travel as well as the energy for it was exhausted. Nevertheless, I still make brief trips every now and then as a recent one I made by train through North India.
I met many people on the train and saw many places, both be…