Bacteria, Source of Life and Pain

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Invisible to our eyes, there is a sea of bacteria all around us. Some of it is inside of us, some helping us digest food.

Some believe that bacteria are fundamental units out of which all life, plants and animals in all its diversity are created or in a sense the seeds of life. Different kinds of bacteria contain different bits of genes, the building blocks that may be assembled in different ways like Lego blocks to create in small incremental steps different forms of life. Those who do not believe in an intelligent creator think that this may happen automatically on its own through natural chance and evolution, whereas those who do believe in God think that aside from these building blocks a guiding hand is required to assemble life intelligently. More is required, such as love, all kinds of love, from the romantic that participates in sexual reproduction necessary to maintain genetic integrity of life forms to motherly love required to nurture advanced forms of life.

Along with bacteria are viruses that are not life forms but parts of life that emerge from bacteria and exist briefly for purpose of genetic transmission to a targeted higher life form in order to continue the process of evolution. Just as seeds of plants survive long periods, it is bacteria that can survive in frozen form for millions of years and travel across space inside icy interiors of comets and asteroids to carry life across space and galaxies   How this creation unfolds has been described in a series of nine articles in a companion blog by this author.

While there is bacteria and viruses all around us to assist in the process of creating and sustaining life, there are some that can cause grave harm ranging from mild discomfort to most serious and tragic conditions such as leprosy where limbs literally rot away. It is not always that these bacteria and viruses can harm but they do when our protective immune system permits them to. The harm continues until the immune system gets back into action or when we use a medicine to kill the bacteria. It is because of this that some researchers in the past had concluded that AIDS is not a virus but a result of destruction of immune system from stress. In reality both are required for infection to take place.

Those who do not believe in God think that that it is misfortune or bad luck when they are infected by undesirable bacteria but those who believe in the overall guiding hand of the Lord believe that it happens when the Lord lets that happen.

Why would a creator that is Father and Mother of all life permit pain for its offspring? But then parents do punish children in the interest of their long term good as well as those of their siblings and some such thing may be happening here too although some of it is difficult to understand and accept, especially when punishment is a severe one for an offence that may have taken place a long time ago and is forgotten. Most recent research points out, something that mystics have always known, that the immune system is connected to brain, a first step for further connections to individual consciousness and then the Universal one.

What could the punishment be for? It can only be if we misuse the gift of life, to harm other life that too feels pain and pleasure just as we do, when we cause this harm not just for our survival but for our ego, greed, anger, pleasure etc.

The most powerful and richest of humans is vulnerable to the severest and most painful attack from bacteria and viruses and no amount of guns and soldiers can help protect him from this danger. No doubt, rich persons have access to rich doctors but this in many cases, especially in serious cases may lead to greater harm as compared to a poor person. The doctor of the rich is a human suffering from similar faults of greed, ego and error whereas the doctor for the poor is the most capable one of them all - the Almighty. It is perhaps because of this that when departure from this life to a new one takes place, most often, it is the poor who leave peacefully in loving care and company as compared to the rich, who are made to go reluctantly and painfully by doctors who try to save them till their last machine breath or till their last dollar, in companionship of others who may have an eye on their property more than their pain in very many cases.

Those who do not believe in the Lord are left to their own wisdom as to how to make use of the gift of life when they are free of sickness and how to deal with sickness when it comes. This blogger wishes them well and freedom from pain and suffering.

For those who do believe in the Lord this blogger has a message, when in pain, reflect what error or wrong might have been done for this punishment to have occurred so that it is not repeated and may the Lord heal you quickly. When whole and healthy, use the gift of life for good works, to assist other life in the journey, aside from oneself; to shun excess greed, lust and anger for it is those that blind us to do wrong and harm others.

One only has to suffer an illness to realize that just to be free of illness and to have the basics of life i.e. good food, water, shelter, sunshine, fresh air and sincere loving company is far superior to much wealth and power and human company that is attached similarly to those things for it is peas of a pod that live together.

More by author on bacteria here:


Vinod Khurana said…
Very well explained, dear Ashok ji. It sets one thinking.


Nothing happens by accident
not even an accident
what can't be explained
why call it an accident?
Universes do exist
if that's an accident
then whatever happens
it's all by accident!
What happens happens
but man must do his job
nothing happens by accident
that man has to understand!

with warm regards
Ashok said…
Thanks Vinod, that is precisely my own feeling in the matter.

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