Freedom from Stress to PTSD in Five Weeks - the 5X5 Method

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder known as PTSD is a condition found in humans around the world who have suffered a severe traumatic experience. As a group, it is most common in victims of war and veterans who might have participated in one. While there are modern medicines available to give a little temporary relief, over the long term, these are likely to cause other more serious complications and problems than good. There is a tragic story of a young beautiful girl in this blog who lost several years of her life because of resorting to such medicines after a brief traumatic episode and it is only with the Grace of the Lord and returning to natural methods she has been able to escape it now. The following five simple steps that depend on nature and cost nothing more than routine food items are likely to help anyone greatly with PTSD, perhaps even getting rid of it in five weeks.
  1. Nature Walk:  A half hour walk in green natural surroundings daily is the first of our five recommended steps. The walk would be best in forest trails, besides lakes or mountain streams but if that is not possible then one can substitute with an urban park at a time when not many other persons are in the park
  2. Sunshine: Spend half an hour relaxing in sunshine. It would be best if as much of skin is exposed as possible depending on weather. This is in addition to the nature walk. One can meditate, reflect, watch the birds or flowers or listen to music in this half hour or munch on peanuts (in their shells, the repetitive movement of fingers is meditative as with rosary beads or knitting). Choose a time when the sun is pleasant and not uncomfortable. Avoid getting in the buff since that may sponsor lustful thoughts.
  3. Relaxing Herbs: Here are three that will help: a) Half a tea spoon of dried holy basil leaves added to a cup of tea before brewing b) A tea spoon of dried Ashwagandha powder added to a glass of warm water before bed time c) Five to ten dry almonds daily. If teeth cause a problem grind them in a blender.  These herbs can be found by searching in the nearest herbal medicine store near you or the internet. This blog has full articles on all three if you wish to learn more about them
  4. Cannabis: Where legal to do so, you could smoke a few joints daily if legal in your area but better is to have one or two glasses of a drink of cannabis (leaves and buds) brewed in milk. You may find recipes of it on the Internet or in this blog. You may consume a glass or two of white wine with under 8% alcohol content in this period but hard drinks must be avoided strictly or this course of treatment shall fail. The reason why much alcohol interferes with treatment is explained here. A traditional ancient recipe for the cannabis drink is here  
  5. Mindful breathing: Try and practice mindful breathing beginning with a few minute and increasing to half hour or more daily over time. See:

It is best to undertake this program alone and not in companionship of another if your health and condition does not require the care and assistance of another. During these five weeks aside from stated activities fill the rest of the day with activities that are not rushed and do not involve any strong emotional content so that the sleeping mind is free to dream of older activities and resolve them in dreams rather than of those at hand.. Do not worry if a scary dream occurs repeatedly, it shall pass when it has exhausted the stored emotions. Light activities such as gardening, tree planting, listening to music, merely sitting under old trees, cooking, chatting with peaceful persons for no more than an hour or so in early evening, picnics, blogging on easy topics, photography etc. are excellent. You could even share the day's activity with pics in the blog and share it with family but does not matter if no one reads it, just the writing is curative. Light reading is good too but not strong novels. If you like, you can read slowly this bloggers blog posts in this and his other blogs, the one's that interest you. If you enter your thoughts as a comment on a blog post, i shall likely respond.

The only cost to you of this program is in the main the board and lodging that you have to arrange for yourself in the five weeks free of work. The simpler this arrangement the more beneficial shall the program be as long as your diet remains natural (prepared from fresh unprocessed ingredients) and healthy. Include some fresh fruit or salad and nuts such as a few almonds or coconut in daily food of proteins, vegetables and bread or rice.

More Information

While modern research on cannabis and its effect on PTSD have been restricted because of its illegal status, some studies have been done e.g. see this

Links to Ashwagandha and Holi Basil



Do note that all this program involves is a bit of sunshine, fresh air, green, some lovely herbs and nuts. Do not worry if you miss a step or two on a day or two over the five week period. Do write about your experience with this method that might be called the 5X5 method for easy reference, as a comment here, if you get the time so others may learn and gain from your experience. To ensure that you do not return to this condition again after the five weeks and remove the stress deep within over time, you need regular work that you enjoy along with some time reserved to help others, even nature, or a life style yoga such as Entropy Yoga or Sunshine Yoga described elsewhere in this blog. One may also continue with most of the steps described here as a part of one’s life style. Over time you shall find that your dreams and sleep have become sweet once again and then PTSD will be completely behind you.

Q: What should I do if cannabis is illegal in my country or state?
A: Begin with the other four steps that do not require cannabis. After gaining some comfort with them, try and arrange furnished lodging or room for two months in an area where it is legal e.g. states like Washington, Oregon or Colorado. Choose small village or town areas near green forest and streams for the walk and avoid seasons with snow and gray skies rather than sunshine for the sun bathing part. After a week or so spent to get comfortable with the new area, launch your five week practice. All of it shall be far cheaper than prescription medicines that may not help anyway. Make a print out of this page and links in a file to carry with you for quick reference

Four of the five steps described here may be used by anyone to improve their health, sleep and quality of life (Just skip step 4)  not just those who suffer from PTSD. While most humans do not suffer from debilitating stress and trauma, many do suffer from enough of it so that their days are less than happy followed by nights that are fitful and disturbed for significant portions of their lives.

When the Universe sent forth souls upon the bosom of Mother Earth, It packed along for the journey, sweet water, warm sunshine, food and medicines in the shape of numerous plants and trees that grow upon the planet all accompanied by a soothing song of birds and the twinkling light of stars when all goes silent.With just a little knowledge, just a bit of effort, a little reorientation of goals and desires in keeping with fate and goodness rather than greed, lust, anger, jealousy,  a little less of stupid pride that makes a human think he has become smarter than Father Universe, a little less of  of ungratefulness to Mother Earth that fed him all the days of his life, a human may escape misery and anguish.With a little help from the green side of life, a little sunshine, a drink of sweet water, a little truth, a heart with  a spacious room for love and compassion, any human may easily find sleep that is sweet and pleasant followed by days filled with peace and exhilarating joy.

Best of Luck

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Ashok said…
The last comment was removed because it talked of discreet supplies of Marijuana. This blog does not recommend any discreet use but open use wherever legal. It is not worth it to break the law and doing so would lead to bigger problems than the one intended to solve and this blogger does not recommend indulging in anything discreet but only those things in life that one can do openly and proudly. Life is too short and precious to waste and dishonor on anything that is not honorable.

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