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Wheat and Food - Mother Earth’s Gift for Humans

Grass is the most plentiful source of food on our Planet for humans and animals. Of various grasses, some are excellent food sources for humans. Both wheat and rice are varieties of grass. The seeds can be dried and stored for long. Wheat is one of the cheapest sources of food for humans because of its abundance. A few humans are allergic to gluten in wheat and in that case rice or corn is an alternative.

Humans have a tendency to develop food fads for a few decades at a time such as cholesterol free, caffeine free, gluten free etc. Natural food eaters avoid all such fad foods that are unnatural and have undergone much processing. Those components are essential to the food they are a part of but since individual chemistry of each person is unique and reacts differently to same food, some may be allergic or otherwise sensitive to individual food components found in different foods. In that case, it is best to just avoid that entire food rather than go for an unnatural version of it whi…

Cold Drinks for Long Life and Good Health

In the northern Hemisphere, summer has started in some places and in others it is knocking on the door. During such times the human body thirsts for cold drinks and there are very many popular ones in the market. The trouble is that the popular ones are not good for health and moves are afoot to ban them in parts of the world.
The source of ill health from cold drinks is the use of chemicals in their preparation including sugar which too is a chemical. However with a little innovation cold drinks can be a source of good health, a health tonic rather than harmful. All that is required is to use extracts of natural healthy herbs in place of chemicals. Then they can be carbonated and marketed similarly. Here are some suggestions for an enterprising manufacturer out there as to what can be used
Sweetener: Stevia leaves Acidity: Natural sources of citric and ascorbic acid such as dried lemons and/or the myroblan amala Stimulant: green or black tea
For more suggestions an interested manufact…

Loving Relationships are Precious, do not neglect them

We encounter many persons in our journey through life. Of the many, we shall discover that it is only a few that are truly sincere and loving ones. The reference here is not to romantic or sexual relationships, because that has distinct differences and requires its own special treatment, but other kind of relationships.
You would realize on little reflection and age that of the many you encounter in life, only a few from among them - brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, children and grandchildren, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends - were of the sincere loving kind, people who were delighted at your happiness and saddened when you were sad, those who were good human beings, so that poor human qualities did not cause difficulties in the interaction.These few are less than the fingers on your hand so that it is easy to keep track of them if you wished to. These few are your true soul mates in the journey through life and they are precious. Often we do not realize how preci…

Hidden Benefits of Physical Exercise

Modern life style, especially in cities has become such that one can get by with little physical exercise. It was never so in the past. About half a century ago, some walking, in the very least, was part of daily human routine. That is how the human body has evolved over thousands of years. A life without physical exercise is unnatural to the human body. It may have sad consequences on human well being and the fact that some do not realize it is because they have got used to their new sadder compromised state of being and do not notice.
Just a simple exercise of half an hour a day for five or six days a week and some more that involves bending or stretching can improve matters a lot. About an hour a day for five or six days is better with some days involving more - two or three hours - gardening or a hike in the countryside is great. Consider activities like fixing, cleaning, gardening, planting trees. One ends up doing productive labor too. It is also good if a bit of exercise is vig…