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A Flag for Nando House

At the age of 41, fate and circumstance had willed that I be a very wealthy person, much wealthier than most any I knew in my circles. Me and my wife together enjoyed a huge bungalow surrounded by orchards in a green Northern Himalayan town, an apartment that few of the wealthiest can afford in New Delhi, all manner of household goods, servants, gold, silver or what have you. The wealth had come to us through three sources, first were our own wealthy families that had pampered us a lot and showered us with gifts, secondly because we both worked and made the wise choice of going in for a purchase of the apartment in Delhi when it was affordable, I had done some well paid professional assignments, in fact five years of it abroad. I was a competent and sought after professional not just in India but in other countries too.
But the Lord above leads one he loves through mysterious adventures in their journey through life.
All of a sudden in May of 1991 I became a near destitute. How did …