How the Internet is making the World more Beautiful

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While there is a good and bad side to just about everything in the universe with the exceptions of God and the Devil, there are things that add more evil than good and others that contribute more good than evil and ugliness to the world. Internet is one human invention that is already helping to eradicate evil from the world and would continue to do so over the next several decades and centuries.

Why is that? The simple answer to that is – evil prospers in the dark, when information is suppressed and lies and false argument such as those put out by private banks with profiteering managements can be maintained whereas truth is bright and prevails as information flows freely. The several million dollar salary of rich bankers is to prevent loss of talent and the politicians can do nothing about it except make polite noises about the stench which does not vanish even with a forty thousand dollar commode on wall street?( read about that commode here) However, one must accept one's own responsibility for the state of affairs. We elected them after all.

Since when did a greedy pig like being with the head and bottom of a human become talented, and if a political ruler is unable or unwilling to limit the size of a bank that is too big to fail or to limit the salary of an executive that is too big to swallow, would the people have to elect the fairy godmother to rule over them instead?

Just as a hungry man saying some food is bad makes more sense than a man stuffed with food saying so; it makes more sense if a poor person says taxing the rich is bad than a man stuffed with wealth. The tragedy with persons who lie or argue with a vested interest is, they do it so often that they start believing in the lie for as long as the Lord keeps them in the long waiting line to the bottomless pit.

There has been no greater tool than the Internet in helping to make information available freely to just about anyone. It is true that humans enjoying privileges do not easily give those up and when they also have power at their command they will naturally fight the loss of privilege, even if it is an evil and unjust one. Thus it is not surprising if some countries attempt to ban parts of the internet or even in the most extreme case the entire internet access from the public, something that can happen only in the most extreme form of dictatorship in the world. In fact the extent to which internet access is curbed in different countries of the world or the truth-sayers hounded is an extent of the measure of its lack of democracy despite what it might portray or claim in public and conversely also the extent of the poverty and/or distress of its masses even though the wealth of rich exploiters and dictators may be immense in such countries with widespread poverty.

Thus whereas religion has not succeeded in freeing the world of evil because religious leaders themselves became corrupt and whereas neither communism nor capitalism has been able to free the world from the yoke of the exploiting one percent ( which in reality is one percent of one percent of one percent) a change may come about merely through the medium of the internet. A change that will not come in a day or a year or even decades but bit by evil shall be exposed and then banished making the planet more just and beautiful.

PS: A simple proposal for limiting high executive compensations in any organisation anywhere in the world was described earlier by the author here 

UPDATE APRIL 6: It appears that the recent ban on twitter imposed in Turkey has been lifted. Hope this article helped.


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