A Selfie in a New Shirt Color

A Selfie in the Mirror

Some posts ago there was a post on dress colors and how a book described a method to select a lucky personal color based on astrology and numerology. Personally I do not have much belief in these sciences but do believe that some of its basis is based in time tested heuristics.  I found my shirt color from the book. Having worn a white shirt most of my working life it was a change to get into another color as shown in a picture of me in the mirror this morning. I have posted the photo on Facebook too and friends there have liked it. However the book recommends this color for weekends only or as a tie color on other days on a white shirt.


PM Justin Trudeau welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada, https://twitter.com/AJEnglish/status/676368557349986304

This author is delighted that Justin Trudeau has become the new Prime Minister of Canada. He is a good human being and the world needs more good human beings as leaders of influential countries to save the world from many wars and refugees as happening now. The author looked up the CAANS color for Justin Trudeau, a fortunate color for a tie on a white shirt or for the whole shirt for more informal times when there is no tie. He is wearing nearly the same color in the picture. Successful persons know from their own experience and judgement what is the best color for them. Following are simply the more precise specifications, the RGB are values are quoted for precise reproduction since some colr distortion takes place in handling images on a computer:

A Tie color for Justin Trudeau

The book is – How to choose dress colors for love and success – The CAANS System- and its electronic version can be downloaded free for the next two or three days from various Amazon websites around the world ( for example here). It has some bad reviews by customers but ignore these. Often things that disturbs prevalent beliefs even if erroneous produce similar reactions e.g. when the world was told the earth is not flat, they screamed. What matters is the proof that it works and the proof lies in many successful world leaders and personalities that conform to this system.


Vinod Khurana said…
Dear Ashok, You look younger and smarter. The color suits you well.
ashok said…
Thanks Vinod. I shall try and find your color from the same book and post it here.
ashok said…
oops could not do that because the procedure requires date and month of birth. It was not listed on google plus or a data sheet by Marwaha.
keiko amano said…
Hi Ashok,

Lovely shirt as I mentioned on FB.

You have manly muscular arms and large beautiful hands that Michaelangelo perhaps wanted to make a staue out of. But do you have eyes, nose, and...

I'm teasing you. I can't help it.
ashok said…
The arms look more muscular in the photo than real but yes they are manly with hair. My eyes nose etc. is in the profile photo :)
ashok said…
Photo can play tricks depending on angle of shot but in any case appreciate the compliment : ) Thanks

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