Friday, July 31, 2015

Watch your Fingers for much evil may flow through them

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Nothing made by man comes anywhere near the beauty created by God. Men may only build a path through it, or a build a monument to honor it. If they build a monument to desecrate the beauty and goodness that emanates from God then a time shall surely come when they shall be crushed even as insects are crushed by the wind.

By nature humans are a mixture of good and evil. In their journey through life humans do both kinds of things. Differences arise because some do more of one than the other at different times.

Looking back at my own life, at this age of 65, it was so with me too. When I did good, its source was discerned to be an inner self, the true and essential part of life, a part of Universe and therefore there was hardly anything for me in person to be proud of except for the fact that at those moments of good one may draw satisfaction from the fact that one had not covered it with smoke and dust that arises from things like pride, lust, anger and greed, so that the light of goodness could shine forth.

Looking back at the bad and evil acts done by me through life, I discern the source of it as ignorance, foolishness, immaturity and desires that wished in excess of what fate and universe had deemed fit and proper as it does uniquely for each individual soul. It is only the stupid who look at another and say they have this or that good thing, so why can’t they without saying that another is dissolving in leprosy or sickness and thanking the Lord that it is not so with them. And there are times a desire becomes so strong that it is an obsession and in this state a human becomes oblivious of harm to oneself and those around him. Such obsessions may harm much unless they are for a social cause and not for self interest but that is rare such as with saintly persons like Gandhi.

As one goes through ups and down of life one encounters both good and bad times and how one reacts to these situations determines one's behavior. When times are good one tends to develop pride and become insensitive to the pain and suffering of others even those who are close and I too have suffered from this. When times are bad one may resort to solace in things like alcohol that I too have done for a phase in my life and that can produce more insensitivity and irresponsible behavior. While small amounts of light alcohol can help a human overcome deep sorrow of trauma and tragedy in life, stronger drinks and regular consumption can produce its own tragic consequences and I have experienced that if life too when at first a moderate consumption of alcohol began after a tragedy in the family in early nineties and then a phase of heavy drinking after more tragedies in 1999 and 2000 and it took as many as seven years before I could fully appreciate the damage that was being done and kick the habit. Over recent years good may have prevailed over evil in my life or at least that is the hope. Yet, as long as one is in a human body it is impossible to become purely good or purely bad.

Perhaps the lowest kind of evil that humans are capable of is physical violence because that is a left over of the animal past of humans. It is an animal and beastly thing not befitting a life form with the brain and sensitivity of a human. The only place it has some justification is when it is used in defense of one’s or a loved one’s life and sanity. That is why perhaps the Lord has left that tendency in humans but alas there are some that go beyond that purpose. It is like lust that has been granted for propagation of life yet humans as a rule f--- around far more than that.

While a human may not indulge in physical violence, there are other kinds that can in situations be even more damaging such as verbal violence. Words can hurt deeper than physical wounds and if it is better than physical violence, it is only so because while physical violence in a human displays a foul animal soul hiding in a human body, one who is verbally violent is foul as a human.

In the modern age, the use of digital communications has replaced much use of speech for many and here it is the clicking by fingers that may perpetuate violence that speech used to earlier. This author is guilty of it himself from time to time and while one may delete some digital content later, not all can be deleted and even the one that is deleted causes some damage if not a near perpetual one.

Therefore dear reader,

Watch your fingers, for much evil may flow from them.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Hot Sandwich Dinner Tonight

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It is a long time since this blog focused on food. To make up here is a dinner idea that is simple to rig up in a hurry, is delicious and full of goodness. It consists of hot sandwiches that are fried, grilled or toasted.

For a fried sandwich fry slices of bread in butter, coconut oil or peanut oil until crisp and brown on both sides and add a filling, cut into triangles and serve two or four such triangles on a plate with a side dish of any one of cold Russian salad, Cole Slaw, steamed vegetables or even a tossed green salad. If you serve the dinner on plates you may wish to decorate it with some of iceberg lettuce leaves, sliced cucumbers, tomato slices or celery leaves etc. and a bit of tomato ketchup or mustard sauce on the side. For those who are watching their weight, toast instead of frying the bread then butter the insides lightly. The sandwich can be grilled too in a sandwich griller if you like.

If the filling is ham, sliced cold meats and cheese then they may be grilled along with the bread slices but for a fried sandwich heat the cold meat in a pan separately and fry the bread on both sides before preparing sandwiches. Some other more substantial fillings are

Tuna: Stir fry flaked cooked tuna with sliced onions and some spices to taste. Ground cumin, coriander, turmeric and paprika are great seasoning for stir frying

Sardines: Sardines from a can stir fried similarly with onions but stir and turn lightly so as not to make a mush of it. Never purchase sardine can with tomatoes in ( may harm) it but only those with oil.

Chicken: Shred steamed or left over roast chicken in small pieces and stir fry similarly as above

Paneer: Paneer is unprocessed cheese that does not melt. You may wish to search its recipes on the net. It can be prepared easily at home. Use this to replace fish or meat as mentioned above if one wishes a vegetarian meal

Chick Peas: Stir steamed or precooked chick peas similarly as above but avoid these for the entertaining described next because they may make one fart later and ruin the evening :) LOL

Eggs: A fried egg or an omelet may be used as a filling too but not when entertaining. That may look mean. However on such occasions one may slice hard boiled eggs with a ring cutter and use that to decorate a salad.

Because this dinner has carbohydrates, vegetables and protein it is a balanced and healthy one that can be prepared quickly. It is ideal for single persons who may not wish to fuss for long in the kitchen.


The same dinner idea can be used for entertaining guests too. Begin with some wine and light snacks before dinner, then serve a small bowl of soup followed by dinner. In this case do not prepare individual dinner plates but serve the fried sandwiches and side dishes in serving dishes on a table laid with a table cloth and a vase of flowers and candles in the middle in case romance is on the cards. If it is the latter then do use a stir fry with onions and sprinkle ground cloves as a seasoning for their mild aphrodisiac effect and do not use garlic in anything but sprinkle some rose water on the desert and in the after dinner tea. To make the dinner even more special you may have the sandwiches as open sandwiches set on a large flat serving dish. End with a desert, say ice cream and finally black tea and nuts on the sofa.

Pizza on Toast 

A Pizza on toast can be prepared by putting the toppings as exactly for Pizza on top of bread slices. Press the soft inside of a toast a little before that and bake on a tray, brushed generously with cooking oil, until golden brown. Practice will be required to select the best bread for it available in your area and getting it right without burning the toast bottom. Cut it in triangles before serving four such triangles on a dinner plate with perhaps steamed vegetables or a tossed green salad on the side.

Pizza on Toast

Life is Simple , Just three things to do

My god-grandson, age one and a quarter and godson on a walk on a  Himalayan road
There are over three hundred posts in this blog, many explaining how to make one’s life better but while they touch and elaborate on specific points, life is simple if one wishes it to be. There are just three simple things one can do daily, using just three simple tools, besides trusting, loving and thanking God, who gave us this life every moment of our lives. We need not do more. Leave the rest to our Father Universe and Mother Earth while thanking them for whatever they have done for us so far and continue to do with every breath.

Three things to do daily:

  1. To improve our selves by removing what we perceive as leading to pain and adding what appears to lead to long term joy. Just do a bit at a time so it is easy. The world ‘long term’ is most essential because a quick shot of joy can be found in a glass of whiskey but not term long term good.
  2. To do a bit to improve the world and lives of people, animals and plants around us beginning with things nearest or most accessible to you daily.
  3. To enjoy life, the sunshine, green, beauty and laughter and bountiful delicious food Mother Earth provides and Father Universe provide us every day

The Three tools

Use the three virtues of love, truth and simplicity in all that we set out to do and the blessings of Father Universe are sure to be with you through life. Your life shall unfold as it should, not like that of someone else because each person is unique in this universe and each has his own unique journey and what seem like difficulties shall be temporary and have opportunities for greater joy in their wake. Do not waste time comparing your journey with those of others, just get on with yours with a song of joy in your heart and the light of goodness in your eyes.


While this author has coolly broken down the task of life in three simple steps, there is the questioning mind that asks, why, especially as regards item 2 in the three things to do. Few argue with items 1 and 3. The reason for item 2 is that the Universe is not dead but intelligent, conscious and alive and it is because of that we too have consciousness and life. It is only the ignorant who thinks he created his own consciousness out of nothing, or his mama and papa did it for him. What mama and papa did was bring some bits of essential lifeless matter and blueprints they were trustees of, something that had been handed down over the millennia similarly. It was the Universe that breathed life and consciousness into it.

When we spend a part of our effort to improve the world accessible to us, we spend this effort in improving a part of the universe accessible to us. The universe then responds by helping us in whatever it is that we have to do. One may then achieve far more through this cooperation than by footing it out alone.

As regards the three tools of love, truth and simplicity, these are in fact natural qualities of the soul or our inner selves that is a part of the universal self and thus inherently infinitely powerful. We tend to lose this power from ignorance and desire and the smoke that rises out of it to hide and cover these qualities. This smoke manifests as greed, lust, anger, ego and fear in beings.

Best wishes of this blogger, may the Lord bless your life.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Neem tree: As the Magical Sleep Aid


There is an older article in this blog on the Neem tree and its medicinal benefits but it does not mention its effects on sleep. For years now what was happening to my sleep is that after sleeping well for a few hours, sometime in the middle of the night I used to get up and feel completely awake. If  I stayed awake after that, I would feel tired the next day. Therefore I would just take a cup of tea, sit out in the patio for about half an hour, or work on a computer when after an hour or so a second round of deep sleep came. However, this also delayed the morning hour to get up.

Four days ago, due to some unrelated reasons, I took a bunch of Neem leaves from a tree nearby and chewed them in the evening at around 5 pm. That night, I woke up again in the middle of the night for a visit to toilet and from old habit decided to check emails for an hour or so. But the moment I turned on the computer, I was sleepy again and began to doze off on the keyboard so I shut off the computer and went back to sleep.

I lead a fairly regulated and disciplined life and next day wondered what was different in my diet or routine to have caused this change. Running my mind through activities of the previous day, the realization came that chewing Neem leaves was perhaps the only difference. Therefore, for the next three days, I have repeated the exercise and have slept well, getting up once only for a few minutes every night to visit the toilet. As a result, I get up sooner in the morning too and feel fresher during the day.

Unsure still as to why this happened, I searched google for effects of the medicinal Neem tree on sleep, known for its many other benefits. I found a book by John Cornick – Neem: The Ultimate Herb in google books and this is what he said on page 50,

“Neem has been proven to reduce stress and relax muscles producing an effect conducive to sleep”

Dr. Cornick recommends a tea of Neem leaves before sleep at night, but I am quite satisfied by my own method of chewing the bitter Neem leaves in the evening for now (about 20 to 30 leaves that are neither too old nor too new) just as one might chew on bubble gum. As such the leaves are also supposed to have other health benefits, therefore I intend continuing with this habit and will report back in this post about any new experience with it as an update later. Do note that the leaves do not make one sleepy immediately, since they were chewed at 5 pm and I went to sleep at my usual hour of 10 pm or so. This tree grows widely in warmer parts of the planet and if friends in cooler parts wish to try it, they would have to get dried leaves and consume a tea of that perhaps or discover another herb that grows in the area producing the same effect.

May we end with a classical folk tale about Neem,

Oil on canvas by Vincent Van Gogh ( cropped image)

A man wished to go and work in the city but his wife did not want that. She sought the advice of a village hermit. The hermit said do not stop him because he would not agree, rather extract a promise from him, to sleep under tamarind trees on the way to the city, the journey was a ten day walk, and on return to sleep under Neem trees. The hermit knew the secret of trees and of the effects of their vapors on human health. The man was back in a couple of weeks. He described that as he walked to the city he became sicker and sicker and therefore decided to return, but on his way back he got better and better by the day so he has now returned all well and healthy and he would now not go to the city again because it does not agree with his health.

Praise Mother Earth for populating our planet with such wonderful herbs and trees.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

For Billionaires and Millionaires – One way to win respect and goodness

Oil on Canvas by Pieter Bruegel

Free Kitchens

While the majority of humans on Earth have to struggle for necessities of life a few are well off and do not have to. The planet also has many billionaires and multi millionaires. Some of them have come into their wealth because of their good karma and good fortune (not hard work because that never produced any great wealth for ants or humans, that is just a lie to fool people, those who work the hardest in our world such as laboring persons are also some of the poorest) but many have ended up with such a huge wealth because of exploitative economic systems, unethical or illegal means. Therefore the society at large does not view them kindly. Some of them indulge in philanthropic activities to give back something to society but this activity may not always be fruitful. For example it may be a donation to an NGO that spends most of the money on administrative expenses or it may be to a cause that is not directly visible to most or of benefit to society at large. This brief note presents another simple idea that can go a long way in helping the neediest persons of society in a most direct way that is setting up of free food kitchens in society where anyone may come and eat for free.

A Billionaire may not have the expertise himself to set up a free kitchen even though he may be willing. In this case all he has to do is establish a not for profit company to do the job funded by his contribution. He may set aside a fund for running this kitchen until the fund gets exhausted and then hand over the facility to a charitable organization or close it. It is also possible to keep these kitchens running near forever by keeping a donation box near the entrance for those who are not hard up to contribute a bit to help other needy persons who visit the kitchen.  With a company, in case one day the food went bad and some persons fell sick, as can happen with food at times, people would not come to bash up the billionaire directly :-)

The food served in such kitchens must necessarily be the simplest possible for reasonable human health but it goes without saying that children under six coming with their parent must get special attention in these kitchens with perhaps an extra glass of milk of good quality or a small packet of roasted nuts. The meals for adults may be as simple as bread and a bean plus vegetable soup (that contains some fat or vegetable oil) along with just one of the three, a fruit, serving of yoghurt or salad on different days to complete nutritional requirements. With an appropriate selection of vegetables, beans of various kinds from garbanzo to lentils, some spices and the right recipe that may easily be researched or searched on the net, such soups can be both nutritious and delicious while not being expensive. There is also a boiled egg soup with no beans where a hard boiled and shelled egg kept separately is dunked into the hot vegetable soup just before serving to add protein value to it. Some eggs break in the process of boiling, these are removed carefully, diced and mixed in the soup in advance. The kitchen would need to have its own bread making unit. If the kitchen begins providing gourmet meals then even those who do not need may begin shutting down their own kitchens, therefore these must be strictly avoided. A simple layout for one such kitchen is shown in the schematic. Such kitchens must be set up in areas that can be reached by the poor.

The ideal timing for them to serve appears to be two hours each twice a day e.g. 12 to 2 pm and 6 to 8 pm. The remaining time is needed by staff for preparation and maintenance who may have working hours in two different shifts 9 to 3 pm and 3 pm to 9pm, and a rotating weekly holidays not just Sundays. However this is just loud thinking and the details can be varied with local needs, experience and deliberation.

In the Punjab province of India every city has several free kitchens funded by donations from the Sikh community called Lungars. It is because of this that not a single Sikh beggar may be found in the world. If one community can do it so can the rest of humanity and there really is no need to have even a single city or town in the world that does not have a free kitchen. In the book The Babaji Affair that has the story of a new town being built in the Himalayas one of the first things that was done was to establish a free kitchen in town.

Not only will setting up of a free kitchen by a billionaire or a big millionaire (worth over 50 million) be a service worthy of respect it will also add much good fortune, good wishes and happiness to the life of a person who does so. There is no better way to win hearts and minds than with providing a refreshing and nutritious meal to someone who is hungry. The poor shall not grudge him his wealth so much and instead of cursing him shall say, "He feeds those in need for free with love and care."

The wealth of a billionaire is far more than he can burn in a life time (that means actually burning notes in a fire) and no new toy would give him greater happiness than an act of charity. Were he too leave it all to his heirs he would only be leaving misery for them, for beyond a point, that is what much wealth does.

Schematic of Free Kitchen Please do visit a page dedicating to alleviating hunger at

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bacteria, Source of Life and Pain

An exploding star

Invisible to our eyes, there is a sea of bacteria all around us. Some of it is inside of us, some helping us digest food.

Some believe that bacteria are fundamental units out of which all life, plants and animals in all its diversity are created or in a sense the seeds of life. Different kinds of bacteria contain different bits of genes, the building blocks that may be assembled in different ways like Lego blocks to create in small incremental steps different forms of life. Those who do not believe in an intelligent creator think that this may happen automatically on its own through natural chance and evolution, whereas those who do believe in God think that aside from these building blocks a guiding hand is required to assemble life intelligently. More is required, such as love, all kinds of love, from the romantic that participates in sexual reproduction necessary to maintain genetic integrity of life forms to motherly love required to nurture advanced forms of life.

Along with bacteria are viruses that are not life forms but parts of life that emerge from bacteria and exist briefly for purpose of genetic transmission to a targeted higher life form in order to continue the process of evolution. Just as seeds of plants survive long periods, it is bacteria that can survive in frozen form for millions of years and travel across space inside icy interiors of comets and asteroids to carry life across space and galaxies   How this creation unfolds has been described in a series of nine articles in a companion blog by this author.

While there is bacteria and viruses all around us to assist in the process of creating and sustaining life, there are some that can cause grave harm ranging from mild discomfort to most serious and tragic conditions such as leprosy where limbs literally rot away. It is not always that these bacteria and viruses can harm but they do when our protective immune system permits them to. The harm continues until the immune system gets back into action or when we use a medicine to kill the bacteria. It is because of this that some researchers in the past had concluded that AIDS is not a virus but a result of destruction of immune system from stress. In reality both are required for infection to take place.

Those who do not believe in God think that that it is misfortune or bad luck when they are infected by undesirable bacteria but those who believe in the overall guiding hand of the Lord believe that it happens when the Lord lets that happen.

Why would a creator that is Father and Mother of all life permit pain for its offspring? But then parents do punish children in the interest of their long term good as well as those of their siblings and some such thing may be happening here too although some of it is difficult to understand and accept, especially when punishment is a severe one for an offence that may have taken place a long time ago and is forgotten. Most recent research points out, something that mystics have always known, that the immune system is connected to brain, a first step for further connections to individual consciousness and then the Universal one.

What could the punishment be for? It can only be if we misuse the gift of life, to harm other life that too feels pain and pleasure just as we do, when we cause this harm not just for our survival but for our ego, greed, anger, pleasure etc.

The most powerful and richest of humans is vulnerable to the severest and most painful attack from bacteria and viruses and no amount of guns and soldiers can help protect him from this danger. No doubt, rich persons have access to rich doctors but this in many cases, especially in serious cases may lead to greater harm as compared to a poor person. The doctor of the rich is a human suffering from similar faults of greed, ego and error whereas the doctor for the poor is the most capable one of them all - the Almighty. It is perhaps because of this that when departure from this life to a new one takes place, most often, it is the poor who leave peacefully in loving care and company as compared to the rich, who are made to go reluctantly and painfully by doctors who try to save them till their last machine breath or till their last dollar, in companionship of others who may have an eye on their property more than their pain in very many cases.

Those who do not believe in the Lord are left to their own wisdom as to how to make use of the gift of life when they are free of sickness and how to deal with sickness when it comes. This blogger wishes them well and freedom from pain and suffering.

For those who do believe in the Lord this blogger has a message, when in pain, reflect what error or wrong might have been done for this punishment to have occurred so that it is not repeated and may the Lord heal you quickly. When whole and healthy, use the gift of life for good works, to assist other life in the journey, aside from oneself; to shun excess greed, lust and anger for it is those that blind us to do wrong and harm others.

One only has to suffer an illness to realize that just to be free of illness and to have the basics of life i.e. good food, water, shelter, sunshine, fresh air and sincere loving company is far superior to much wealth and power and human company that is attached similarly to those things for it is peas of a pod that live together.

More by author on bacteria here:

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Of Mystics and Miracles

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes by Lambert Lombard
While the main thrust of mysticism is about human goodness, compassion and divinity that sees the same consciousness run through all life, from times immemorial, prophecies, miracles or magical things have been associated with mystics and impressed ordinary humans.

Some miracles have an explanation in science. For example it is easy to make wine from water with help of dehydrated alcohol now available and to communicate with distant humans that most everyone does now with mobile phones. There are other miracles that have something to do with exceptional abilities that are a part of all life and awaken in the mystic through their spiritual practice or yoga. Some of these not within the reach of most humans in the normal course, can be experienced by just about anyone through some brief practices of yoga as this author touched upon in an earlier post as also some that awaken on their own under rare conditions of autism, psychosis etc that seem to come about on their own or can be made to occur through consumption of some substances. Aside from all this there are also fraudulent persons who move about as mystics and can resort to the tricks of a circus magician to make it look like a miracle.

However, we read accounts of mystics that do things that go beyond the realm of the scientific or yogic. For example, in Christianity we have instances of lepers becoming whole by a touch of the Messiah. While as regards ancient things, one may doubt an account, in recent times there are accounts of a Himalayan Mystic Baba Hairdakhan described in another blog of this author who had the ability to appear in more than one place at one and the same time. This author because of his association with Baba Hairdakhan has deduced how he did it. His physical body remained in one place but he had the ability to tap into the consciousness of others and communicate while giving an illusion of his physical presence to another person.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Las Kumis – Drink of the warrior gods


The Meeting between Leo the Great (painted as a portrait of Leo X) and Attila by Raffael

“Wars for a righteous cause result in peace but wars over self interest result in destruction during and after” ashok m.

An earlier post in this blog described healthy wines called Las wines of gods much healthier than any of the wines currently available in world markets. The present post is about another mildly alcoholic drink that is also a health drink. It is not a wine because it is not made from fruit juices but rather from milk.

The drink described here is adapted from the ancient drink of Kumis. It’s the beverage of the horsemen of the Central Asian steppes, warriors like Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan. They were avid consumers of it. It appears to be still popular in countries like Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan. It created strong warriors, the ones who caused the great migrations out of Central Asia between 400 and 800 AD. The Mongols led by Genghis Khan, created the largest empire in the history of the world.

The original Kumis was made from mare’s milk that has high sugar content. The present one is a modified one from cow’s milk. That is why it has been given a different name here.

It is simple to prepare provided you have access to pasteurized whole cream cow’s milk and fresh sugar cane juice. Just filter and collect the sugar cane juice,  filter it through cloth, boil to sterilize and cool, half fill a wooden vessel. Add a little wine yeast to it and wait until fermentation begins. Then add an equal quantity of pasteurized milk. Let ferment for another 24 hours and your Las Kumis is ready for consumption.

The sugar cane juice will add health giving properties to the mix. In case there is dark discoloration or the milk splits then the kumis has gone bad and should be discarded. With care it will not go bad. This drink may be similar to the ancient Soma drink consumed by Aryan warriors.

A cocktail drink called Jenny Penny described earlier in this blog is an imitation version of this drink that may be prepared quickly but this is far healthier and fully natural drink. If you try this, do share your experience as a comment in this blog. Best wishes.

Update July 14: This blogger also has come up with a formula for a far healthier beer than the ones presently available that can be produced by a slight modification of existing process. However he is not putting it out in the public domain yet but rather holding it back for any beer manufacturer that might be interested and wish to make exclusive use of it if he contacts the author as he has promised earlier elsewhere.

Beer of the Future - Las Beer

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Refugee Ants and Universal Consciousness

Just as mammals have evolved into intelligent human species, amongst insects, the bees and ants have evolved enough to create societies and co-operative living. Who knows that in another billion years some may get evolved enough to create books and more, or if some insects elsewhere in the universe may already have done so.

My spiritual practice has involved communing with all life that includes plants and animals and at least the most evolved of insects - ants and bees that live around the garden of my home. Although others may not believe this, it is my belief that one can communicate with other life forms at the level of consciousness when not through speech. All consciousness throughout the universe is connected. My earliest experiences in such a communication with birds are described in a much older post. A brief mention was made there of communication with ants without elaborating.

In my area we have tiny black ants as well as the larger black ants that make their homes underground in safe corners of the garden. On their daily scouting missions they also come indoors looking for food and can become quite a nuisance since during the day they may hide in dark places and emerge at night when it is quiet. They come in from under the doors. They can die if one steps over them and their bite is vicious enough to draw blood. It used to be a struggle to get rid of them but then as my attitude towards them softened, it seems they became amenable to my telepathic or psychic suggestions to stay outdoors and the problem disappeared over the last few years, except when there is much rain

Relief for displaced black ants
I have sprays for cockroaches that kill them but I do not use them on ants anymore. It is not necessary to perpetuate anymore violence than is needed for self defense and ever since I became friendly with the creatures they do not bite me regarding me as friend. They are far more intelligent than a dog who might do that by mistake and will not bite a friend even when hurt. It reminds me of ancient Himalayan sages who lived in forests and none of the wild animals troubled them although lions, tigers and snakes visited them to play or share a meal. The sage Shankar used to have pet cobra snakes that would play around his neck while he meditated. The ancient text of yoga by Patanjali describes how such states are attained and the old testament of the bible describes how King Solomon communicated with birds and animals of the field.

Presently before the first rains came, one morning I discovered that a whole hoard of ants had moved in to the porch and the front lobby although they did not come in further into the kitchen and rooms. Tragically the homes of ants often get flooded in severe rains and they have to leave home and shelter behind much like human refugees do in similar situations. Gently, with a soft broom, I swept them out of the way where one may step over them and they seem to have got the message and stayed behind a concrete pillar after that. I let them stay there hoping that they may establish another safer settlement somewhere else soon, as they always do, unlike human refugees that are not allowed to because of modern land regulations and refugee agencies that cater to their temporary life rather than campaign vigorously for a permanent solution. Perhaps they might lose their occupations of refugee relief if they do. There is a straightforward solution to returning all the Syrian, Sudanese and Somalian refugees home here:

If all the persons, NGOs, Agencies, Countries dealing with refugees would spend a very tiny portion of the effort that they spend on catering to refugees and the ensuing problems to get this new International Law instituted while overruling the vested interests that wish to perpetuate the problem, all the Syrian and many other refugees of the world would be able to return home. Surely humans deserve to be treated at least as well as displaced insects.

A few days ago, I discovered that many of the ants have begun to die as just as many refugees from Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Syria do when they cannot access food. Then I left some golden sugar (crushed jaggery) for them and they have munched away at it happily and stopped dying. Today thinking that sugar would give them energy but no protein I put in a fistful of semolina near them and they are enjoying their feast even as I write this post. I just snapped a picture for this post but the little devils are so tiny the picture is blurred as shown.

Update July 11: A couple of days later the ants are still there because it is still raining. However they are well behaved now and stick to their corner. They did not like the semolina much but lapped up the golden sugar so I just gave them another serving of it.

Update July 28: The ants left a week after their arrival finding a few sunny days. It has rained a lot since but they have not returned except for a few scout ants that visit daily as usual. The ants may have used the sunny breaks to plug water inlets and have likely secured their homes for the rest of the rainy season. It is really only the first rains of the season that catches them unaware most times it seems.

Sad for the ants but everything is greener at home with the rains

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Freedom from Stress to PTSD in Five Weeks - the 5X5 Method
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder known as PTSD is a condition found in humans around the world who have suffered a severe traumatic experience. As a group, it is most common in victims of war and veterans who might have participated in one. While there are modern medicines available to give a little temporary relief, over the long term, these are likely to cause other more serious complications and problems than good. There is a tragic story of a young beautiful girl in this blog who lost several years of her life because of resorting to such medicines after a brief traumatic episode and it is only with the Grace of the Lord and returning to natural methods she has been able to escape it now. The following five simple steps that depend on nature and cost nothing more than routine food items are likely to help anyone greatly with PTSD, perhaps even getting rid of it in five weeks.
  1. Nature Walk:  A half hour walk in green natural surroundings daily is the first of our five recommended steps. The walk would be best in forest trails, besides lakes or mountain streams but if that is not possible then one can substitute with an urban park at a time when not many other persons are in the park
  2. Sunshine: Spend half an hour relaxing in sunshine. It would be best if as much of skin is exposed as possible depending on weather. This is in addition to the nature walk. One can meditate, reflect, watch the birds or flowers or listen to music in this half hour or munch on peanuts (in their shells, the repetitive movement of fingers is meditative as with rosary beads or knitting). Choose a time when the sun is pleasant and not uncomfortable. Avoid getting in the buff since that may sponsor lustful thoughts.
  3. Relaxing Herbs: Here are three that will help: a) Half a tea spoon of dried holy basil leaves added to a cup of tea before brewing b) A tea spoon of dried Ashwagandha powder added to a glass of warm water before bed time c) Five to ten dry almonds daily. If teeth cause a problem grind them in a blender.  These herbs can be found by searching in the nearest herbal medicine store near you or the internet. This blog has full articles on all three if you wish to learn more about them
  4. Cannabis: You could smoke a few joints daily if legal in your area but better is to have one or two glasses of a drink of cannabis (leaves and buds) brewed in milk. You may find recipes of it on the Internet or in this blog. You may consume a glass or two of white wine with under 8% alcohol content in this period but hard drinks must be avoided strictly or this course of treatment shall fail. The reason why much alcohol interferes with treatment is explained here. A traditional ancient recipe for the cannabis drink is here
  5. Mindful breathing: Try and practice mindful breathing beginning with a few minute and increasing to half hour or more daily over time. See:
While modern research on cannabis and its effect on PTSD have been restricted because of its illegal status, some studies have been done e.g. see this

Links to Ashwagandha and Holi Basil


Do note that all this program involves is a bit of sunshine, fresh air, green, some lovely herbs and nuts. Do not worry if you miss a step or two on a day or two over the five week period. Do write about your experience with this method that might be called the 5X5 method for easy reference, as a comment here, if you get the time so others may learn and gain from your experience. To ensure that you do not return to this condition again after the five weeks and remove the stress deep within over time, you need regular work that you enjoy along with some time reserved to help others, even nature, or a life style yoga such as Entropy Yoga or Sunshine Yoga described elsewhere in this blog. One may also continue with most of the steps described here as a part of one’s life style. Over time you shall find that your dreams and sleep have become sweet once again and then PTSD will be completely behind you.

Q: What should I do if cannabis is illegal in my country or state?

A: Begin with the other four steps that do not require cannabis. After gaining some comfort with them, try and arrange furnished lodging or room for two months in an area where it is legal e.g. states like Washington, Oregon or Colorado. Choose small village or town areas near green forest and streams for the walk and avoid seasons with snow and gray skies rather than sunshine for the sun bathing part. After a week or so spent to get comfortable with the new area, launch your five week practice. All of it shall be far cheaper than prescription medicines that may not help anyway. Make a print out of this page and links in a file to carry with you for quick reference
Four of the five steps described here may be used by anyone to improve their health, sleep and quality of life (Just skip step 4)  not just those who suffer from PTSD. While most humans do not suffer from debilitating stress and trauma, many do suffer from enough of it so that their days are less than happy followed by nights that are fitful and disturbed for significant portions of their lives.
When the Universe sent forth souls upon the bosom of Mother Earth, It packed along for the journey, sweet water, warm sunshine, food and medicines in the shape of numerous plants and trees that grow upon the planet all accompanied by a soothing song of birds and the twinkling light of stars when all goes silent.

With just a little knowledge, just a bit of effort, a little reorientation of goals and desires in keeping with fate and goodness rather than an unwholesome greed, a little less of lust, a little less of jealousy that burns a human at the sight of another rather that fixing the sores that are turning him into an unwholesome person, a little less of stupid pride that makes a human think he has become smarter than Father Universe, a liitle less of  of ungratefulness to Mother earth that fed him all the days of his life, a human may escape misery and anguish.

With a little help from the green side of life, a little sunshine, a drink of sweet water, a little truth, a heart with  a spacious room for love and compassion, any human may easily find sleep that is sweet and pleasant followed by days filled with peace and exhilarating joy.

Best of Luck

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