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Three Golden Rules to Make Life Lovely

With winter having passed away, it is now not too cold to come out in the garden in mornings. As I did that today the thought occurred that I should share with all, three simple golden rules of life and living that helps improve life hugely

1. Experience the Magic of new Beginnings daily
Do try and remember that every day is a new day, like a new life. When you get up daily, make your bed, visit the toilet, brew a nice cup of tea, listen to the song of birds, and thank the Sun and Universe for this life; for 
The grateful are given more and much is taken away from those who are not. If it is not too cold, step out in green for green spaces nurture the soul; walk on the grass bare feet and it shall soothe mind, body and soul and if it is a holiday plan for a picnic to a forest nearby.
2. One thing at a time and a few daily
While there seems to be so much to do, remember it is only possible to do one thing at a time well and only a few daily. Sit down in a quiet corner with a note pad an…

Ayn Rand said helping others in need is a bad thing

During my walk to a nearby diary today, I found a poor old poor man sitting by the roadside. He requested me for a small carton of milk. I did that and a large roll of fruit bread besides. He must not have been a beggar because beggars ask for money but others facing hard times may ask for a little food instead. I usually shoo away beggars who might be the kind that can find work but that is not possible for the disabled and the very old.
It seems like a good idea to extend a helping hand to fellow humans whenever one can. In the present day world, there are conservatives in western governments who have read books of Ayn Rand and say it is not a good idea to help other humans in need. Just in case they already are getting some help, that should be taken away. Recently it seems the Tory government of UK cut the grants for disabled British implying that those who need a new wheel chair or walking stick should crawl instead to uphold the glory of the once great British Empire. On the oth…

Feel The Bern: Bernie Sanders

"Billionaires can't have it all" Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders, the Mythical 666 and the Sparrow
The world watches the Election process in USA with much interest. After all, as the largest economic and military power on the planet in recent times, what happens in USA effects the lives of all, as the world discovered during the financial crisis of 2008; the fact that a banker in US decides it is easier to loot a bank with a bonus rather than a gun while a politician that could control him pats him on the back in return for financial favors; or as the crisis distressed millions of Libya, Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are finding out to their dismay as they flee from their homes and cities that lie on the central axis of the world; even toddlers, infants, the aged and the maimed. Destruction often begins in the core before it spreads to the periphery.
Of all the candidates in the race, this blogger became an ardent fan of Bernie Sanders much before most others did …

On Planting Trees

There are numerous notes in this blog on usefulness of planting trees and about some well known varieties. Aside from improving climate and the planet, trees benefit all life in numerous ways. An interested reader could check out some of the significant notes on trees in this blog at the following link;
To plant a tree is a wonderful thing to do. One can begin with planting around one’s home, streets and parks nearby as well as other public spaces where such plantation is not prohibited, office and then the countryside. The activity can be done individually, as a family or a group of friends. It is a part of the Sun Inspired Yoga described elsewhere in this blog and some persons have started small groups called the Sunshine Group of Ten. One activity the group undertakes is planting trees in the countryside during picnics. A tree once planted may require some care for the first two or three years of its life before it grows up enough to l…

Enjoy the Magic of New Beginnings

From time to time, the mind of humans is drawn to past. While happy memories of joyous and peaceful times gladden them, they are also saddened by mistakes they made and the suffering or loss that ensued in its wake. It is so with all humans but if you are one of those that thinks they did not make errors in their journey through life, then slow down, you are fooling yourself, it will come crashing down on your head soon. To err is human and that is why life exists, to learn from these mistakes. If you have managed to become wiser and conquered the evil desires that led you to those errors then be glad, you have evolved to a better state and that is what matters most. The rest - wealth, fame, name, friends and relations are temporary companions for this lap of the journey of life that shall change soon, when you catch the next train for your journey into infinity, or at least that is how it has been with me, for there are numerous times I have changed trains before in my journey, as in…

A Question Atheists Frequently Ask

While on a spiritual topic a question that is often asked,
If there is God why is there pain, suffering and troubles in the world? My most recent answer to this question is a brief one, What made you assume God is sitting around to relieve yours or anyone's  suffering? Personally I do believe firmly in God and regard the entire universe as just one of His manifestations. He is the creator of everything in this universe including all life within it. Therefore He is the eventual and eternal Father and Mother of all life. Our biological parents are for this single life only.
As a parent of all life, God is around to oversee everything in the universe, including the education of all souls to better and more evolved states. In this process, He gives life much freedom as also opportunity to learn from their mistakes, even as our biological parents did often when we were young. The suffering that humans undergo is a result of the freedom they exercise and not a doing of God. However God ha…

At Home with God – A Poem

When we were young Life was fun Worries were for Mama Life was to play and run
Early morning we went to school Later we were off to work Mama said don’t be late Come evening, you must relax at home
Mama and Papa to heaven have gone So we went to another home The home of love where lives the Lord Our Eternal Mother and Father So as not to be insecure and alone
It was evening then, relax He said Come night, when you have had your rest We shall have a new dress for you For you to begin a game In a new life, new day, all over again

Note: The different stages of a life may be compared to different parts of a day; read about that here: And through it all only a few lucky ones hear the seven truths, for it is not ears one needs to hear these truths, it is not eyes one needs to see these truths, yet there are some who hear them and see them; read about those here:…

Diet ideas during pregnancy – An open letter to a daughter

My younger daughter is expecting her second baby and recently I sent her some ideas for her diet. She is mostly a vegetarian, a super-specialized medical practitioner, with education from the best medical schools in the world,  places like John Hopkins but a father always has some useful knowledge gathered through life. The letter has useful ideas for any lady expecting a baby; therefore I am sharing it here for all as an open letter keeping anything personal out of it
Dear Keya I had written some things about diet earlier, it is repeated here with a few more details. Do try and include the following in your daily diet at this time Spinach Green leafy vegetables are full of chlorophyll that has a structure nearly identical to human blood and promotes healthy blood. Spinach is the most widely available leafy vegetable that is rich in iron too. Baby spinach leaves can be eaten as salad but I would avoid them at such a time because some have infection and therefore it is best to cook them. T…

Bernie Sanders, a blessing for the world

An interesting Presidential race is on in America to choose a new President. The world watches with interest and concern. Of all the contenders in the fray, most recognize one of them – Bernie Sanders – as an honest, trustworthy and compassionate person.He has a long history of public service to prove his position  not being a young leader who might be corrupted soon after winning an election as young leaders often tend to, or if that did not happen in the first term, by the second one most likely if the leader is not very young. Power corrupts most all. For older leaders, the greedy are easily discovered by checking out if they have accumulated an excess of personal wealth during their journey through life (unless it was thrown at them from a lottery, chance or inheritance etc.) Because of this, in the opinion of this author, if Bernie Sanders wins, he shall be good not just for America but also the world.

It is a grave mistake when people choose a less trustworthy leader when a good…

A Home that grows its own food

To produce all of one’s own food one would have to live on a farm. However, even the smallest apartment, even a small studio apartment can produce some of its own food and it is a pity if a home does not.
Mung bean sprouts, a power house of nutrients can be grown right on a kitchen shelf. Just soak half a cupful of them for eight hours, drain and leave in a covered pot for two or three days while sprinkling with a little water every time you enter the kitchen.In three days it will fill up the pot with delicious mung bean sprouts.
Many useful herbs such as celery, cilantro, parsley and basil are lovely in flower pots by a window. There is even a small pretty tree – the curry leaf tree – that looks lovely in a flower pot and its leaves are a delight when added to vegetarian preparations. Even nicer is a long rectangular container in which they may all grow together as a collage, your indoor micro herbal garden for a delightful new ultra fresh ultra organic garnish to your dinner daily. …