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Hidden Dimensions to Cleanliness

In one of the earlier posts it was mentioned that the life of ancient Himalayan sages living in lush green surroundings was so disciplined and regulated and they were so aware of their own bodies that they could discern the effect of any new food or herb on their bodies readily. From this was born the ancient Ayurveda science of Herbal medicines.
My own life though far removed from that of ancient sages has been fairly well disciplined over the last several years and I too can sense the effect of new foods or changes on my body. Therefore when I noticed that I am sleeping right through the night rather than waking up in the middle of it once every night recently, I wondered what new food or change had taken place in my routine, thoughts or environment. There was nothing new in food etc. but one change had taken place.
My home is around a quarter century old. It was self designed and self built on a plot acquired more than thirty years ago. It has lots of windows all around. With age …

Health Byte- A season for almonds and a season for copra

An earlier post in this blog has a delicious recipe called Mother’s Bounty Chutney made with copra (dried coconut) and almonds. It was pointed out that it has three health benefits, first it makes up for weakness that vegetarians or vegans may suffer from not eating meat while protecting them and the planet from harm caused by it (lovegans on the other hand do not suffer any deficiency because they consume eggs and milk products too); for students, it sharpens memory and for older people it discourages forgetfulness and Alzheimer.
Both coconut and almonds provide such benefit but there is a season in which coconut is more beneficial and another when almonds are better. To determine which is which, keep a bottle of coconut oil at home. When the coconut oil is solid it isa season for almonds and when the coconut oil melts it is a season for coconut, for as King Solomon the wise put it, there is a season to everything under the sun, A season to sow and a season to reap, a season to laugh…

A day around the Garden

To begin with here is a quick gardening tip  - attempt to include the five plant types and five basic garden components, howsoever small or large the garden. Large gardens may include additional stuff like garden ornaments, drift wood streams and groves of trees, but whatever the components, let them be nature like rather than geometric style e.g. an  irregular flower bed rather than a rectangular patch, a mixed flower bed rather than one filled with just a single variety etc for maximum effect.. The five plant types are ground hugging plants and flowers that may be perennial or seasonal but less than six inches tall; other plants some flowering and seasonal that are taller; bushes; climbing creepers against walls and finally trees Patches of the sixth- moss are also great if one can manage to grow some in a blank patch.. Even in nature, forests that include plants from all the five plant families mentioned here besides moss are the most beautiful of forests whereas some forests that …

Life is Beautiful if You so Choose

"A human has to choose either happiness or success as the first priority of life, it is either one or the other, the choice is yours"   authorMy last post about the apocalypse would have been ignored by some whereas it would have got some concerned. However my own attitude to the issue is that there is nothing to worry. Life is limited for all and far more important than the number of its days are how they are spent and with a hope of continued better days ahead even in new lives if one accepts the fact of an after life in new bodies and situations. To a large extent life can be beautiful if we so choose.

When one pursues success, happiness recedes; when one pursues happiness, any necessary success follows
The first step to making one's life beautiful is to give up the pursuit of wealth and success as a major priority of life that many have done in this apocalyptic age. I myself prefer to try for happiness instead. When one aims for happiness which includes adding happin…

Thirty Unusual Years of Human Civilization and the Apocalypse

In many ways, the last thirty years  have been some of the most unusual ones in human history. Three major changes have taken place in this period, one positive and two negative.

On the positive side, human civilization has seen an unprecedented rise of communications from mobile devices to the internet. Neither good nor evil can be hidden any longer as it could be in the past and communication between humans and most countries now proceeds at the rate of thought. This does not mean that evil is being eradicated yet. It is merely being exposed. Rather it seems, evil is also making use of these tools while it becomes more and more shameless.

The other two changes in human civilization are on the negative side. The first of these is an unprecedented rise in human populations to what some fear is fast heading towards unsustainable levels. The other is  rise of greed and practices emerging from it leading to an unprecedented rise in economic inequalities (see) so that the wealth of the wo…

Therapeutic Enhanced Atmosphere Bars - Atmospheric TEA Bar/Lounge

Oxygen in the atmosphere comes mainly from photosynthesis in excess of decay of the products of photosynthesis. The precise proportions of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere depend on several environmental and cosmic factors. It has varied with time on earth and must be different on different planets  in the universe bearing liquid surface water and an atmosphere. What precise combination is best for oxygen and carbon breathing life in general and human life in particular is a matter for debate and study. We presently manage with around 21 percent oxygen, the rest being mainly nitrogen. Carbon dioxide in the present day atmosphere even after much use of fossil fuels is around .04% only.

With modern technology it is a fairly simple matter to produce controlled atmospheric mixes different from the normal atmosphere in small enclosed spaces such as bars, meditation rooms and restaurants. The setting up of such spaces for use over limited periods may be of great benefit in case it…

Falling through the cracks or soaring up to the sky

A line in the morning newspaper (in the editorial section, Times of India) today caught my attention - Hemmingway said the world breaks everyone but afterward some are strong at the broken pieces. It is true that the world has both joys and sorrows but as to how much it breaks anyone varies from individual to individual. The nature of life is such that one begins with struggling through education and then spends the largest part of life at earning a livelihood. There are struggles in raising a family and when one becomes too old to work and the family has grown and departed, one struggles to maintain oneself in the interim before the final sleep. Through it all are also periods of peace and moments of joy, pleasure and merrymaking not just when time and opportunity permits but also when the mind can be freed from its numerous concerns. Such concerns often increase as one's riches increase. The rich and the ambitious try for success in life whereas the wise trying for happiness ins…

Colors of Heaven - Orchids

While the Lord decided to color the sky in shades of blue, plants in shades of green and earth in shades of grays and browns, other brilliant colors appear in sunset and sunrise and in different flowers on earth from time to time. Some humans do not appreciate the beauty of flowers because a certain degree of evolution is required before beauty can be appreciated and its value understood just as the value of fine music too requires a certain degree of evolution for appreciation.

According to the a theory of creation of life - Panspermia or its adaptation Pansmeria,  (See), the genes of various life forms arrive on different planets from other planets in the universe from time to time through various mechanisms such as in the icy interiors of comets. Accordingly, the genes of plants and animals have probably reached earth in this manner. While some of these may have come from planets that are earth like, others would have arrived from planets with superior climatic and ecological cond…