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Climate Change and Jolly Old Grandma

Did you hear that Jolly old grandma was developing bags under her eyes and she worried and made a fuss that her bags were getting larger and it would be her end. At the same time cancers were developing on her left, right and center and expanding slowly but surely, yet grandma worried no end about the bags under her eyes and had little attention left for the cancers, that one day would engulf her and put an end to her worries in the not too distant future.
Is our lovely dear old earth, or the humans that walk upon it, behaving like that grandma? It is making a huge hue and cry about carbon emissions that not all agree are a serious problem, some even mentioning that it is good for plants and the planet as a whole and that stronger greenhouse gases such as water vapor are a necessity for the planet and have been around for as long as life has in proportions that are hugely larger so that perhaps not even the feedback loops of NASA can deal with them, while cancers like inequality affec…

Has the World become wicked?

While some of the leading prophets that walked the earth predicted that a day shall come soon when the world comes to an end, when wickedness shall be on the rise and the wicked shall be vanquished while removing the good to safe havens. Nevertheless, the world continues to throb with life. This does not mean that the prophets were wrong. Time scales can vary and what is soon for a prophet tuned into timeless Universal Consciousness may be quite different for you and me. In an earlier post in this blog, this blogger had remarked that the way population is increasing on the planet, it might become unsustainable by 2030 or perhaps 2050 and that might be the time that the Lord decides to step in to fix matters.
This time would also coincide, as per the prophets, when much goodness shall disappear from the face of the earth; when selfishness, meanness, wickedness etc. shall rise. Is that happening in our world? On the whole now are humans becoming kinder and nicer folk instead?
I have spe…

Mindful Breathing by Patanjali, Father of Yoga

While breathing is an automatic function of life, its conscious management has been used often from the simplest of emotional management techniques such as – ‘hold your breath’, ‘take a deep breath’ to advanced practices for yoga and the Buddhist techniques of mindful breathing. The revered Himalayan sage, Patanjali was an ancient sage who lived around 400 BC in Northern India. He is regarded as the father of Yoga. His treatise on yoga is the original and foremost text on the subject and he too has talked on the subject.
Patanjali has summarized yoga in extremely brief phrases called sutras. Their elaboration is left for later commentaries. As regards his work on Yoga, Patanjali has kept it free of any reference to religion, ritual, tradition etc. perhaps so that all may benefit from it. However he includes devotion to God as an essential element. While defining God he has not used existing nomenclature but defined Him in general terms as the supreme consciousness of Infinite knowled…

Spice of Life, a gourmet’s delight

A variety of spices and herbs are used by humans to make an otherwise plain meal delightful. The use of right spice makes for a gourmet’s delight. Of all the regions of the world, South Asian cuisine makes most use of spices. There are several reasons for this, foremost being that climatic zones of South Asia are most suitable for growth of a variety of spices. This region has had a long civilization history stretching back more than five thousand years, much of it prosperous although recent centuries have seen much poverty too. With Buddha, some two and half thousand years ago, came the concept of vegetarianism and with that also arose the necessity of making many, otherwise bland, vegetarian dishes delicious with use of spices. Moreover, most of the spices used have health benefits too. Perhaps that is the reason the Lord gave them such a nice taste. Europeans came to India in search of spices and Columbus discovered America because his ship reached another destination instead.
The …

Design of a Retreat

A few like minded friends have been pondering over developing an International Yoga and Meditation retreat in the countryside of the Himalayan foothills where the air and water is pure and a view of surrounding forests and hills inspiring. We are all retired persons and do not know if the concept would materialize. Nevertheless, I am sharing the essence of the concept in this blog so that others elsewhere may make use of the idea if interested. The idea is to provide a place in Sylvan surroundings, to group tours from different countries where they can spend three weeks, learning yoga and meditation from a competent teacher (who too would be invited for the purpose) one hour a day, on week days while joining a tour of nearby Himalayan destinations in weekends, or just relaxing at the retreat.
The Facilities:
The proposed retreat is planned on a five acre country lot that would be developed as a bio-diverse orchard and organic vegetable garden interspersed with two residential building…

Life of Senior Citizens in the Modern Age – Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

While the modern age has produced certain advantages for senior citizens, it has also thrown up new problems and challenges.
Let us mention some advantages first. Modern transportation makes getting around much easier especially for senior citizens. The internet and mobile communication devices make communications, shopping and access of information easy for a citizen who is getting on in years and less able to get around. Modern healthcare has made life easier in many ways. An aging person can easily acquire reading glasses, dentures and even some cosmetic things like hair dyes that can make him or her look and feel younger. Simple things like antibiotics can conquer an infection and increase longevity. Other simple surgical procedures are available to make the life of a senior citizen easier. However, there is a dark side to it as well, there are modern medical procedures that will make money and comfort for the doctor but leave the senior worse off than ever before and senior cit…

Colors of America 2016, Bush vs. Clinton and Bernie too

NOTE: This is an old post from 2014 when Bernie Sanders was not in the race but after he came in, an update has been added on him in a new section at the end of this note.
The media is speculating that the Presidential race in USA in 2016 might be between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton. Since America is presently the most influential country in world affairs, the entire world is looking at this with interest. Best wishes to both although this blogger feels that a Republican may not be able to help the majority of American people at a time when inequalities have been rising for over three decades.

In an earlier post, while referring to a book ( found easily by search on Amazon) on fortunate dress colors – The CAANS System, based on some personal metaphysical (not substantiated by science but by belief and intuition) data of the person this blog had published the fortunate dress colors of Hillary Clinton. The book has terrible reviews on Amazon as can happen with things mystical but in real…

True Success – The Good and the Bad

At the root, humans are basically a species of good beings All begin their lives by loving their mothers or care giver with utmost tenderness. They nevertheless do much wrong through the course of their life times (this author is included, hence the knowledge). This is because of lack of wisdom or a limited wisdom and habits that develop out of that and manifest according to circumstances. By far the biggest lack of wisdom is to think that all actions, good or bad shall not be brought to account at some stage sooner or later. A good person on the other hand, knowing that there is a Universal Eye that notes all, does good not for the reward but because it feels good and right to do that.
The practice of love and compassion, truth and simplicity helps one to overcome shortcomings and drives one towards wisdom and good habits. The reverse helps to enhance one's foolishness and drives one closer to the intensely dark, virtually bottomless pit of misery. A life is worthy and successfu…

For some in America, why doing the right thing is no longer the right thing

Merry Christmas, May we begin with a classical tale this Christmas Season,
The Story of the Robber and the King
A dreaded robber had been captured in town. He was brought to the town square for execution in the presence of the King and townsfolk next morning. This was the custom in those parts. Before execution the King asked the prisoner,
“It has been ordained that you be executed for your crimes but we shall grant you your last wish if you have any so that our soul may rest in peace one day when it departs.”
The prisoner scanned the crowds and saw his very old mother and father cowering with shame in a corner. He requested that he be allowed to kiss them goodbye. The wish was granted and the father came forward first. The robber kissed him with tears in his eyes. Next the mother came forward but this time the robber instead of kissing her bit off her ear. She screamed with pain and ran away.
The King then asked the robber to explain why he had done that. This is what the robber said,

The Story of Sudama and the King

In eastern culture there is the symbolism of two types of humans that inhabit the earth. There are the people who are symbolized with a palm facing upwards. These are the people who are always asking for something from the world. They may be rich or poor. If they are beggars, they beg on the streets with palms up. If they are not beggars they keep asking anyway from all and sundry they can ask from, like relatives, friends, employers etc. 
Then there are the people, albeit smaller in number, symbolized with with palms turned downwards. These are people who will rarely ask for money or anything else. They satisfy themselves with what comes from fair labor, fate or circumstance and without asking. However, if they get an opportunity they may give to others. They too may be rich or poor. In case they happen to be very poor they become hermits and will give their blessings to all and sundry, palms facing downwards, including those who give them alms unasked. Rich or poor, such persons are…