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God is Love

There may be reason enough to reject a religion but that is not a reason to reject God; Because God is Love. It is unfortunate that some persons regard some religion or the concerned preacher in consideration as an authority on God and rejected God because of that. Such persons make another error when they refer to God, as this god or that god because there is Just one God.
In a recent response to Stephen Hawking elsewhere who claimed that God may exist but theology was not necessary to explain creation, that could take place spontaneously by laws of gravity and quantum theory. I agree fully with Stephen Hawking. Theology of the many types that goes around is not necessary to explain creation, but Gravity is, and as mentioned elsewhere in this blog more than once, Gravity is one of the manifestations of God that makes Him create the universe spontaneously.
There are many other manifestations of God. Another is love. Without the motherly love, one of the finest manifestations of God, …

The Independent Theist

At the present time our world has various types of people based on their religious beliefs or disbelief. First there are the atheists who do not believe that there is any significant higher power in the world than that possessed by humans. There is another category of atheists that admit to the possibility that there might me more advanced life forms on other planets in the universe considering the immense vastness of the universe and some might be more powerful or intelligent, further ahead in evolution, but there is no God, although perhaps the very advanced life forms may be called god-like or gods.
Some affirm their faith in only what has been ascertained by science so far. However many of these latter persons are themselves not scientists and do not have a complete understanding of science or the extent of its present reach. As regards the scientists themselves, many are/were firm believers in God including Einstein.
Theists or those who are not atheists are of several types. Fir…