The Good and the Wicked

Just as the variety of trees and wild flowers on our planet is immense, so is the variety of life and types of humans that live on it. While most trees and wild flowers of the forest are pretty, there are also some that are ugly. While most humans are inherently good, there are also some who are wicked.

When one talks of good and wicked humans, one does not mean those who are superficially or visibly good or wicked but here the mention is of those who are  really, truly and deeply so.

Thus, whereas one rapidly thinks of a thief or a robber as wicked, more often that is a case of a desperate or stupid person, one who has adopted illegal means and when one talks of a good person, it is not those who are recognized as philanthropists, who more likely are just persons who are too clever by half, employing a ruse to win respect in society with pretense, hypocrisy and show; or worse have found a clever way to make a living by exploiting the goodness of others. It is for this reason that saints including Jesus Christ have said " When you do an act of charity do not even let your left hand know what the right is doing." Rather, a good person is one who goes about doing little acts of kindness in the normal course of life and living and who does not make a show of it thinking of it as no big deal worth advertising. The wicked person is not one who is not just unkind to any stranger but even with their own such as parents or children whom most humans love just as a matter of course.

While most parents go to great length to make great sacrifices for their children simply out of love and the sheer joy of such a previlidge, there are also a few who not only consider it a burden to bring them up but even torture them physically or psychologically, driving them to the shrink. There are cases of parents who hate their very own children to the extent that they actually and effectively bring harm to them intentionally. These are the truly wicked. Such cases appear as stories in the media from time to time because they are so unusual and rare. On the other hand while most children love their parents there are also some that abuse and torture them.

There is the case of an 18 year US girl currently doing the rounds in American media who is suing her parents so that she can lead her life on her own terms rather than in the manner in which they approve. True, every adult has a right to live his or her life in a manner of their choosing, but one cannot force another to pay for that choice, even if they are one’s parents. As one would expect the girl got a sound drubbing from the court she dragged her parents to. These are some of the foolish or wicked of the planet.

Thus, whereas it is not the thief who steals a car or grabs it by deceit who is truly wicked but one who after stealing it, blackmails the owner for its maintenance reasoning that after all, it is his car and he should pay for it. Some analogous things happen when for example a tenant grabs someone's property and continues to compel the owner for maintenance or when a married woman runs away with a lover taking along with her the man's property and children and later sues for more money for keeping the children whom the father had not wished to yield in the first place.

In all of this being discussed, the question arises as to why some humans are wicked and why most good? Most humans are good because it feels good to do the right thing and indulge in loving acts. It is a part of the inherent make up of life. But along with their goodness, humans also suffer from things like lust, greed and anger and it is these latter when, they becomes excessive, any of them, that their connection with their inherently good inner self is severed. Such emotions cover right reasoning jut as smoke may cover a mirror. They then begin resorting to wickedness, not just with the wide world but even their very own. As one would expect, they make every attempt to cover their wickedness with lies and superficially correct sounding yet false arguments. As one would expect, their painfully built false arguments collapse at the slightest whiff of truth. Whereas truth stands on a foundation of facts, lies stand on thin air. The latter is blown away with the weakest of whiffs of truth. Those who are just barely seeped in wickedness then feel ashamed and hide their faces and relent while those who are deep into it remain unrepentant and show their anger at being exposed. They go elsewhere to continue indulging in their wickedness unless thrown into the locker.

When caretakers of valuable property begin to bring harm to that property, or spend too much time at the casino, brothel or bar so that others can harm it, the master has to step in and reprimand such caretakers. If that does not suffice the master is compelled to banish them. The Lord in His wisdom has placed in all of our hearts, our consciousness that keeps us from harm and a mind in our heads that interprets feelings of guilt or goodness. However, when such caretakers spend too much time at the brothels of Lust, Greed and Anger, the Lord does step in, initially reprimanding by causing anguish and suffering; and if that does not suffice, by banishing such souls into the bottomless pit, the dark black hole at the center of every galaxy that devours all and from which nothing can escape, neither light nor soul.

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keiko amano said…

Good and wicked seem simplistic. Human beings are complicated. This is another subject that is beyond my comprehension, especially for those people with past abused and complicated background. Have you read about a 10 year old boy who shot his Neo Nazi leader father and killed? It isn't a kind of cases that people with ordinary background can figure out what went wrong or how to fix it. Unfortunately, I think quite many people suffer from abusive relationships.
ashok said…
You are quite right Keiko. Humans are mixed even in child parent relationships. there are very many cases where a parent is good to one child and wicked to another. however, a fully good parent may be especially good to one child but cannot be wicked to another because that would go against their very inherent ethical systems.

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