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Suffering, Solace and Yoga

And on the suffering of the sweetest, most innocent, most vulnerable of humans - Children, often caused by other humans

While there is peace and happiness for some in the world some of the time, there is also deep suffering for others elsewhere from time to time. Most everyone encounters pain and suffering some time or the other in life, one also suffers when a loved one is in distress and when one becomes sensitive one is also touched by the suffering of others in far away places. There are humans suffering because of wars, homelessness, hunger, over eating and obesity, disease, corrupt or brutal governments and much else at this very moment and some are little children less than the age of five, an age of innocence, an age when a child deserves to experience only love and joy of play, in no way responsible for the suffering that has been thrust upon them by the world they happen to be born in.

Perhaps the only solace for an adult in pain is to realize that everything of this world i…

The Color of President Obama’s Tie

President Obama has been on an inspiring and delightful visit to India for the last three days. As this blogger watched his numerous appearances on TV it was noticed that the color of his tie was a shade of blue every time. The first lady by his side wore very many floral printed dresses looking extremely elegant and pretty. The thought then occurred to this blogger to fine tune this shade of blue tie for him. A small book on dress colors called the CAANS System suggests fortunate dress colors for different persons based on some astrological and numerological principles. Although this author does not fully understands how but on a heuristic basis it appears to work well for many famous as well as ordinary persons. There are some earlier posts in this blog based on that. For men the latest edition of the book suggests two colors for upper garments especially ties worn on white shirts under blue or black jackets. The colors are defined by RGB values. The methodology applied to President…

Prophecy and Spirituality

The great thing about twitter is that if you are following some of the leading news and media, one gets to hear any important news or trends before it comes on TV and other places in print or online. From time to time, some news comes that this blog had already mentioned in advance in this blog, much in advance and at such times it is pointed out by me as a reply in twitter while quoting the link. The reason for that is that there is an intimate connection between spirituality and prophecy and this blog has much spiritual content and therefore a little prophecy too enters form time to time. It is because of this connection that that some leading ancient have been called prophets.
For example yesterday, a tweet mentioned that Australia is likely to be most affected by climate changes. That was something stated four years ago in this blog in Feb 2011 in a post on saline conditions. Some days earlier Oxfam had reported that about one percent of the wealthy persons own about 99 percent of…

Planting a tree on International Yoga Day

At the behest of the inspiring new Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji, June Twenty first has been declared as the International day of Yoga by the United Nations. Having initiated the idea, it is perhaps incumbent on India to contribute ideas as to how this day may be celebrated.
Today morning an email arrived in my inbox from a government agency that maintains contact with citizens at large to contribute ideas for the day that would be communicated to the PM. I enthusiastically responded sending three ideas. The first was a bit of art work carrying the caption – Vasudev Kutambakam – a phrase coined by ancient yogis who declared that all life is one family, indeed as modern genetic science has verified; humans, animals, plants and bacteria are born of a common gene pool and share many genes. The ultimate goal of yoga to move out of our limited personal desires and unite with those of All.The art work was developed using the base template as a photo of the Himalayas with …

What is Sun Inspired Yoga

Sun inspired yoga is to wake up to the song of birds, to greet and thank the early morning sun that sustains all life. It is to help protect all life, all green things and everything that walks on legs, even those without legs. It is to oppose those who tend to damage life and perpetuate violence for the sake of their greed or madness but not with hatred, rather with love and understanding, because hatred can never be conquered with hatred, it may however be banished with love, yet it is to shun those who tend to fill life with negativities and contentions.

It is to commune with and meditate in the sunshine, green forests and flower filled valleys, beside lakes and rivers of pure blue waters and snow capped peaks. It is to fill one's life with love, laughter and a song even as the Almighty fills one’s heart with joy and steps breaking out in a dance. But that is a bit too general and somewhat poetic you might say, dear reader, and ask, what are the specific things to do, what road…

Five Steps to Sun Inspired Yoga

"Some view Sun Worship as a pagan and primitive thing. However, to love, admire and be grateful to the sun, the gorgeous sunrise, beautiful sunsets and the midday sun that warms the soul and greens the earth, the light and warmth it provides, is to be grateful to the Universe of which the Sun is a shining part that has produced all life. Loving and being grateful to the sun is far better than worshiping it. Viewed in this light, it is a modern and scientific form of spirituality, albeit it has been with joyous and successful human civilizations since the beginning of time. It destroys darkness and is therefore detested by forces of Darkness. Its transient absence produces depression and its presence love, truth and joy.  Without the Sun life is not possible.Adopting the sun inspired yoga does not imply giving up any existing spiritual beliefs. it does not also add any new ones except for the fact that one expresses gratefulness to the worthy and beautiful in the universe and natur…

Tree of Humility - Neem

Azadirachta indica, also known as Neem, is a tree in the mahogany family. It is native to South Asia and also grows in islands in the southern part of Iran. Its fruits and seeds are the source of Neem oil. It is a fast growing tree that can reach heights of up to 20 meters easily.
If a tree is to be regarded as the symbol of humility, it has to be the Neem Tree. It grows without any care in arid areas. Birds and squirrels love its fruit and to build homes amongst its branches. At the same time it repels insects, bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Mosquitoes like to move away from areas where it grows. And planted as some of the trees of an orchard it will discourage infestations that sometimes attack orchards lacking biodiversity ( see here for bio-diverse orchards). Presently the olive groves of Europe are under such an attack.

Neem leaves are dried and placed within clothes and in rice bins to keep away infestation. Its tender sticks are chewed to make one end as a tooth brush. T…

Nine things worth aspiring for in Life

Today, as I woke up to the most beautiful new lovely song of birds sung in perfectly orchestrated movements of the different birds that live in or visit the garden, the following question came to mind, how to measure the quality of a personal life? What things are worth achieving in life for adult humans? More important than great wealth, power and fame are some more mundane things such as the  following (for if a large black ant is sniping the behind of a billionaire inside his pants he could scarcely enjoy his billion, could he :-) ? ):
That you have a bowel movement daily before breakfast  :) and perchance Warren Buffet thought it was another billion that would do the trick and help expel the offending matter in a trice. LOL ! or conversely it is also sad if you are running to the toilet too frequently and have a near running faucet at the other end.That you have pure air to breathe, good clean water to drink and that your meals are regular, nutritious and wholesome and th…

Green Food, Healthy Food

The healthiest of vegetables are leafy green vegetables. The green color of leaves and grasses is due to a basic chemical of life called chlorophyll. It is a complex organic compound of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen with an atom of magnesium at its center.The molecular structure of chlorophyll is virtually identical to that of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying red pigment of our blood.  No wonder foods having an abundance of chlorophyll are some of the healthiest in the vegetable kingdom. In hemoglobin the central atom is Iron and in chlorophyll it is Magnesium (see image).

Some doctors think that foods with an abundance of chlorophyll discourage cancers (see here) while strengthening human blood. Just as the waste of plants, oxygen is our life breath; the waste carbon dioxide breathed out by humans as well as the waste excretion of humans is food for plant. The Universal Intelligence has created both these mutually compatible life forms so that both may prosper and evolve together…

Apocalypse during 2025-2050?

In the modern world, while many do not believe in any Supreme Intelligence, power or God in the universe there are also others that do. If we confine our attention to the educated what is their stand?
Consider the educated of the modern world in two groups. First are the well educated, those who have university degrees like a bachelors or masters and also some who do not have a degree but have an equivalent amount of education through self study or other informal channels. Then there is the second group of highly educated. These are the academics, scientists and people with doctoral degrees from reputed universities of our world. If a survey was carried out amongst these two groups to ascertain how many believe in a Supreme intelligence behind the universe, there would be surprising difference. Many more from the second group, a much higher percentage in fact believe in a Supreme Intelligence and Consciousness as compared to the former well educated group. The reason is that the deep…