Refugee Ants and Universal Consciousness

Just as mammals have evolved into intelligent human species, amongst insects, the bees and ants have evolved enough to create societies and co-operative living. Who knows that in another billion years some may get evolved enough to create books and more, or if some insects elsewhere in the universe may already have done so.

My spiritual practice has involved communing with all life that includes plants and animals and at least the most evolved of insects - ants and bees that live around the garden of my home. Although others may not believe this, it is my belief that one can communicate with other life forms at the level of consciousness when not through speech. All consciousness throughout the universe is connected. My earliest experiences in such a communication with birds are described in a much older post. A brief mention was made there of communication with ants without elaborating.

In my area we have tiny black ants as well as the larger black ants that make their homes underground in safe corners of the garden. On their daily scouting missions they also come indoors looking for food and can become quite a nuisance since during the day they may hide in dark places and emerge at night when it is quiet. They come in from under the doors. They can die if one steps over them and their bite is vicious enough to draw blood. It used to be a struggle to get rid of them but then as my attitude towards them softened, it seems they became amenable to my telepathic or psychic suggestions to stay outdoors and the problem disappeared over the last few years, except when there is much rain

Relief for displaced black ants
I have sprays for cockroaches that kill them but I do not use them on ants anymore. It is not necessary to perpetuate anymore violence than is needed for self defense and ever since I became friendly with the creatures they do not bite me regarding me as friend. They are far more intelligent than a dog who might do that by mistake and will not bite a friend even when hurt. It reminds me of ancient Himalayan sages who lived in forests and none of the wild animals troubled them although lions, tigers and snakes visited them to play or share a meal. The sage Shankar used to have pet cobra snakes that would play around his neck while he meditated. The ancient text of yoga by Patanjali describes how such states are attained and the old testament of the bible describes how King Solomon communicated with birds and animals of the field.

Presently before the first rains came, one morning I discovered that a whole hoard of ants had moved in to the porch and the front lobby although they did not come in further into the kitchen and rooms. Tragically the homes of ants often get flooded in severe rains and they have to leave home and shelter behind much like human refugees do in similar situations. Gently, with a soft broom, I swept them out of the way where one may step over them and they seem to have got the message and stayed behind a concrete pillar after that. I let them stay there hoping that they may establish another safer settlement somewhere else soon, as they always do, unlike human refugees that are not allowed to because of modern land regulations and refugee agencies that cater to their temporary life rather than campaign vigorously for a permanent solution. Perhaps they might lose their occupations of refugee relief if they do. There is a straightforward solution to returning all the Syrian, Sudanese and Somalian refugees home here:

If all the persons, NGOs, Agencies, Countries dealing with refugees would spend a very tiny portion of the effort that they spend on catering to refugees and the ensuing problems to get this new International Law instituted while overruling the vested interests that wish to perpetuate the problem, all the Syrian and many other refugees of the world would be able to return home. Surely humans deserve to be treated at least as well as displaced insects.

A few days ago, I discovered that many of the ants have begun to die as just as many refugees from Iraq, Somalia, Sudan and Syria do when they cannot access food. Then I left some golden sugar (crushed jaggery) for them and they have munched away at it happily and stopped dying. Today thinking that sugar would give them energy but no protein I put in a fistful of semolina near them and they are enjoying their feast even as I write this post. I just snapped a picture for this post but the little devils are so tiny the picture is blurred as shown.

Update July 11: A couple of days later the ants are still there because it is still raining. However they are well behaved now and stick to their corner. They did not like the semolina much but lapped up the golden sugar so I just gave them another serving of it.

Update July 28: The ants left a week after their arrival finding a few sunny days. It has rained a lot since but they have not returned except for a few scout ants that visit daily as usual. The ants may have used the sunny breaks to plug water inlets and have likely secured their homes for the rest of the rainy season. It is really only the first rains of the season that catches them unaware most times it seems.

Sad for the ants but everything is greener at home with the rains


Vinod Khurana said…
A lovely and wonderful article,Dear Ashok ji.

World of ants and insects

Ants and insects
are highly evolved
for it's no joke
to colonize every hole.
They fear humans
and who won't listen
sharp is their sting and bite
never weigh it in terms of their size.
One who understands
they too reciprocate
and make friends with one
who extends his hand.
All creatures are made special
what is given to one
it's not given to another
they learn from one another
an ant, an insect or a human!
Ashok said…
And a lovely poem that expresses the sentiment of the note in beautiful verse. Thanks for posting it Vinod

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