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A Christmas treat that created problems for Indian American Relations

Recently a dispute arose between an Indian woman diplomat in USA and her Indian domestic Maid. The dispute grew into a legal battle between the two parties first and it has now has grown into a full fledged diplomatic battle between India and USA and the previous good relations between the two countries have been soured. Could the inside story behind this incident be a story of a Christmas Party that went wrong?
With prosperity in the developed part of the world, minimum wages of the poorest in such societies have gone up over the past several decades to a level that hiring of full time domestic staff has become unaffordable for most in such countries. However in the underdeveloped and developing world, poverty is still widespread and therefore servants and domestic staff are still affordable by many. Although its prevalence is coming down fast in India due to recent economic growth, the practice continues widely in many Indian homes. When a servant is employed in a home sometimes the…

How to avoid Poop and Pee in your food and save money.

Our wonderful planet has a huge variety of delicious and nutritious foods. It is good to feast on this bounty, provided one can afford it. We also have persons like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the Queen, Bankers who play with our money and their minions the one per cent,who need not worry about the expenses in case a food is expensive. However, for us lesser mortals, there are times in our lives if not all the time, when one has to look at the price label before throwing the packet in the cart.During my own life, comfortable with the grace of the Almighty for the largest part, there have been occasions when one had to be very careful with expenses. The first was when I was a doctoral student in Canada, the second occasion arose when I had begun working and started a family at the same time.In later life an occasion arose when I built a home with my savings and also had to interrupt my career because of that and other family issues. However, following are three tips that will help an…

Millions of Indians perhaps Criminals, perhaps majority of adults

According to a decision of the Supreme Court of India yesterday, millions of Indians, perhaps the majority of them who have engaged in sexual activity are serious criminals deserving sentences of around ten years in Jail. This criminality arises from the way sexual intercourse of certain types is regarded in Indian law due to a section called section 377

This criminality would continue unless the following amendment is made to section 377. Indian law makers have not bothered to make the amendment for 150 years or so, ever since it was introduced. A High court judge who ruled against it was overruled by the Supreme court of India yesterday, restoring the criminality.

Needed Amendment of section 377:
An act of carnal intercourse between two consenting adults, even if it is not penile vaginal intercourse, shall not be regarded as against the order of nature but merely as recognition of the diversity of nature. In either case it shall not be deemed to be criminal conduct punishable by law.

Preschool Arithmetic and a New Counting out Nursery Rhyme

One, two, three, four, five, is a popular nursery rhyme and counting-out rhyme. However when it came to Golu my grandson mentioned in some earlier posts of this blog it appeared to be a bit complicated for an under five preschooler. Therefore I decided to create a new simpler one called One, two, three, cat on a tree –  this is how it goes

One, Two, Three Cat on a tree Four, five, six Cat in a fix Seven eight nine Cat now fine Zero after one makes ten Cat climbed the tree again
Feel free to copy the rhyme and use anywhere, if you like. This was only some of the content I gathered to take Golu, my god-grandson up to a count of twelve (so as to cover the clock). Must admit though that I found the task of teaching a preschooler more challenging and in the end more delightful as compared to many engineering students I have taught in three of the finest universities on our planet. To make my attempt available to children everywhere, I have included the matter in a small illustrated book, called Ne…