Does Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II read this blog?

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second with Prince Philip on March 21, 2014

Although sometimes we do not realize this, every action of ours, howsoever insignificant causes some change in the world around us. It is a different matter if this change is one like a ripple that rises in the vast ocean and subsides after a brief lapse of time, leaving no visible change on the surface. There are other times when a ripple may grow into a storm that leaves a significant change to the landscape in its wake. Even the smallest ripple can lead to vast changes due to the quintessential butterfly effect. An example of such an event in recent history was a relatively insignificant slap given by an official to a humble street vendor in a remote corner of Tunisia some years ago. It grew into the Arab Spring, protest and occupy movements in many countries and wars that are still shaking the world as in Syria.

A well intentioned person must hope at all times that his or her actions add joy to the world or cause a change so as to make the world a better place. That has been the prime inspiration that has kept this blogger going for years in this blog, although diversions in a lighter or humorous vein are made from time to time, so that Jack does not become a dull boy, as the saying goes.

When one writes in a blog, it can be read by anyone, anywhere, in the world and at times that too may cause changes in the lives of some. A blogger may learn if a blog is being read or not by looking at the back ground statistics associated with the blog post in case the blogging service provides that. Blogger does a great job of it. Of the several blogs this blogger writes, some are rarely read whereas others such as this one are read frequently across the world as the adjoining map shows.

When a blog post causes a change in the lives of ordinary everyday persons like you or me, the world at large shall not notice. If a blog post causes a change in a national policy then one may learn about it through the media as perhaps a much earlier post on economic policy (The Rule of Ten) in this blog did. Yet another now deleted post appears to have led to a referendum in the Falkland and one to quantitative easing in Japan ( see here) Yet another has led to a new form of yoga called Entropy Yoga. There are also times when a blog post brings about a change in the life of a very influential and significant person in the world and one finds evidence linking it to something that was posted through the media. It is unlikely that one would learn about it directly from that person concerned, as one does at times when a reader leaves a comment, because discretion is the better part of valor and silence an unavoidable repertoire of public personalities. One such post may have brought about a change in the life of someone I consider as the most significant person in the world, even more significant than the president of USA, because while they change frequently she does not. You may have guessed who I am referring to – Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II 

Some weeks back, in a lighter vein, this blog, while describing a new simple astrology based system for selecting dress colors of individuals, published candidly the suggested color of inner wear for President Obama. It is would not be surprising if the President’s attention was perhaps drawn to this post briefly for his amusement because public personalities have media managers and media scavengers who frequently scan the web for connected reports about that personality and draw the attention of the person to some reports that may be of concern, information, interest or amusement. But, if President Obama acted on the report, neither this blogger nor his media managers would ever learn about it for sure and the only person who might is not likely to speak about it. On a more serious side, the same note went on to publish the suggested effective dress colors for some famous personalities that included the Queen. Did the Queen or her dress designer read the note? Recently this blogger noticed that in some pictures in the media, her Majesty dressed in the exact same color. It is a rather vivid color and the dear old Queen looked rather self conscious in the dress at an unguarded moment. Her Majesty has hardly been used to such a vivid shade of pink.If this blogger was consulted he may have suggested a hat in off-white color with just a thin lining of that color to offset the vividness  But perhaps a two color scheme would have made the dress more suitable as a morning attire rather than a more formal evening one  and when Her Majesty makes a public appearance, it is to for effect and to assert her royalty that goes back to the empire in ancient Rome and also earlier. The Queen has the finest of dress designers at her command, the leading one being Stewart Parvin currently.  It is they who may have read this blog post or directly the book itself from which the blog post was derived. But surely they could not have proceeded without her Majesty's approval or even from the stock of dress material, collected over the years by her Majesty. Several of Her Majesty's photo’s in this dress can be seen at:

Royal Elizabeth Pink
May her Majesty's reign be long and blessed It may be pointed out that some color distortion takes place in image processing and transmission. Therefore the RGB values are required for an exact reproduction as stated for the Royal Elizabeth Pink (new color definition) in the adjoining image

This author too got a shirt for himself based on the system and a picture of that is here 

Update November 2015

A recent beautiful photo of her Majesty the Queen on Wikipedia also appears in a very pleasant rendering of the shade described here  as Royal Elizabeth Pink The golden orange feathers on the hat, button edges and the silver white of adornments perfectly balance and harmonize the shade which the earlier example did not have the advantage of.

This file is licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0 (OGL v.3).


keiko amano said…
I love that hot pink.
ashok said…
Me too Keiko, Thanks.
ashok said…
I guess it needs pure blooded royalty to carry such a color with grace as the Queen does. On most other persons it may look out of place.
keiko amano said…
In Japan, some young people started to wear kimono. I don't because I don't know how to wear it properly. Whenever I do, I need help from an kimono expert.

I love green garments that President Karzai of Afghanistan wears. If kimono is as easy as sari or that garment, which seem just sitting on his shoulder, I would wear them. Life could be much more fun with variety especially with fine silk.
ashok said…
Historical traditional attires of most countries are very impressive but they were indeed quite complicated as compared to modern ones. Dress appears to be one area at least where humans have become simpler while complicating their lives and styles in many other areas.

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