Las Kumis – Drink of the warrior gods


The Meeting between Leo the Great (painted as a portrait of Leo X) and Attila by Raffael

“Wars for a righteous cause result in peace but wars over self interest result in destruction during and after” ashok m.

An earlier post in this blog described healthy wines called Las wines of gods much healthier than any of the wines currently available in world markets. The present post is about another mildly alcoholic drink that is also a health drink. It is not a wine because it is not made from fruit juices but rather from milk.

The drink described here is adapted from the ancient drink of Kumis. It’s the beverage of the horsemen of the Central Asian steppes, warriors like Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan. They were avid consumers of it. It appears to be still popular in countries like Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan. It created strong warriors, the ones who caused the great migrations out of Central Asia between 400 and 800 AD. The Mongols led by Genghis Khan, created the largest empire in the history of the world.

The original Kumis was made from mare’s milk that has high sugar content. The present one is a modified one from cow’s milk. That is why it has been given a different name here.

It is simple to prepare provided you have access to pasteurized whole cream cow’s milk and fresh sugar cane juice. Just filter and collect the sugar cane juice,  filter it through cloth, boil to sterilize and cool, half fill a wooden vessel. Add a little wine yeast to it and wait until fermentation begins. Then add an equal quantity of pasteurized milk. Let ferment for another 24 hours and your Las Kumis is ready for consumption.

The sugar cane juice will add health giving properties to the mix. In case there is dark discoloration or the milk splits then the kumis has gone bad and should be discarded. With care it will not go bad. This drink may be similar to the ancient Soma drink consumed by Aryan warriors.

A cocktail drink called Jenny Penny described earlier in this blog is an imitation version of this drink that may be prepared quickly but this is far healthier and fully natural drink. If you try this, do share your experience as a comment in this blog. Best wishes.

Update July 14: This blogger also has come up with a formula for a far healthier beer than the ones presently available that can be produced by a slight modification of existing process. However he is not putting it out in the public domain yet but rather holding it back for any beer manufacturer that might be interested and wish to make exclusive use of it if he contacts the author as he has promised earlier elsewhere.

Beer of the Future - Las Beer


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