Solution to American Immigration Problem in one day, in one word

For years USA has faced huge immigration problems on its southern borders as large numbers of persons have crossed its border through Mexico. The American response to the problem has varied over the years. Few of its responses have been perfect; few responses have escaped criticism. The most recent response of zero tolerance that consisted of declaring those entering as criminals, separating adults from children and putting them in separate detentions has been criticized hugely around the world. It was described as torture of little children by no less than the UN Human Rights Commission from which America withdrew subsequently, of even babies and of snatching babies from mothers. It has been reversed but thousands of children remain separated while America scampers for alternate policies. This present move may have destroyed future of thousands of children through psychological trauma. It is heaping disgrace upon a once great nation. More tragic still is the fact that instead of fin…

A Permanent Solution to Refugee Problem of Europe and USA

Presently the immigration issues are back in central focus with a ship carrying some six hundred refugees being turned away from Italian shores and finding refuge in Spain, while on American borders the world is horrified in seeing children being torn away fromparents, some babies, while their parents are sent to private prisons. While solutions to these issues will be debated and discussed endlessly just as they have been for the past several years, some temporary solutions found, as presently for the ship in Spain, the problem shall continue until its root cause is dealt with. The present note is about these root causes and the solution.
First, the refugee influx into Europe, it arises from instabilities and violence in Middle East and Africa. It will stop effectively when this turmoil stops to conditions as prevailed before WWII in these countries when relative peace prevailed. At the center of the Middle Eastern Crisis is the Israel-Palestinian problem. Around it are problems cre…

Free Kindle Books

Amazon announces free kindle editions of books from time to time. Those who have a kindle reader or  any other device to read books would find it worth their while to make use of these opportunities to scout their vast libraries and save a lot of money to read some great classical works as well as modern literature or other books on virtually every subject under the sun. Their search tools make it easy to locate a book that you might have in mind or you may just like to browse through and select one that catches your fancy. This week for five days, from Sunday the 27th of May to Thursday, Kindle editions of five of my books are free too. Do look up on my author page if you caught this post in time. You can scroll through the list of books to see which one’s have a zero price. The link to the author page is here,

The sparrows are back

My home is more than two and a half decades old. I built it in bits as and when I got time off from work in other cities but right from the start I began planting trees around the boundary. Some became too large with the years and had to be removed. They were put to good use. Seasoned and converted into furniture around the home as it expanded. However, the most delightful aspect of the trees was that neighbors too loved the idea and planted more and a variety of birds moved in to nest in them. Their tweets delight the soul all day, beginning well before dawn. A few like crows were irritating but thankfully, they are not visiting the area now and there was that naughty kingfisher that ate all my lovely little fish in a tiny cemented pond in the garden. I stopped keeping ornamental fish since and keep the pond dry most of the year. In monsoons its is used to collect rain water.

Unfortunately, a few years ago I had to remove a large bougainvillea bush that had become much too unwieldy fo…

The Shoeshine Boy and his Message to Humanity

I saw his image on twitter and was touched by the image. Humanity has driven itself to a sorry state indeed when it is unable to take care of its children and drives them to the street to fend for themselves. The boy has lined up his shoe polishes just like a child might line up his toys at home; he has not slept well last night it seems inside whatever he calls his home; soon a well dressed man in a tie shall come and wake him up for a shoe polish; he shall throw down some coins for the boy to grab, and away the boy shall run perhaps, dragging his hurriedly stuffed bag, to that man who sells those lovely sandwiches down the road, his daily bread that he shall eat sitting on the pavement leaning against the pillar of a shop with the utmost of delight and happiness. Those sandwiches are good, perhaps the kind sandwich vendor stuffs in extra slices of hard boiled eggs for the child in the one sided open sandwiches called laffa in the city where the boy lives.  Perhaps his mother and fat…

A Tiny Cottage in Paradise

Those who have lived in a village or town filled with green spaces but have later had to move to a city for work, as very many humans have to do, continue to miss the green and open of countryside. A viable option for some is, if they have the savings for it, to purchase even a small farm of a few acres or a small building plot of a few hundred yards in a picturesque mountain village and build their own tiny dream cottage on it to visit in holidays or even move to for longer stays in retirement if conditions permit. One on sale may already be available but renovations cost a lot and one may never figure out where the kitchen drain leads to or how to fix the leak in the roof.
Earth is not paradise but bits of it lie scattered across the Earth. If one looks around one can locate one such in most any country, at a location that is not difficult to access. It may be pointed out that investing in land is likely the best option in these uncertain economic times. After having acquired the l…