Focus on Beauty

While it becomes necessary to focus on some of the wrong that may be taking place in our world in areas crucial to human life with humble suggestions on how the wrong and the ensuing suffering it causes may be mitigated, as this blog has done from time to time, necessary because unless that is done a similar suffering may one day engulf us too, it is even more necessary to focus on whatever is beautiful and lovely on our planet because it is only from here that we can draw our strength. Focusing on the ugly side of human doings can only dissipate us. If not in human doings, one would find the beautiful side of our planet easily in nature, in open countryside, forests, mountains, mountain streams and lakes. Having focused my attention on the not so pretty side of human doings in this blog lately, I feel somewhat dissipated, for it is difficult for a human to remain detached and fully dispassionate in whatever one focuses on. The time has come to return a gaze to nature, its beauty and the strength it provides. Beauty is a facet of the Infinite Lord that created our universe and beauty is reflected in human doings too whenever such doings are charged with love, truth and simplicity. Today morning when I went to fetch the newspaper at the gate, white poppy flowers had come to bloom along with the red.
Red and White Poppy Flowers.

A comment on facebook for a fellow blogger and friend about these flowers:-

"Keiko Amano, several days ago when you mentioned the yellow poppy of California, you might recall I had commented that my favorite were red and white and today that is what appeared in the garden on their own. They were not planted by me. It is an example of how Nature obliges at all times to meet our most essential needs and most simple joys while saving us from evil that we may desire but is unnecessary and  not conducive to our long term well being. Many a times, the problem lies within us rather than elsewhere - that we seek what is not available but when we are contented with whatever there is available easily, one finds much happiness."

"When old age shall this generation waste,
Thou shalt remain, in midst of other woe
Than ours, a friend to man, to whom thou sayst,
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty," – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know"
John Keats


keiko amano said…

I love the flowers. Thank you for mention me. So, you didn't plant those white poppies, but they happened to bloom next to the red poppies? Lucky you! Yes, the nature has the most natural way to nurse us back to health.

I don't know about poppies, but when we mix red and other light color flowers, they all tend to change to red or reddish color. But in this case, I have no idea what happened. I would say a miracle!
ashok said…
Thanks Keiko. Truly the wonders of nature are endless, the more one explores the more one finds.
keiko amano said…
Today, I happened to have a coffee in close to turquoise green mug! I just wanted to tell you that.
ashok said…
Must have brought good luck while it was in your hand but really try a full dress or scarf instead, visit town and let me know if anything unexpected happens but your color is not turquoise green but turquoise blue instead, Turquoise green came out as the CAANS color of Prince George of Cambridge. it is in this blog too.
ashok said…
found lovely lines by John Keats to add to the post today.
keiko amano said…
"Beauty is truth, truth beauty." I think so, too. So, all the others are not beauty.
ashok said…
Yes Keiko, all the others are bland or ugly.
Deleted one of my comments today.
Rebb said…
Pretty flowers, Ashok. I mostly see orange poppies around here. I bought some daffodils for the kitchen counter. They really brighten the room up.
keiko amano said…
Thank you, Ashok. I returned to Yokohama and still having jet lag. Yesterday, I went to Yodobashi Camera and looked at new cameras, so I would get one soon and start to take photos again. It's taking time to purchase it because if I buy a new notebook, the camera I want will be free. My current notebook is no longer expandable in core memory. Decision, decision...
keiko amano said…
Hi Rebb,

Your daffodils sound great. It motivates me to get my new camera and start taking more photos of all the flowers.
ashok said…
I like daffodils too in a countryside field.

Rebb we rarely see orange or yellow poppies here
ashok said…
Hello Keiko, yes you have been missing from the net for a few days. Now I understand you were traveling. Getting a new camera and notebook sounds exciting.
ashok said…
Yes for sure Daffodils are great as a cut flower in the kitchen and dining room. Perhaps there are several varieties of daffodils. We have a small flowered one here that is strongly scented.

Rebb, are daffodils always white and yellow or do they come in other colors too?
ashok said…
The most common here are white with yellow centers.
Rebb said…
Hi Keiko,
That sounds like exciting news that you are getting a new laptop and camera. Now you can take lots more pictures!

Ashok, Yes, daffodils in a field would be a delight to the senses. Interesting about the color variety that differ with poppies here and there.

The most common daffodil that I've seen around is the solid yellow. I have also seen yellow with a lighter yellow center, but those are the only colors I have seen with my eyes. Your small scented daffodils sound cute.

I saw this article that talks a bit more about daffodils:
ashok said…
Thanks for the link Rebb. I will look it up.

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