Of Mystics and Miracles

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes by Lambert Lombard
While the main thrust of mysticism is about human goodness, compassion and divinity that sees the same consciousness run through all life, from times immemorial, prophecies, miracles or magical things have been associated with mystics and impressed ordinary humans.

Some miracles have an explanation in science. For example it is easy to make wine from water with help of dehydrated alcohol now available and to communicate with distant humans that most everyone does now with mobile phones. There are other miracles that have something to do with exceptional abilities that are a part of all life and awaken in the mystic through their spiritual practice or yoga. Some of these not within the reach of most humans in the normal course, can be experienced by just about anyone through some brief practices of yoga as this author touched upon in an earlier post as also some that awaken on their own under rare conditions of autism, psychosis etc that seem to come about on their own or can be made to occur through consumption of some substances. Aside from all this there are also fraudulent persons who move about as mystics and can resort to the tricks of a circus magician to make it look like a miracle.

However, we read accounts of mystics that do things that go beyond the realm of the scientific or yogic. For example, in Christianity we have instances of lepers becoming whole by a touch of the Messiah. While as regards ancient things, one may doubt an account, in recent times there are accounts of a Himalayan Mystic Baba Hairdakhan described in another blog of this author who had the ability to appear in more than one place at one and the same time. This author because of his association with Baba Hairdakhan has deduced how he did it. His physical body remained in one place but he had the ability to tap into the consciousness of others and communicate while giving an illusion of his physical presence to another person.


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