Life is Simple , Just three things to do

My god-grandson, age one and a quarter and godson on a walk on a  Himalayan road
There are over three hundred posts in this blog, many explaining how to make one’s life better but while they touch and elaborate on specific points, life is simple if one wishes it to be. There are just three simple things one can do daily, using just three simple tools, besides trusting, loving and thanking God, who gave us this life every moment of our lives. We need not do more. Leave the rest to our Father Universe and Mother Earth while thanking them for whatever they have done for us so far and continue to do with every breath.

Three things to do daily:

  1. To improve our selves by removing what we perceive as leading to pain and adding what appears to lead to long term joy. Just do a bit at a time so it is easy. The world ‘long term’ is most essential because a quick shot of joy can be found in a glass of whiskey but not term long term good.
  2. To do a bit to improve the world and lives of people, animals and plants around us beginning with things nearest or most accessible to you daily.
  3. To enjoy life, the sunshine, green, beauty and laughter and bountiful delicious food Mother Earth provides and Father Universe provide us every day

The Three tools

Use the three virtues of love, truth and simplicity in all that we set out to do and the blessings of Father Universe are sure to be with you through life. Your life shall unfold as it should, not like that of someone else because each person is unique in this universe and each has his own unique journey and what seem like difficulties shall be temporary and have opportunities for greater joy in their wake. Do not waste time comparing your journey with those of others, just get on with yours with a song of joy in your heart and the light of goodness in your eyes.


While this author has coolly broken down the task of life in three simple steps, there is the questioning mind that asks, why, especially as regards item 2 in the three things to do. Few argue with items 1 and 3. The reason for item 2 is that the Universe is not dead but intelligent, conscious and alive and it is because of that we too have consciousness and life. It is only the ignorant who thinks he created his own consciousness out of nothing, or his mama and papa did it for him. What mama and papa did was bring some bits of essential lifeless matter and blueprints they were trustees of, something that had been handed down over the millennia similarly. It was the Universe that breathed life and consciousness into it.

When we spend a part of our effort to improve the world accessible to us, we spend this effort in improving a part of the universe accessible to us. The universe then responds by helping us in whatever it is that we have to do. One may then achieve far more through this cooperation than by footing it out alone.

As regards the three tools of love, truth and simplicity, these are in fact natural qualities of the soul or our inner selves that is a part of the universal self and thus inherently infinitely powerful. We tend to lose this power from ignorance and desire and the smoke that rises out of it to hide and cover these qualities. This smoke manifests as greed, lust, anger, ego and fear in beings.

Best wishes of this blogger, may the Lord bless your life.


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