On Planting Trees

There are numerous notes in this blog on usefulness of planting trees and about some well known varieties. Aside from improving climate and the planet, trees benefit all life in numerous ways. An interested reader could check out some of the significant notes on trees in this blog at the following link;

To plant a tree is a wonderful thing to do. One can begin with planting around one’s home, streets and parks nearby as well as other public spaces where such plantation is not prohibited, office and then the countryside. The activity can be done individually, as a family or a group of friends. It is a part of the Sun Inspired Yoga described elsewhere in this blog and some persons have started small groups called the Sunshine Group of Ten. One activity the group undertakes is planting trees in the countryside during picnics. A tree once planted may require some care for the first two or three years of its life before it grows up enough to look after itself.

A view of some trees in the author's home


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