Feel The Bern: Bernie Sanders

Feel The Bern

"Billionaires can't have it all" Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders, the Mythical 666 and the Sparrow

The world watches the Election process in USA with much interest. After all, as the largest economic and military power on the planet in recent times, what happens in USA effects the lives of all, as the world discovered during the financial crisis of 2008; the fact that a banker in US decides it is easier to loot a bank with a bonus rather than a gun while a politician that could control him pats him on the back in return for financial favors; or as the crisis distressed millions of Libya, Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are finding out to their dismay as they flee from their homes and cities that lie on the central axis of the world; even toddlers, infants, the aged and the maimed. Destruction often begins in the core before it spreads to the periphery.

Of all the candidates in the race, this blogger became an ardent fan of Bernie Sanders much before most others did (see here). His message of love, truth and freedom from greed was just the right one. His refusal of contributions from big money powers inspired hope. In his words were directions to eternal paths that lead to peace and happiness for humans. But finally after having supported him for months, most sadly, this author is concerned. The reason is a very simple one,
It is impossible to bake a cake out of shit
If forced to give up hope in Bernie it would not imply a support for another. Those who stand by love and truth can never support another who has been into accumulation of wealth especially if it is through less than honorable means but they can walk over the hill into the forest leaving the Supreme consciousness that pervades over all to deal with matters.

Bernie Sanders is trying to take on a system that seems to have become much too rigged, full of huge greed and too corrupt to be fixed perhaps. Just look at how shameless main stream media controlled by the billionaires has become about it all. He also suffers from a genuine weakness that is huge. He is largely an outsider to the Democratic Party having been an independent most of his political life and even if there was no rigging or dishonest practice used, this by itself would be somewhat of a handicap. He cannot quite strongly complain of preexisting rules within that party such as the one on Super-delegates nor count very much on their support. I have sadly come to think that some of his opponents may be right when they say:-
Bernie is a good man but he is being much too idealistic. The world has become much too full of foul greed, lies and violence, beyond the capability of human hands to fix it. Humans unleashed greed and violence to serve their self interests but now it has taken a life of its own and rules over them.
The technology to bake a nice cake that all can enjoy at a party out of shit  just does not exist, at least not without divine help,  if one may use a crude metaphor just to make things simple. The billionaires in control and their minions should perhaps be allowed to make more millions and extract whatever joy they can to escape their utterly miserable and shameful lives, even if they have to suck 99.9% of the world into poverty or destruction for it (from sale of weapons), who knows, if they are in a good mood, they may even throw some scraps for the 99% as they throw for their dogs or let some trickle down from incontinence, before the world perchance heads for an apocalypse, as it might if the Universal Consciousness that rules over all decides on that as the only option left to fix the car that is far too broken down to take to the mechanic anymore. It must be scrapped before a new one can can be made again from scratch,  even as the saints warned of the coming last days or is described more fully in an earlier post here:


This blogger is not a prophet although he might have made a prophecy or two when charged with higher wisdom. He cannot say exactly how things will pan out. Many things can happen that will take Bernie Sanders to the White House or the world may have a change of heart with less than an apocalyptic event and reverse its present march of ever growing greed to the bottomless pit. In the end it is He who shall decide how His world and individual lives within it may be permitted to become. In the meantime perhaps the family of the one who controls the world driven by wealth has now expanded to near 666 in number and soon that target shall be reached. he is a man after all and it takes some years for this to happen.

Note: The idea of the cake in this note came from a work of fiction that described a maid who, because she was mad at her extremely greedy and constantly lying mistress,  scooped up a bit from the toilet and baked it in the middle of a nice iced cake with whipped cream and cherries on top for the afternoon tea. Seems the Mistress just loved it, complimenting the maid for her unusual new blend of exotic flavors, 

"Just love those soft centers, what is it dear?" asked Madam
"It is fresh produce for our own home Ma'am," replied the maid, while muttering under her breath, "Fresh from my a--." 

LOL,  Dear readers perhaps we too are being served that by those who rule over us in part because of our own choosing. Why else would millions of children have to go to bed on a hungry stomach despite immense wealth that Mother Earth has produced for all life; why else should tens of millions of humans even infants be driven out of their homes even unaccompanied across dangerous journeys of thousands of miles in search of a safe haven and yet be imprisoned when they arrive there rather then be picked up to hug, to wipe their tears and to quieten their screams of terror,  as humans are supposed to do with sweet little children fleeing distress, in the best of countries on our planet - Australia, America and Europe; and why else would the planet face climatic crisis despite technology and science that is powerful enough to rip the world apart many times over.

Perhaps the Lord shall send a message of hope yet, a message that says all is not lost yet, in the shape of an angel of peace - a little bird, the sparrow 

Sparrow by  Laitche   
from: http://someitemshave.blogspot.in/2010/08/from-birds-to-telepathy.html


Ashok said…
This note underwent some changes as it was edited a few times over the last 24 hours. Notes with ideas that are difficult to express often require that.

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